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Growth Factor Plus is a fake height supplement from Find out why experts avoid it in this Growth Factor Plus Review.

Welcome to my Growth Factor Plus review. In this article, I have discussed why it’s not a good product and how its manufacturer, HGH, is actually running a scam. 

I spent a lot of hours researching and digging information to determine if Growth Factor Plus is truly a proper supplement or not. Apart from that, I wanted to see if it really delivers what it promises or not.

Shockingly, I uncovered a major scam. From shady marketing to lying to customers, HGH, the manufacturer of Growth Factor Plus has done everything a scammer does. My following review will help you understand this better. 

Few examples of Growth Factors are EGF, FGF, NGF and VEGF. Growth factors are primarily important for regulating various biological processes, such as wound healing, inflammation, and tissue repair.

Here’s a quick summary of my Growth Factor Plus review:

Growth Factor Plus is a flawed product which can’t provide proper results. It has fake positive reviews, and terrible pricing. Definitely not recommended.

Growth Factor Plus – What it Really is and What it Claims to be

According to its manufacturer, Growth Factor Plus is a height supplement which can help you grow taller. Its creator and its (paid) reviewers have explained its benefits in multiple places. But the seller can say anything right? That’s why I have written this review. I want you to make a better-informed decision about this supplement. 

Here’s a description of this product on another review:

Growth factor plus height
Claims from HGH and its paid reviewers

So, this supplement is supposed to help people in growing taller through musculoskeletal development. However, the question is, can you really grow taller by taking a supplement like this one? 

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Before I answer that question, I’ll discuss how they claim it works and whether it really does that or not. 

How Growth Factor Plus Should Work

According to HGH, Growth Factor Plus replicates the effects of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH, in short). The human growth hormone is the primary hormone responsible for normal growth in any person. However, as we age, its production quantity in our bodies declines accordingly.

That’s why we stop growing taller after reaching a certain age. Height supplements claim to replicate the effects of this hormone. People inject the human growth hormone artificially too, but it’s dangerous and very expensive. 

This is where Growth Factor Plus and similar supplements come in. They claim to mimic the effects of the human growth hormone and increase height as a result. 

HGH (the manufacturer of this supplement) claims that this supplement targets your vertebrae, knee cartilages, and the bones in lower extremities of your body. However, it doesn’t explain how Growth Factor Plus performs these things. 

The Truth About Growth Factor Plus

Although HGH markets Growth Factor Plus as the go-to height supplement, it remains cautious in explaining its results. As you can see below, they have added ‘may’ before every claimed benefit of this supplement:

Growth factor plus benefits

They also claim that to see any results, you must use it for several months at least. Considering the cost of this supplement, you’d have to spend several hundred bucks to have a chance of growing taller. 

There’s another disclaimer, though. They don’t fail to mention that the effects of Growth Factor Plus depend on the health, age, medical conditions, and other relevant factors present in a person. 

In simple terms, there’s no guarantee that Growth Factor Plus works. 

I know how such scams work. They first tell you to purchase the product and try for a few months to see any results. However, when you don’t see any results, they tell you to purchase more bottles. The cycle continues until you realise that you’re getting scammed. 

The only way to verify whether it really shows any results or not is through reviews. Sadly, the Growth Factor Plus reviews present everywhere aren’t genuine. I have explained that in detail later in the article. 

Growth Factor Plus is a scam. You shouldn’t spend hundreds of bucks on a supplement which has no guarantee of showing any results.

Growth Factor Plus Ingredients

Growth Factor Plus has many ingredients, some of which are common among height growth supplements (Colostrum, Chromium GTF, Lysine, etc.). Its main highlight is its proprietary blend which has multiple amino acids. However, only a few of these ingredients actually help with increasing height. 

Let me discuss the different Growth Factor Plus ingredients so you can understand why it’s not as great as HGH claims it to be. This section has a lot of technical information so here’s an early summary:

“Most of the ingredients in Growth Factor Plus don’t even facilitate growth. They simply help in improving health and general well-being but don’t promote height”

Here is the list of ingredients present in Growth Factor Plus:

<growth factor plus ingredients>

growth factor plus ingredients' list

I’ll discuss the prominent ingredients of this supplement:


L-Arginine HCL

L-Arginine HCL is an amino acid present in the body. You can find L-Arginine HCL in poultry, dairy products, and red meat. 

In the medical sector, L-Arginine HCL finds applications in treating angina (chest pain), erectile dysfunction (ED), and high blood pressure. However, all of them are ‘possible applications’ because it requires more research to determine its accurate benefits.

In any case, L-Arginine HCL is NOT related to height promotion. 



L-Lysine is also an amino acid. Some research has found Lysine effective to treat cold sores when the person consumes it orally. Apart from that, some people use Lysine to improve athletic performance. However, there is insufficient scientific evidence on Lysine’s effects on improving athletic performance. 



Tyrosine is an amino acid which is effective to treat phenylketonuria, a condition where the body can’t process phenylalanine. Some people use it to facilitate fat loss but there is insufficient scientific evidence to prove whether it really helps with fat loss or not. 

Tyrosine is NOT related to increasing height.  



Glutamine is an amino acid which athletes use to facilitate muscle recovery after a workout session. It is NOT related to height promotion in the body. 

Insufficient Amino Acids

There are around 6-8 amino acids present in the proprietary blend of Growth Factor Plus. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, however, to see their true benefits in a supplement, you need all 20 of them. 

Otherwise, thoes amino acids wouldn’t show any benefits. 

There are many other ingredients present in Growth Factor Plus, out of which, only 2-4 are related to height promotion. The rest don’t facilitate any height increase at all. And the ones that are related to height increase aren’t much effective. 

Growth Factor Plus’s ingredients aren’t potent enough to show any true results. In simple words, its chances of increasing your height are very slim

Growth Factor Plus Side Effects

Positive reviews of Growth Factor Plus claim it hasn’t shown any side effects so far. However, many of its ingredients have various side effects ranging from headaches to skin irritation. You should note that its positive reviews are mostly from affiliates who get paid to recommend this product. 

I have discussed those Growth Factor Plus reviews in detail later in the article. First, let me tell you some of the potential side effects of this supplement’s ingredients:

  • It has Chromium, which can cause headaches, feeling of nausea, impaired coordination, thinking, and judgement. It has also shown dizziness and skin irritation as side effects.
  • Shellac, another ingredient, has no medicinal uses. It is primarily used as a natural ‘glue’ in dentistry. Some people are allergic to it as well.
  • It has Phosphatidylcholine, which can cause diarrhea, upset stomach, and excessive sweating when you consmute it orally. 

As you can see, this supplement has many potential side effects. Whether a person experiences them or not depends on a lot of factors. HGH doesn’t mention any side effects and keeps reiterating that its users haven’t shown any side effects so far. 

In my opinion, it’s unethical to hide these potential side effects from the customers. Next I’ll discuss the 5-star rating Growth Factor Plus has on HGH’s website and explain why it’s not reliable:

Growth Factor Plus Reviews – Fake Ratings on Website

A big reason why I don’t recommend Growth Factor Plus is because of the shady tactics its manufacturer uses to promote it. As I mentioned earlier, the only way someone can verify whether this supplement works or not is through reviews. And HGH knows this. 

That’s why they have added a fake 5-star rating on the product page of Growth Factor Plus. At the time of writing this article, HGH’s website shows that Growth Factor Plus has 181 5-star reviews. 

growth factor
Fake 5-star rating

When you click on the button “reviews”, you’d head to a dedicated section for reviews on this product. HGH claims this section is specifically for customer reviews and nothing else. 

growth factor plus scam

However, the section is filled with questions and discussion.

growth factor plus reviews
The “reviews” on Growth Factor plus are actually questions and comments

The comments I have highlighted in the screenshot above are either questions or statements regarding the product. None of them are reviews. But HGH counts them as reviews and adds them to the total aggregate it shows above. 

Another notable thing is there are no ratings present on any review. This means the customers can’t give a rating to the product. Then, how does Growth Factor Plus have a 5-star rating? The answer is clear, HGH has simply added the fake 5-star rating to deceive people. 

HGH has added a fake 5-star rating on the product page of Growth Factor Plus. customers can’t give a rating to this supplement and HGH counts questions as reviews as well. They are lying to customers.

Not FDA Approved

I must also point out that this supplement is not FDA approved. So, there is no assurance of its quality. HGH has kept this information in small print to ensure people overlook the same. 

hgh scam

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA in short) is the authority responsible for regulating the pharmaceutical industry in the US. This body is responsible for checking the prospective products’ viability, effectiveness, and safety. If a supplement is not FDA approved then you should avoid it. This is another reason why I don’t recommend taking Growth Factor Plus. 

Growth Factor Plus Review Scam (Affiliates and Paid Reviews)

There are multiple articles online discussing the authenticity of Growth Factor Plus. They all act like they are genuine reviewers discussing the pros and cons of the product, while they are simply affiliates of 

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is someone who is associated with a company and earns commissions from its sales. It works like this:

  • You become an affiliate of a company 
  • You get dedicated links, which you can use to promote the product.
  • You recommend this product to others
  • If someone uses your link to buy that product, you get a commission

It’s a popular method of making money online. However, HGH has used it in a horrible manner to promote its product viciously. 

Affiliate marketing becomes bad when the reviewers hide the fact that they earn commission for recommending you the product. When this happens, readers think they are getting genuine recommendations from a third-party while in reality, they are just reading a better-written brochure. 

Beware of These Websites:

The following websites claim to provide unbiased reviews on Growth Factor Plus, but in reality, they are affiliates disguised as reviewers. These people are partners of this supplement’s manufacturer, HGH, and have filled the internet with fake reviews:


All of them are affiliates who earn money by recommending you this HGH product. In a way, these people are scamming you by lying to your face and telling you to buy this product. Beware of their reviews, they are NOT trustworthy. 

Debunking The Affiliates’ Claims:

The affiliate reviews of Growth Factor Plus make multiple big claims about its authenticity. First they all claim to be genuine reviewers and seem like a third-party. However, they all are affiliates who get paid to recommend you the product:

growth factor plus review scam 1

When you click on a link like the one I mentioned above, and purchase the product, they earn a fat commission.

Now tell me, if they get paid when you purchase the product, why would they tell you its bad aspects? It’s a conflict of interest. 

There are many other claims and in the next section, I’ll debunk some of them so you can see just how manipulative these articles are:

<growth factor plus hgh> (claims debunked)

growth factor plus hgh

First Claim: Growth Factor Plus is Affordable

The first claim is that Growth Factor Plus is a very affordable supplement. It’s not! 

One bottle of this supplement costs $169. That’s not all, the reviewers and HGH itself keep repeating that you must use it for six months to see any results. 

So if you use one bottle a month, the total cost comes out to be:

$169 X 6 = $1014

They are asking you to spend over a thousand bucks!! I don’t know how that’s affordable by any metric. The reviewer makes it seem as if the supplement is affordable so you’d buy it. It is not really an affordable product. 

Second Claim: HGH Offers a Money-Back Guarantee

The second claim is probably the worst one out of all the rest. They claim that HGH offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is a total lie!

HGH doesn’t mention any money-back guarantee on its homepage. Considering how malicious they have been with their marketing, they wouldn’t have missed a chance to mention such an offer on their page.

But even though you read the product page of Growth Factor Plus a 100 times, you wouldn’t find any mentions of such guarantees. 

The reviewer has made up this offer to manipulate the readers into buying the product. In my opinion, it’s the worst thing any reviewer can do. 

The reviewer is literally lying to the reader about HGH’s offers and guarantees. HGH doesn’t offer such guarantees because it exposes them to legal trouble.

Companies which sell legitimate products offer money-back guarantees, HGH isn’t one of them. That’s why they only offer discounts without assurances. 

Third Claim: Growth Factor Plus Promotes Overall Well-Being while Increasing Height

The third claim is the obvious one. Reviewers claim that Growth Factor Plus increases the overall well-being of the person along with the height. As I’ve established before, Growth Factor Plus doesn’t increase your height. It has a few amino acids, which might offer you some health benefits but they aren’t very effective on their own.

Amino acids work better in groups and you should have all the 20 amino acids to get the proper effects. HGH’s Growth Factor Plus only has 6-7 amino acids, which is nowhere near the required quantity to see any benefits. 

Still, you might start feeling a little bit better after using it as it’s a supplement after all. In any case, this claim is false because this supplement doesn’t increase your height, and it doesn’t have enough nutrients to give any real health benefits.  

Growth Factor Plus FAQs

What is GFP (Growth Factor Plus)?

Growth Factor Plus is a terrible height supplement from This supplement has a very low chances of delivering results. It also lacks any ingredients that could facilitate height increase. 

Is Growth Factor Plus FDA Approved?

No, Growth Factor Plus is not FDA approved. That’s why there are no assurances of its quality.

Does Growth Factor Plus Make You Taller?

Maybe. But the chances are very minuscule. Growth Factor Plus has very few ingredients that facilitate height increase. There are many better alternatives to this fake supplement. 

Should I Buy Growth Factor Plus?

No. Growth Factor Plus has terrible pricing and there’s no assurance that it would work. Even the manufacturer doesn’t give guarantees of this product’s effectiveness. 

How to Increase Height Naturally?

To increase height naturally, you should do the following:

  • Eat a nutritious diet
  • Maintain a healthy body-fat percentage 
  • Eat sufficient calcium
  • Exercise regularly
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle

No supplement would work if you’re leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Also, increasing your height after a certain period is much difficult because it depends highly on the level of human growth hormone present in your body. 

Growth Factor Plus Review: Conclusion

In my review, Growth Factor Plus is a fake supplement which provides no real value to its users. Its manufacturer, HGH has used multiple malicious tactics, including fake reviews, mischievous affiliate articles, and lies to promote this product. 

On top of that, it is highly expensive and its ingredients don’t focus on height supplementation as well. 

I wouldn’t recommend taking Growth Factor Plus. Follow a healthy lifestyle, eat good, and exercise. That would be a much effective and fruitful method of pursuing height growth. 

If you know anyone who might benefit from reading this review, then please share it with them. The more people would know about this scam, the better.

Thank you for reading. 

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  1. Thank god that i was smart enough to find your review thank you so much i was about to buy this trash

  2. Growth Factor Plus is a fraud. They are running a scam by selling a fake supplement. It doesn’t work. I have taken this supplement for months and it doesn’t DO ANYTHING!! Don’t buy that stuff.

  3. Reply
    Growth Factor Plus doesn't work
    October 25, 2020 at 9:19 pm

    Don’t take this fake supplement! It doesn’t increase your height. I took this supplement and it only wasted my money. It doesn’t work!!

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  4. 1.6

    Growth Factor Plus doesn’t work. I have been taking these pills for a year now and they haven’t shown me any results. Along with these fake pills, I work out, eat healthy but my height hasn’t grown an inch!
    Growth Factor Plus is a ripoff. When I contacted about this product, they said the results vary from person to person. That’s just their way of saying that their supplement doesn’t work. Don’t buy this nonsense.

    - CONS: Don't buy this nonsense
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  5. @Abhinvav, you haven’t mentioned your age, which is the most important factor to consider while thinking of increasing height. If you’re past the growing years (teenage) then chances are, you wouldn’t be able to increase your height. On the other hand, if you’re still a teenager, then you should focus on eating a healthy diet and exercising. It would help your body in generating the growth hormone properly.

  6. I’m 5 feet and 9 inches tall. Can you suggest me any methods to increase my height?

  7. I hate these fake supplement companies. These are the people who put a bad name to the health and fitness industry. We have so many great supplement companies out there who get a bad rep because of these scammers.
    The worst thing is, many people fall prey to these scammers and think their products work. So when they don’t get any results, they get mad and start thinking that the whole industry is a sham. should close down. We shouldn’t allow a scammer like this operate.

  8. 1.25

    I had taken the Growth Factor Plus supplement for 6 months. It doesn’t work. NO ONE SHOULD BUY THIS TRASH.
    I spend hundreds of dollars and used it everyday. I’m a 24 years old 5’3″ male and I hoped to gain a few inches by using these pills. I had discovered this supplement when I was searching for ways to grow tall online.
    I didn’t know that it would be a huge scam. If anyone wants to try out Growth Factor Plus, they should only see it as a waste of money. It doesn’t do anything. Even after using it for 6 months, I am 5’3″ tall. There has been no change in my height whatsoever.

    - CONS: scammers
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