Gregory Keleshian Exposed for Fraud by Client Reviews

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Gregory Keleshian is a fraudster according to numerous consumer complaints and reviews. Find out more in this Gripeo review.
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Since 2015, Gregory Keleshian has served as the CEO of Crestmont Capital. He had no prior experience in the finance sector when he took over as the company’s manager.

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Located in Irvine, California, Crestmont Capital is a corporate financier. The business is renowned for mistreating customers and spamming them. If a customer rejects the offer, their agents have a history of lying to them and using abusive language.

To enhance its reputation, this company employs numerous unethical marketing strategies. See what their clients have to say about them before you consider doing business with them.

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Gregory Keleshian’s Crestmont Capital is Misleading you

The goal of Crestmont Capital, it says, is to assist its customers. Consumers claim, however, that the employees of this company are spammers and impersonators who will stop at nothing to obtain your money.

What is the danger of customer fraud?

The risk of fraudulent activity is the potential for any unforeseen loss, whether it be material, financial, or reputational, as a result of fraud by an inside or outside actor. Financial losses resulting from theft, embezzlement, or other sorts of financial crime are examples of how fraud has an impact.

In the research on this lending company, we came upon a forum where people were discussing Crestmont Capital. The subject of Bruce, who claimed to work for this company, was brought up by several users.

image 53
image 54

Either the company doesn’t understand how to communicate with customers and resorts to spamming, or fraudsters are utilizing its reputation to trick unsuspecting people.

When it looked for additional information on this company, it became clear that it was Gregory Keleshian’s Crestmont Capital, contrary to what it is initially believed.

Several customers are also criticizing this company’s dishonest business methods on review sites outside of this forum. Furthermore, some of them have revealed Gregory Keleshian’s Crestmont Capital’s dubious marketing strategies.

They reveal how this business deceives unwary customers into believing they are trustworthy by using phoney reviews. To assist you grasp the problem, the following are some common disappointments:

Disregarding the client’s complaints

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Hamed mentions that he complained about this lending company on Trustpilot in April 2020, however, the review was later removed by the review site. He then re-posted it in May, but a few days later it was gone.

Hamed notes that he three times posted his grievance against this company on the platform, but each time it disappeared. He claims that Trustpilot and Crestmont are unreliable. 

Additionally, he rates Gregory Keleshian’s Crestmont Capital as 1 out of 5 stars in every category, including “Time in Business” and “Conflict of Interest.”

Lied to have an accusation dismissed

image 52

This reviewer had reported Gregory Keleshian’s Crestmont Capital on Trustpilot with a complaint, and the lender disputed it by claiming they couldn’t locate the reviewer in their database.

It was a false assertion, nevertheless, intended to discredit a legitimate grievance against their wrongdoings. The reviewer quickly responded by sending Trustpilot proof of their purchase in dispute.

He emphasizes that Crestmont Capital employs this strategy in response to each unfavourable evaluation. 

The review platform would remove it if it were false, according to their argument. Also, many times people don’t bother to refute this assertion. As a result, complaint pages on review websites are removed.

According to the reviewer, you should look for a better firm instead of spending your time with this one.

Crestmont Capital is using false testimonials (Exposed by Consumers)

image 51

Most of the positive comments left about this lending company, in the opinion of this reviewer, are untrue or spam. Inquisitive, they searched the company after receiving an email from them regarding business funding.

Most of the positive ratings for this company, according to the reviewer, came from temporary accounts. There were only a few reviews that they had submitted on the platform. Also, the majority of the evaluations complimenting this business included comparably favourable comments about a Travel Inn motel in Washington.

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Except for using the same reviewers, there is no true relationship between these two companies. Gregory Keleshian’s Crestmont Capital hired several marketers to create fake evaluations on its business directory to enhance its reputation. This strategy is frequently employed by shady financial institutions.

Be aware of companies who advertise using such abhorrent methods. While poor firms don’t need to deceive their customers, good ones do. It is therefore quite challenging to trust Gregory Keleshian’s Crestmont Capital.

In addition to experiencing troubles with its clients, Gregory Keleshian’s Crestmont Capital also has problems with other companies. They have been engaged in legal disputes with P.A.R. Consulting, LLC for a long time.

The most recent litigation, which concerned intellectual property, was only resolved in 2020.

The initial legal action against this company was brought by Gregory Keleshian’s Crestmont Capital. Gregory Keleshian, the CEO of the lending company, was later the target of legal action by PAR Consulting LLC.

You can learn more about the lawsuits below: 


PAR Consulting LLC vs. Gregory Keleshian

How Crestmont Capital deceives clients by abusing its BBB accreditation:


Get Your Money Back Suspicious

If you have been scammed by Gregory Keleshian, then you can get justice by sharing your complaint with us. We will connect with you experts and journalists who will help you get your money back and get heard by the right people.
It is strongly suggested that you do your own research before spending money online. This is a user-generated report.

Better Business Bureau, also known as BBB, is a well-known consumer platform where individuals can choose whether a business is worthwhile for them to patronize or not. They base their choice on the BBB ratings that the organizations receive.

The majority of them, meanwhile, are unaware of the immoral nature of BBB ratings.

The practice is extremely unethical, as CNN has previously shown. The BBB has granted Gregory Keleshian’s Crestmont Capital accreditation. They look like a fantastic 

alternative and have an A+ rating on the site, don’t they?

image 50

Even their paid profile, which has a rating of 3.22 out of 5 from customers, is not immune from complaints. If they didn’t have accreditation, it might have been lower.

Everywhere else, Crestmont doesn’t have a good reputation. Their RepDigger score is 23 out of 100.

196 people do not recommend this company, while 21 do. This company concentrates on adopting unethical business practices rather than improving its procedures. This merely demonstrates the company’s lack of concern for its customers.

image 49

Stay away from Crestmont Capital Careers, says an employee

image 48

Crestmont Capital Insults Clients and Acts Inappropriately

image 47

When you reject their offers, they act disrespectfully

image 46

Business Wants You to Close But Provides No Useful Details About Its Loans

image 45

Gregory Keleshina’s Crestmont Capital Acts Like a Loan Shark

Gregory Keleshian Crestmont

The client experienced persistent pressure from the loan officer to obtain a loan from Crestmont Capital

Gregory Keleshian

Some more negative reviews about Gregory Keleshian:

Gregory Keleshian review
Gregory Keleshian reviews
Gregory Keleshian
image 39


They are infamous for spamming people, therefore you should only get in touch with them at your own risk. From the review above, you can learn how they con people. 

As a result, Gregory Keleshian, CEO of Crestmont Capital, is a bad lender. If you like absurd offers, crude behaviour, and insults, that’s when you should contact this company. Instead, since their clients advise staying away from this business, it is best to avoid working with them.

Gregory Keleshian Exposed for Fraud by Client Reviews
Gregory Keleshian Exposed for Fraud by Client Reviews

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