Green Dot MoneyPak Extra Zero

Friends and internet neighbors, there is a scam that has invaded social media which I wish to warn you about.  That scam is the Green Dot MoneyPak Extra Zero Scam. Please share this warning with your friends and family.

Here is how the Green Dot MoneyPak Extra Zero Scam works:

You have come to the end of your money long before the end of the month and someone contacts you on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Here is what they say, “Hey, I work at Walmart at the money center. If you buy a Moneypak card and deposit $200-$900 on the card, I can hook you up in the computer and add a zero behind the amount you deposit and then in 30 minutes it will be $2000-$9000.”

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There are people posting online that they (or their uncle, brother or cousin) work at Walmart in the money department or sometimes they say Walgreens. They claim that they can add a zero to whatever amount you put on a MoneyPak card. Say you put $200 they say they can make it $2000,$900 to $9000 and so on. You just have to pay them a small fee. They will tell you that they only need the MoneyPak number and you have to activate it. What they really do is load it on their debit card and disappear. They prey on people because times are hard and people are desperate.

Here is the second part of the Green Dot MoneyPak Extra Zero scam:

They have setup fake websites posing as Green Dot MoneyPak customer support. After you have lost $200-$900 from your MoneyPak card to the Green Dot MoneyPak Extra Zero Scam, you contact support from the information listed on one of the fake websites seeking a refund from an already purchased MoneyPak card. A customer service “representative” will ask you to provide the identification number of the prepaid card. The representative will instruct you to load an additional $200-$900 to the card. The representative states “re-loading is the only way to process the refund”, and the card will be refunded the full amount. Should you refuse to re-load the card, the representative will promptly disconnect the call.

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In most cases, you are given a tracking or confirmation number in connection with the call and are placed “on hold” for a length of time while the representative claims to be researching the problem regarding the card in question. In all cases, any funds available on the card are drained while you are on hold or immediately after the call is disconnected.

How To Protect Yourself

Do not provide your MoneyPak number to anyone offering to add a zero to your account balance.

Use only the website and phone number listed on the back of the MoneyPak prepaid cards. MoneyPak customer support can only be accessed by email request via the website’s online portal. The phone number listed on the back of MoneyPak cards is for adding funds to an existing prepaid card. Green Dot customer service publicizes a customer service number; however, this number will not provide assistance with MoneyPak.

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Green Dot MoneyPak Extra Zero is an obvious scam. Please warn your friends and family and stay safe from this scam.

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