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Gryphon Financial Partners

Gryphon Financial Partners advisors don't listen to clients. Read what their clients say in this reviews & complaints thread.

Gryphon Financial Partners are a financial advisory firm based in Columbus, Ohio. Their financial advisors are quite careless when it comes to attending to their clients’ needs. My experience with them has been nothing but horrible and painful. I don’t recommend working with them for many reasons. 

First, it seems as if the people at Gryphon don’t actually care about the goals of their clients. When we were looking for financial advisors, we wanted someone who would listen to us and help us plan out our finances so that we could meet our financial goals within the desired time. However, the people at this firm don’t listen to you.

Because of that, it’s very difficult for you to communicate your thoughts and plans with them. The people at this firm are too focused on their needs and interests to listen to what they clients have to say. This is quite irritating and makes it challenging for people to work with these advisors. 

What is the role of a financial advisor?

For payment, a financial advisor offers clients financial assistance or recommendations. Financial advisors, often known as advisers, offer a wide range of services, including investment management, tax preparation, and estate planning.

I don’t feel heard at this company. Gryphon Financial Partners claim to offer advice that’s free from conflicts of interests. They claim to help their clients. But in my experience that’s just nonsensical banter. My experience with these advisors has taught me that no matter how experienced one might look, if it is an unreliable firm, you shouldn’t work with them. 

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Whenever I meet with my advisors at Gryphon Financial Partners, I feel as if the advisors don’t actually listen to me. They hear me, that’s for sure, but they don’t understand what I want to say. Those advisors are too focused on their own interests. They give me the same advice in every meeting as if they hadn’t talked to me before. 

It seems to me that the advisors at this place have different cookie cutter advice which they give to every client in various meetings. The way they talk to me during our meetings has made me realize this as well. 

Good financial planners listen to you. They strive to understand your perspective and help you plan out your financials so you can achieve certain goals for example, saving up for retirement or for your kids’ college funds. That’s why when Gryphon’s advisors behaved so selfishly I felt strange. I have worked with plenty of service providers but I had never seen selfishness and carelessness before. It’s clear to me that Gryphon Financial Partners has a poor work ethic.

Those people are in this business only to make money, not to help people make money. 

I won’t name names in my review because I don’t want to defame anyone. Gryphon should take my review as a piece of constructive criticism. They should use it as a stepping stone and improve their services instead of reading it as some sort of a random social media post. However, until those people improve their services and methodology, I don’t think anyone should bother working with them. They are too self-absorbed and lack care for their clients. If that weren’t the case, they wouldn’t be giving repetitive advice to me multiple times. 

Gryphon Financial Partners’ advisors don’t listen to their clients’ goals and aspirations. They give the same cookie cutter advice to every client there. It’s a very poor way of handling a client’s finances and that’s why I don’t recommend working with that company.

About Gryphon Financial Partners

I thought adding a little info about these people will help others in recognizing who I’m talking about. Gryphon Financial Partners is a financial advisory firm located in Columbus, OH and their address is 325 John H McConnell Blvd Suite 425. 

Their advisors are quite experienced and have a lot of accolades. It was a huge reason why I hired them in the first place. However, I had no idea they would turn out to be so disappointing. 

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I expected these financial planners to be caring and client-focused. Instead, they turned out to be selfish and somewhat lazy. It seems to me that the people at this company have lost respect for their profession or for their clients. Either way, it’s not worth doing business with them. 

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