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Green Financial Resources – Fraud, don’t trust the old reviews

I had hired Green Financial Resources because I trusted their online reviews. Just recently, I came to find out that those reviews praising this company are actually quite old. Don’t trust them! Green Financial Resources has degraded a lot in terms of client service and quality. They might have been excellent a decade ago but now that firm is terrible. And I don’t recommend hiring them. 

Roger Green’s staff is very disrespectful and talks in a harsh tone to clients. As a past client, I have seen how poorly they treat their customers. It’s terrible and certainly unprofessional. The people there don’t care about the clients and their interests. They are too focused on their commissions and fees. It’s probably because Roger doesn’t treat clients with much respect too. They have learned this behavior from their boss and that doesn’t surprise me.

I’ve met with the advisors at that place multiple times. Except for some of them, all of them behave very rudely with clients. 

Roger Green is Very Rude

Roger Green is very rude and arrogant towards his clients. I used to think he would be a soft-spoken person who cares about his clients but no. Instead of being a client-centric wealth advisor, he is an arrogant service provider who thinks he knows everything. His behaviour is very irritating and it’s the biggest reason why I don’t think anyone should work with him. 

Green Financial Resources is a family-run business. You have Roger, the dad, his two sons and his wife working there. So, essentially, Roger has surrounded himself with people who won’t criticize him for any mistake. That’s why I believe none of the staff members let Roger know about the complaints his company receives. If that was happening, then Roger would have changed his behavior and attitude long ago. 

Talking to him is a huge pain. His behavior is nowhere as you read on his website and on the old reviews I mentioned before. I’m not saying he was always like this. There’s a huge chance that his behavior has changed over time. People change with time; it’s natural. There must have been a time some decade ago when Roger talked properly to clients and kept their interests in mind while talking to them. 

Now, he is a totally different person. If you’re like me, and have read about him somewhere, you’d think he is a very caring professional who focuses on his clients. His website says “he enjoys helping his clients” but I don’t think that’s true. My experience has only shown me that he doesn’t like talking to people and he thinks he is better than everyone, which is a very deluded way of thinking. His staff members (aka his family) don’t tell him anything about his poor treatment of his clients for reasons I don’t know. They may be scared of that guy. Or they may think it would be rude to tell him this stuff. I’m not an expert so I won’t go into much detail there. Still, there must be something wrong there if no one tells Roger the truth. 

In any case, it’s the clients who suffer the most. If you’re someone looking to invest or want to hire an expert to help you invest, then you’d probably think of contacting Green Financial Resources. Please don’t. Don’t contact those people because their service is horrible.

Like I’ve mentioned in my review, Roger Green is very arrogant and doesn’t care about his clients. I believe he doesn’t even give proper financial advice to his clients either. His behavior is nowhere near the way his company portrays him to be. They are misleading people through their promotions and online articles. The positive reviews you read about him are a decade old! Here, check the date on those things:

They are 11 years old! 

These reviews tell you about the old Roger Green. He has changed a lot in these 11 years. Roger is no longer a caring professional. He is a selfish and rude person who doesn’t care about his clients. 

Green Financial Resources Review: Conclusion

“Don’t do business with Green Financial Resources. Their client service is horrible. I don’t recommend working with them. “

3.6 Total Score
Poor Client Service

A decade ago, Roger Green must have offered excellent services to his clients. But currently, he and his firm have degraded substantially in terms of client service. I wouldn't recommend their services to anyone.

  • Poor client treatment
  • Horrible service
  • Rude advisor
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  1. It is quite a discovery for me to find such a review on Roger Green and his firm. I didn’t know his services would be this terrible.

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