Gübelin, Switzerland, goes into jewelry business like a gangster update 2023

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Gübelin, Switzerland, goes into the jeweller business like a gangster

I leave a message on the Price Scope Jewelry Forum (https://www.pricescope.com) to warn consumers that the Shanghai China branch of Swiss Gübelin(https://www.gubelingemlab.com/), fraud (or stealing) ) client gem. Also, p, p they provide customers with fake certificates.
After my article was published, Gübelin sent me the following threatening message via PriceScope.

“We are Gubelin.

We strongly recommend you desist from making these comments.
We have people who can silence you if necessary.
The US government cannot save you.
You are being monitored.”

When ordinary consumers do business with Gübelin, not only their property safety is not guaranteed, but their lives are also not guaranteed, and even “The US government cannot save you.
Below are the screenshots I have on the PriceScope website, and the ones that PriceScope emailed to my email.
Check out the pictures below:

Check out the pictures below:

Gübelin becoming a gangster threatens the entire jewellery industry, both jewelers and ordinary consumers.
There are two characteristics of the American people that I admire and appreciate very much. One is clever and the other is questioning authority. These two characteristics are manifested in attitudes towards elected leadership that are quite different from other countries.

Americans are determined not to serve more than two terms of their president, no matter how good the president is. Why? Because Americans know that how well the president does is not the most important thing, the most important thing is that voters can remove the president when they no longer trust the president.

In the same way, as a consumer, the most important feature of a good business is that when your interests conflict with those of the business, you have the means and ability to safeguard your rights. If a business is so powerful that you cannot balance its interests through rational negotiation, and you cannot seek justice for yourself through public power, then the business will not only harm consumers but also harm the entire industry. An example of this is the addition of melamine to infant formula in China 10 years ago.

(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_Chinese_milk_scandal) The first to add melamine to baby milk powder was a powerful business, and the government also received complaints from consumers, but this baby milk powder manufacturer was too powerful, they Bribed and took control of law enforcement officers. This makes him more competitive than other milk powder manufacturers.

Eventually, all businesses were forced to add melamine to infant formula. Interestingly, it was the New Zealand government that exposed the scandal, even though the victims were Chinese babies.

To prevent consumers from knowing the truth, Gübelin used vile tactics against me, such as bribing local law enforcement officers; disguising many fake accounts on the PriceScope forum to abuse and slander me. Ended up publicly threatening my safety on the PriceScope forums. And ask the moderators of the PriceScope forum to ban me and cancel my account;

The Count of Monte Cristo asked, “Who framed me?”; the priest replied: “Whoever profited from setting you up is the one who framed you.”
In the same way, I am an ordinary consumer, if it is not because my interests have been greatly hurt, I have no motivation to spend a lot of energy to “slander” Gübelin. I have said repeatedly that my appeal is: “Let Gübelin fulfil the contract and return my gems safely”. Gübelin’s reputation was hurt, and it was clear that competitors like SSEF would benefit the most.

Due to the protection of Chinese law enforcement officers, Gübelin did not respond to any of my requests. I just want them to fulfil the contract and return my gems safely. What should I do?
Gübelin has such enormous power and acts unscrupulously. Doing business with Gübelin is a huge risk. A company that does not abide by the law and ethics is bound to be a threat to consumers and the entire industry.

The power Gübelin possesses is manifested in the control of law enforcement officers and the control of the media. Gübelin’s control of law enforcement officers protects them from public power; Gübelin’s control of the media (including traditional media and forums) can prevent consumers like you from knowing the truth, and thus deceive you for a long time. As I will reveal to you in this thread one after another, Gübelin does have a tremendous ability to control law enforcement officers, as well as the media.

Embodying one of Gübelin’s powerful abilities ———- can keep the Swiss media silent

I wrote to all the Swiss media, complaining about Gübelin, and I got in touch with an investigative reporter from one of Switzerland’s largest media groups. Below is one of my emails to the reporter.
“I received today a notification from the Gübelin Shanghai branch that they have decided to refund the insurance fee charged to me by the agency insurance company. And let me get my “gem” back as soon as possible (of course, the appraisal fee is still charged).

Since I suspect my gems are missing, I ask them to call the police or notify the insurance company. If neither of these two requirements is met, I ask them to at least give me the insurance company’s contract and let me notify the insurance company myself.

The first time I heard of consumers claiming from insurance companies, the reason the insurance company refused to pay is that the insurance company only needs to refund the premium paid by the consumer, and then the insurance company can refuse to pay.

I have never encountered such a “brute” company. I don’t think Gübelin could have been so shameless without the protection of the Gübelin by the Swiss government.

I know that you are a man who pursues justice. But I also understand that because Gübelin has too much political power in Switzerland, even if you want to do justice, you can’t do it. If you really can’t get the Swiss government to enforce the law impartially,

I understand the situation you’re in. I’m not going to force you to do things you can’t do, but could you allow me to ask you for a helping hand? Can you help me negotiate with Gübelin? My request is for Gübelin to provide my gem with a certificate and to return my gem safely. I can sign a non-disclosure agreement with them, and I promise to keep all their nasty information confidential.

Looking forward to your reply and suggestions.

Best regards,”

The focus of my initial conflict with Gübelin was my suspicion that my gems had been stolen. So I asked Gübelin to post some pictures of my gems, and I found out that none of them was mine (for example, one of the pictures had cracks in the opposite direction). I asked Gübelin to send me more pictures, but they refused. So I posted some pictures of the microscopes I took and I had them take them in the same location, and if it was my gem, there must be a picture of the same inclusions in the same location.

However, this request was rejected. (This process is very complicated, and I will slowly disclose it later)
So I asked them to notify the insurance company or give me the insurance company’s contract. Also rejected. At this time, Gübelin Shanghai Branch took the initiative to request a refund of the insurance premiums that had been collected. Gübelin’s actions would panic any ordinary consumer.

I have to admit that I am complaining about Gübelin not for the justice of the world, but for the preservation of my gem. So my appeal has always been “My request is for Gübelin to provide my gem with a certificate and to return my gem safely.”

Here’s the reporter’s response to me:

“Thanks for your message. First of all: I am still a woman, and I pursue justice, that’s right. What I can’t agree with is our opinion of Gübelin’s political power in Switzerland. At least this would not affect my work, journalists in Switzerland are free in doing research. So let me understand. Gübelin will pay you the insurance of 435’000 Swiss francs back, is that right? But the fee of 1’700 Swiss francs is not? When they promise to give your gem back, in what way should you get it back?

I would like to help you and I have already invested many hours to get after this. But at the moment, I have to wait until Gübelin returns the gemstone or not. I understand that you don’t trust the promises. But I doubt that they can return it that quickly. Or what makes you so sure you will not get your stone back?

Kind regards,”

When I saw the reporter’s message, I was very moved. I think Switzerland is indeed a democratic country with justice. However, a few weeks later, under my questioning, the reporter replied: “She had to stop the investigation because of the war between Russia and Ukraine.”

I will not disclose the name of the reporter and the name of the media here because I believe the reporter was sincere and well-meaning at first. As for her subsequent behaviour, it is not within her control.
America is a great country. Because the American people defend their interests while respecting the interests of others. Therefore, in the eyes of the people of the world, the United States is a country with justice. Before I reported it to the Swiss police,

I also thought that Switzerland should have this quality too. But the truth is that the Swiss police behaved like this article (https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/nazis/readings/sinister.html) said when Americans were bloodied with the Nazis While fighting, the Swiss were doing business with the Nazis to make huge profits, cheating and embezzling Jewish property by the way.

The Swiss police disregard the most basic of fairness and justice to defend the interests of their people. It also shows that Gübelin has a powerful force, they can control the Swiss law enforcement officers.

Since Gübelin refused to negotiate with me to resolve the dispute, I had to turn to the public authority. The first thing that comes to my mind is the Swiss police because I think Swiss police are more credible than Chinese law enforcement officers. After all, Switzerland gives me the impression of a country with good credit, but unfortunately, the Swiss police perform the same as Gübelin. Their good image is not because they do not do bad things, but because they have a strong ability to cover up the truth.

This website (https://blog.feedspot.com/jewellery_forums/) introduces 10 famous jewellery forums. I registered and spoke on these jewellery forums, but my articles were quickly deleted and banned from speaking again. This once again proves that Gübelin has a powerful force, which is why they dare to defraud consumers.

Because there must be consumers like me who have been hurt by them, but these consumers cannot tell their victimization experience through normal channels. There is then no way to warn other consumers, so Gübelin can safely deceive consumers in the long term.

If Gübelin’s headquarters were in an area controlled by Somali pirates, who would send gems to Gübelin’s lab for testing?

The most important factor why I trust Gübelin is that Gübelin is regulated by the Swiss government. Switzerland prides itself on being a country governed by the rule of law, and the essence of the rule of law is to strictly enforce the law. If laws are made and not enforced, is this a country ruled by law? The Swiss police refused to investigate Gübelin after I provided all evidence of Gübelin’s alleged fraud (or theft), not because the evidence

I provided was flawed, but because they believed the crime took place in Shanghai, China, and they did not Jurisdiction. This reason is equivalent to Russia’s Putin saying:

“The massacre of civilians by the Russian army in Ukraine has nothing to do with them. Although it was done by the Russian army, the case happened in Ukraine and Russia has no jurisdiction, so Russia refuses to investigate. Since there is no investigation. , that nothing happened.”

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I complained to the Swiss police (the federal police and the local police where Gübelin is located) for this reason and questioned them, since you did not investigate, are you sure that no one at the Gübelin headquarters was involved in the crime? Or how do you decide that the actions of the Shanghai branch were not directed by Gübelin headquarters? The Swiss police are no longer responding to any of my inquiries. The following email responses from Swiss police.

“We refer to your Emails of January 13, 18, and 19 and our responses of January 17 and January 19, 2022.
Investigations take place where a crime or offence happens. We do not have any possibility to undertake police investigations in China. That is why we do not have any possibility to verify the events you describe. For this reason – if you feel betrayed – we recommend that you file a criminal complaint with the responsible authorities in Shanghai, Hong Kong or with your local police.

Further requests from your side will not be answered.
Best regards
R. Realini
Fachspezialist Wirtschaftsdelikte

CH-6002 Luzern

[email protected]

Below is the response from the Swiss Federal Police.

“Good afternoon
Your report to SECO was forwarded to the Federal Office of Police, federal, for a response. We have read your message carefully and we can understand your displeasure with the Gübelin Company.

If we have understood your report correctly, the crime scene is in China.
As you live abroad, you have to report the complaint to the police in your country.
The competent police will then contact the Swiss authorities if necessary.
(federal cannot accept such reports by e-mail from third parties cases. It is not possible to check by e-mail whether the person reporting the incident is entitled to file a complaint.)
The fact that Gübelin has its headquarters in Switzerland does not automatically mean that the Swiss authorities have legal jurisdiction.
Criminal prosecution is subject to the principle of sovereignty, which means that each country has first-instance jurisdiction for offences committed within its sovereignty.

We recommend that you consult a legal advisor if necessary so that you can obtain justice.
Yours sincerely,
Federal Office of Police fedpol”
America is indeed a great, big country willing to take responsibility. It was the United States that first proposed the “Foreign Corrupt Practices Act” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foreign_Corrupt_Practices_Act), which means that bribing foreign law enforcement officers abroad by Americans is also a violation of U.S. law. The American people not only do not favour their people but also take the initiative to undertake the national obligations of a “rogue state”.
And what about Switzerland? After the Swiss police refused to investigate Gübelin, I complained to all federal and local parliamentarians in Switzerland that the Swiss police sheltered Gübelin. Only a few MPs replied: “There is nothing I can do”. The FBI has described this kind of transnational crime. As long as the leaders of organized crime are protected by local law enforcement officers, it is difficult to eradicate this kind of transnational organized crime. For example, with the protection of the Taliban, no matter how many drug dealers are caught in the United States or Europe, the drugs in Afghanistan can flow to the world. If bin Laden’s headquarters in Afghanistan cannot be eliminated, no amount of terrorists captured in the United States will be able to protect the security of the United States.

Legally speaking, there are two other reasons why the Swiss police must investigate Gübelin.
One, Gübelin sent me a lawyer’s letter through a law firm in Shanghai. In the lawyer’s letter, Gübelin declared that my allegations against him were “defamation.” It is of course a criminal offence to fabricate facts to discredit others. Gübelin’s correct approach is to report to the police in Switzerland or China and let the police investigate according to normal procedures to protect his reputation. However, I, the “slanderer”, repeatedly asked Gübelin to report to the Swiss police, which Gübelin ignored. I also “reported” myself to the Swiss police for “defaming” Gübelin, who also ignored it. I even left a message on the famous jewellery forum PriceScope:

“Questioning my account for defaming Gübelin on this forum, the correct way for them to help Gübelin is to immediately notify Gübelin of my unfavourable remarks against Gübelin, and ask Gübelin to report the US local police or federal police to the police. Only the police have the power to investigate and clarify the facts. Since I’m accusing Gübelin of fraud (or stealing) it’s a serious crime, it would be defamation if I fabricated the facts and posted it on this forum. This forum is regulated by the US government and Gübelin can report me to the US government immediately. I am more than willing to cooperate with the investigation of U.S. law enforcement officers. I declare that I trust the U.S. government and the American people, and I accept any conclusions drawn by U.S. law enforcement officers.
And Gübelin’s headquarters is in Switzerland, and the crime took place in Shanghai, so I can only report Gübelin in Switzerland or Shanghai. I did the same, reporting Gübelin for fraud (or theft) to law enforcement in Shanghai and Switzerland. I also “slandered” Gübelin to the Swiss media and Swiss MPs, and although I actively sought an investigation by the Swiss government, Gübelin did not cherish its reputation, and I repeatedly asked Gübelin to report the police to the Swiss police as well. Gübelin could sue me for defamation, but unfortunately Gübelin refused to do so.
As for how the Swiss police refused my request, my documents are not ready, today is the weekend again, and I was planning to disclose it next week, but XXX thinks I am a conspiracy theory, so I have to publish these words in advance.”

Check out the pictures below:

After the moderator of this forum saw my message, he immediately banned me from speaking and said:: “We’re going to close this thread. This forum is not run or owned by the US government, and this is not the appropriate place to attempt to get US law enforcement involved.”
You can never wake someone who is pretending to be asleep. As long as Gübelin doesn’t report to the Swiss police – I “slander” them, the Swiss police can pretend not to think, why Gübelin is accusing me of “slandering”, but not calling the Swiss police. Gübelin would rather pay for lawyers than pay for free Swiss police to help them restore their reputations.

But the following evidence, the Swiss police can not use “pretend to fall asleep” to avoid. Because the general manager of Gübelin was lying to me about a critical issue in an email. This lie proves that the Gübelin headquarters was involved in the fraud (or theft) of the Shanghai branch. Before I present this evidence, I must elaborate on a service in jewellery appraisal called “Verbal Opinion; Gübelin’s website says “This so-called “Verbal” is a non-binding, non-committal and informal opinion of the gemmologist on a very limited basis of analytical indications. If the client requests a Verbal, Gübelin contacts the client before performing the full analysis, giving the client the option of stopping the analytical process, based on this preliminary information. The Verbal might differ from the final result of the Report. In such a case, the standard price for the full service will be charged. Gübelin is not always in the position to give a Verbal on an item. The client is obliged to pay the cost for the Verbal service, regardless of the completeness and accuracy of this preliminary information. The Gübelin GemCard is a preliminary, informal, incomplete and non-binding conclusion of the analysis performed on a client item and is handed out to the client on paper, filled in handwriting by a Gübelin Gem Lab employee. “. This is discussed in detail on Gübelin’s website and in the contract Gübeling gave me. (https://www.gubelingemlab.com/en/extras/service- navigation/terms-conditions-gem-lab)
I asked the top 30 jewellery appraisal companies in the world if they also offer a “Verbal Opinion” service, and only 4 companies do, including Gübelin. But they have two necessary conditions for providing “Verbal Opinion” service: 1. It must be provided at the request of the customer, and will not be offered to the customer actively. 2. Of course there is a fee. This is the most important. There is no free lunch in the world, who would offer free services for no reason? Unless you plan to set a trap to deceive you.
One of the most important proofs that Gübelin Shanghai has defrauded (or stolen) consumers is that Gübelin Shanghai offered me “Verbal Opinion” for free. When I sent my gemstones to Gübelin Shanghai Branch, I had already paid the gemstone identification fee, the origin identification fee, and the insurance fee. The Gübelin Shanghai branch voluntarily gave up the profits and offered me a free “Verbal Opinion” service, which is abnormal. At the same time, Gübelin Shanghai Branch also concealed from me the following important features of the “Verbal Opinion” service, namely:
“This so-called “Verbal” is a non-binding, non-committal and informal opinion of the gemmologist on a very limited basis of analytical indications.”
What was the motivation for Gübelin Shanghai?
I complained to Gübelin headquarters about the abnormal behaviour of the Shanghai branch and asked them to investigate thoroughly. The General Manager of Gübelin Headquarters (Daniel Nyfeler) gave the following reply explaining why they offered me the “Verbal Opinion” service. His reply is as follows:

“You were surprised that our Hong Kong colleagues offered you a verbal consultancy, instead of the standard lab report that you initially ordered. This is our standard policy in case a stone gets identified as a synthetic stone. Since most of our clients are professional gemstone dealers, they very much appreciate it if we give them this service, in case a stone turns out to be synthetic. This is our standard policy and allows our client to save the money for a report that they would not need anyway, as the stone is synthetic, and hence not tradeable for them. So rest assured that our team in Hong Kong was acting in full compliance with our standard policy, also regarding the alternative offering of a verbal consultancy, instead of the full lab report.”

This is a lie. Gübelin General Manager (Daniel Nyfeler) said that to help jewellery dealers save money, Gübelin offered to provide jewellers (including me, a first-time consumer with them) a free “Verbal Opinion” service, and Tervice is their “our standard policy”. However, their website and contract say that this service requires customers to request and charge. Gübelin is not a charity, and even if they wanted to do it for free, they couldn’t. If they did provide the identification service for free, all the stones in the world would be sent to Gübelin for free identification. Why would Gübelin’s general manager lie about this crucial issue?

To understand why Gübelin General Manager (Daniel Nyfeler) lied? You must understand a very popular method of fraud in China – Authoritative Fraud Law. As an American, it’s hard for you to understand how much influence authority has on Chinese people. Suppose you receive a call at home from a person claiming to be the local police officer who tells you that you may be involved in a crime. To prove your innocence, the “police” asks you to immediately transfer all the money in your bank account to an account number designated by him. Will you do as he asks?
This is a very common method of telecom fraud in China. Not all Chinese people will be fooled, but many people are fooled. Although the Chinese government has repeatedly warned the public to beware of such scams, many people are still being fooled. Because the police are a group with enormous authority in China. Liars can make Chinese people relax their vigilance as long as they pretend to be some kind of authority, and can let Chinese people blindly carry out the orders of “authority”. Below I will talk about two real cases. These two cases can help you understand the characteristics of “authority” fraud law. There are two types of authority fraud laws. One is trying to convince you that a piece of shit is gold. For example, investment professionals often convince you that the stock will continue to rise when the stock price is already high. Another is trying to convince you that your gold is a piece of shit, and then induce you to give up your gold. Give crooks a chance to steal your gold. The fraudulent tactics used by Gübelin are such fraudulent tactics.

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Case 1, a Chinese obstetrician and gynaecologist abducted and sold the baby of his client through authoritative fraud law. The method is simple, the doctor uses his authority in the patient’s mind to convince the patient that their baby is a disabled baby. It would cost a lot of money to save the baby. The doctor then persuaded the client to abandon the baby. These babies are all healthy, and the doctor’s purpose in deceiving customers is to make these parents give up their babies, and then the doctor can secretly sell these healthy babies. The doctor’s scam was only discovered after dozens of parents were duped. The doctor used his authority to try to convince the client that his healthy baby was disabled, and then induce the client to make a wrong decision (abandoning his healthy baby). In this way, the doctor can take the “gold” abandoned by others as his own.

Case 2, a pair of brothers in China inherited a famous painting handed down by their ancestors, which was made by a famous Chinese emperor (Emperor Qianlong). Before their father died, they repeatedly told them that the painting was authentic and that it had been passed down through the generations.
In 2009, Chinese TV stations launched a program called “Free Treasure Appraisal”. The TV station requires “experts” to appraise the various treasures submitted by the audience for inspection free of charge in the TV program. For this “free” service, the brothers brought their famous paintings to the TV station for experts to do an appraisal.
The chief treasure appraiser Liu Yan appraised the painting for Zhu Yun (one of the brothers) for free. After some observation, he regretfully told Zhu Yun that the painting was most likely not the original work of Qianlong but a later imitation by someone else. Zhu Yun, who hoped to come to appraise the treasure, looked at the painting in his hand, and his face suddenly became sad.
When Zhu Yun was disappointed, Liu Yan told him that although the painting was an imitation, it was also a fine product for some years, and he could help Zhu Yun find a buyer that was many times higher than the market price.
Under Liu Yan’s arrangement, Zhu Yun soon received the buyer’s information. The buyer who was introduced by Liu Yan was willing to pay 25,000 US dollars to buy this “Songyang Hanbo Tu”. After learning that the painting in his hand was a “fake”, Zhu Yun was eager to sell the “fake” in his hand. When someone was willing to pay a high price to buy it, he signed the contract with joy and was also full of gratitude to Liu Yan.
Zhu Yun, who thought he had benefited greatly, did not know that just a few months after he sold the famous painting, the painting was put on the Poly Auction in Beijing, and the once “fake” was sold for $12.5 million.

Accidentally, Zhu Yun heard the news that the authentic works of Qianlong were exhibited at the auction. With curiosity, Zhu Yun found out the auction information at that time, and only then did he find that the authentic works of Qianlong on display were famous paintings passed down by his family for generations. Zhu Yun realized that he had been defrauded, and in his anger, he brought Liu Yan and others to court with a complaint. Ask to get back his famous painting. You must be wondering, can they succeed?

Of course, they can’t get their famous paintings back. Why was the doctor in Case 1 arrested? And why was the appraisal authority (Liu Yan) in Case 2 able to successfully defraud the famous painting and still be safe and sound?

The reason the doctor in Case 1 failed is that the doctor did not have two layers of protection for his possible failure. The doctor was too confident in his authority, just as in the Battle of Midway, the Japanese navy was too confident, and when they planned their war, they refused to imagine that the Americans might be waiting for them near Midway. The doctor, like the Japanese Navy, assumed he would not fail. If the doctor sets up the following two layers of protection for himself, then even if the client sees through the scam, he can be safe.
The key features of the first layer of protection are: “the service is provided free of charge” and “the conclusions drawn are uncertain”. Appraisal expert Liu Yan perfectly used this protective layer to allow him to successfully steal the famous painting and escape. Please pay attention to this dialogue: “After some observation, he regretfully told Zhu Yun that this painting was most likely not the original work of Qianlong but a later imitation of others”. When the appraisal expert Liu Yan provided free services without legal obligations, he then gave an “uncertain conclusion”. Legally speaking, the above remarks made by the appraisal expert Liu Yan had absolutely no value, but as an “authoritative” “, although his above remarks have no value, they can greatly affect the client’s judgment. Unless a judge tells the jury: “Please ignore the testimony of the witness just now.” The doctor in Case 1 did not use this protective layer. The doctor, in the name of the hospital, (thus having a legal obligation), clearly told the client that the baby was disabled and encouraged the client to give up the baby.
If the doctor sets up a second layer of protection, the doctor still has a chance of getting out of the woods.
The second layer of protection is that local law enforcement officers must be bribed to provide protection. In “The Godfather”, the “Turks” asked the godfather for help because the “Turks” needed the political resources of the godfather. When his people were caught in drug trafficking, they needed local law enforcement officers to provide protection, so that the “Turks” subordinates Only then can we faithfully and confidently engage in drug trafficking. Just like without the protection of the Taliban, Afghan drugs cannot be sold to the world. Likewise, if the Swiss police protect Gübelin, then Gübelin can hide in Switzerland and defraud consumers all over the world safely.

I hand over the gems to Gübelin at the offices of Gübelin Shanghai. At the same time, I paid for the identification fee of the gemstone, the origin identification fee, and the insurance fee (the gemstone compensation amount is about 450,000 US dollars, and the insurance fee is about 600 US dollars). When I handed the gemstone to Gübelin, I asked its employee: “Do I need to sign a contract with an insurance company?”. The employee told me: “Gübelin will sign the insurance contract on my behalf,” and the conversation was recorded by his surveillance. As stated in the Gübelin contract and on the website (https://www.gubelingemlab.com/en/extras/service-navigation/terms-conditions-gem-lab): “such insurance covering the delivery to Gübelin, the period during which the Gemstones are at the laboratory and the return of such Gemstones by Gübelin to Customer.”

That is, when I handed the gemstone to Gübelin and paid for the insurance at the same time, the insurance came into effect.

About a month after I delivered the gemstone to Gübelin, I received a call from the Gübelin Shanghai branch informing me: “The gemstone is synthetic”; then asked me: “Do you want to continue to have Gübelin issue an identification certificate? ?” I asked Gübelin’s employee: “I have already paid for the appraisal, why do you ask me if I want a certificate from Gübelin?”. The employee told me, “If you don’t want a certificate, you won’t be charged. If you want a certificate, you’ll be charged.” I was puzzled and asked, “I’ve already paid for the appraisal, you don’t want to make money?”. The Gübelin employee replied: “We are ‘for your good’. We save you money.”

Gübelin’s general manager (Nyfeler Daniel) also confirmed the Shanghai branch’s statement that Gübelin “saving you money is the norm”: Nyfeler Daniel said in an email to me:
“This is our standard policy and allows our client to save the money for a report which they would not need anyway,”

If you pick up stones on the beach in the future, send them to Gübelin immediately for identification. As long as you don’t need an appraisal certificate, Gübelin will do the appraisal for you for free.

If you lived in the western United States in the early years, your shooting speed and your shooting accuracy would be very high, because people have been in a huge threat environment for a long time, and your instinct to deal with threats will improve. In the same way, living in China for a long time will naturally improve your ability to deal with liars. For example, in the US you can’t imagine someone adding toxic melamine to infant formula just to make it look a little higher in protein when it passes the test. All this happening would make anyone with a certain intelligence doubt everything. The employees of Gübelin’s Shanghai branch may think they are sophisticated fraudsters, and they can use Gübelin’s enormous authority in the field of jewellery appraisal to be successful. This kind of scam is very common in the field of investment, jewellery, antiques, art, and even in the field of jade and meteorites. I have fully considered the possibility of being scammed before sending the gem to Gübelin. So before sending the gem out, we took hundreds of photos, especially a microscope photo of a fissure in the gem. Because through the microscopic partial photo of the fissure, it is immediately recognizable whether it is my gem or not.

After I received a call from the Gübelin Shanghai branch, I used WeChat (a communication software in China) to ask Gübelin to provide me with some photos, so that I could judge whether my gems were lost. Gübelin first sent a few vague pictures, and after my repeated requests (the WeChat communication records can prove that they were repeated requests), they finally sent a clearer picture. But the picture is not my gem because the “crack” of the “gem” in this picture and the “crack” of my gem are in different directions. On pricescope.com, a jewellery forum controlled by Gübelin, a fake account of Gübelin said: “The reason for the different direction of the ‘crack’ may be that the photo has been reversed.” Below is a comparison of the two pictures:

Even if everyone has different subjective judgments of the photos, it leads to disputes. But this problem is easy to solve. My gem is still in Gübelin and they can take as many pictures as they want to clarify. But sadly, despite my repeated requests for more photos from Gübelin, even to their general manager – for them to give me more photos to prove the gems they were identifying, It’s my gem. Gübelin ignored my request.

According to the normal human way of thinking, if the client believes that the gemstone is missing, Gübelin should immediately send a microscopic photo of the “fissure” in the gemstone at the client’s request for the client to identify and clarify the truth. For example, if I send a dog to the veterinary hospital for treatment, if I get a call from the veterinary hospital saying, “Your cat’s leg is broken and needs surgery”. If I ask the veterinary hospital to send me a photo for confirmation, the veterinary hospital will immediately grant my request. Although the appearance of the gemstones is similar, the internal “fissures” and “inclusions” are different. Different types of gemstones can be correctly distinguished with microscope photos. As a professional appraisal agency, Gübelin certainly knows this common sense. They deliberately sent some blurry-looking photos to prevaricate me.

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So despite my repeated requests for high-resolution micrographs of the “cracks” in the gem, Gübelin has so far failed to meet my request. In this case, I sent some microscope HD photos I took to have them identify if the gem they were appraising was mine. I quickly received their reply on WeChat (a communication software). Below are screenshots. I will translate and elaborate on the message Gübelin conveyed in this reply. Check out the pictures below:

The Chinese language above conveys the following information:
1. Gübelin observed that the “inclusions” of the gem I submitted were the same as the “inclusions” in the photos I provided. So Gübelin thinks the gemstone being identified is the same as the gemstone I sent for inspection. That is to say, my gems are not lost.

2. They took a photo of the inside of my gemstone which showed a distinct “curve” and “bubble” in my gemstone. Below is a clear picture of this photo. This proves that my gem is synthetic. Please see the images below.

3. To prove to me that this photo was taken in my gem, Gübelin, in the photo I sent them, drew an area stating that the photo was taken at this location. Below is a high-resolution image of this photo. Their message to me (translated from Chinese into English) was: “Hello, this picture was taken by the Gübelin Hong Kong experiment inside the gem you sent for inspection, and it is the same as the picture you sent yesterday (the part circled in the picture). ) in the same position, size and shape.”
Please see the images below.

4. There are three types of synthetic rubies. The main feature of Verneuil Flame Fusion synthetic ruby is: “Curved growth patterns and gas bubbles are going to be the most diagnostic feature in Verneuil synthetic corundum”. This passage comes from this website (https://www.detroitja.com/identifying-synthetic-corundum/), so as long as there are visible “curves” and “bubbles” in the captured photo, the gem can be identified as a synthetic gem. So Gübelin sent a photo with the obvious “curves” and “bubbles” to prove my gem was synthetic, and made it clear that the photo was in the “circled part” of the microscope photo I provided.

5. Interestingly, Gübelin said that the photo taken of my gem (with “curves” and “bubbles” to prove that my gem is synthetic) is the same as the one published on this website (https://www.detroitja.com/identifying-synthetic-corundum/) one picture, the two pictures are the same. Gübelin used an image copied from the Internet to tell me it was taken from my gemstone, as proof that my gemstone was synthetic.

6. After I discovered the scam, I questioned Gübelin. Gübelin explained that “they sent the wrong picture.” It was easy to debunk this new lie, I said, “Since it’s the wrong one, send me the correct picture”. Gübelin of course refused to respond to my request.
Gübelin apparently couldn’t have taken a picture with distinct “curves” and “bubbles” in the locations they say they are in. This website “https://www.detroitja.com/identifying-synthetic-corundum/)” details the production principles and identification methods of Verneuil Flame Fusion synthetic rubies. Verneuil Flame Fusion synthetic rubies allow you to observe “curves” due to the rotation of the crystal during production, and the “inclusions” (these are rutile crystals) in the photo I provided are all straight rectangles of crystals. If the ruby crystal is “curved”, then the “inclusions” in it cannot be rectangular crystals.
Also, as anyone who knows synthetic rubies knows, Verneuil Flame Fusion synthetic rubies have very few “inclusions” and only a few “bubbles”. The microscope photos I provided showed numerous, parallel rows of rectangular crystals in my gemstone. Check out the clear images below.

I posted an article called “Who will oversee jewellery appraisal agencies?” on pricescope.com, a jewellery forum controlled by Gübelin. This article existed on this forum for a short time before being deleted by the moderators. Here is the article:

When there is a conflict of interest between jewellery sellers and consumers, it is usually the jewellery appraisal agency that protects the interests of consumers.
But when there is a conflict of interest between jewellery appraisal agencies and jewellery sellers (or consumers), who will protect the interests of jewellery sellers (or consumers)? The answer is that once jewellery sellers (or consumers) feel that their interests have been harmed, they have no way of getting justice for themselves. They can only rely on the “conscience” of jewellery appraisal agencies. Even if jewellery sellers (or consumers) find out that the jewellery appraisal agency is in violation, they have no way to sue the jewellery appraisal agency. Because suing a jewellery appraisal agency requires “evidence”, the current rules of the game make it impossible for jewellery sellers (or consumers) to obtain direct evidence.
Because the content of the certificate issued by the jewellery appraisal agency is very limited, the information provided based on the appraisal certificate cannot be linked to the identified gemstone. Even if the jewellery seller (or consumer) finds that the certificate does not match the gem, there is no way to sue the identification agency in court based on the information provided by the certificate. Unless the jewellery appraisal agency is willing to provide more information. In other words, jewellery appraisal institutions not only have the right to judge, but they also have the right to interpret. (They have both parliamentary and court status). unless the government is willing to investigate. Even if the government is willing to investigate, it must also have a necessary condition, your gemstone is still in the laboratory. If the gemstone leaves the laboratory, then even if the government is willing to help, you cannot prove the certificate issued by the laboratory and the gem you submitted related.
Therefore, to successfully sue a jewellery appraisal agency, a jewellery seller (or consumer) must obtain the cooperation of the jewellery appraisal agency (the jewellery appraisal agency is willing to provide information to prove that the gemstones you submit are related to the certificate). As an adult, do you think criminals will cooperate with police investigations to charge themselves?

If Gübelin refuses to reply to my email, I can only indirectly prove that the Gübelin identification agency is corrupt. If I want direct evidence, I must get the cooperation of the Gübelin identification agency to respond to my questions and provide more information. This is not possible. Unless Gübelin is innocent and is willing to respond to my accusations, and at the same time prove their innocence.

Jewellery appraisal agencies have such huge powers without proper supervision, which will inevitably lead to corruption. (“Absolute power corrupts absolutely”). Even if the bosses of the appraisal agency are not willing to be corrupt, their employees will be corrupt.

The above article shows that if the gem appraisal agency has the protection of local law enforcement officers, even if you know the appraisal agency is deceiving you, you have no way to prosecute it.
Gübelin is confident in controlling local law enforcement officers. After I repeatedly exposed their scam, Gübelin continued to ask me: “Do you need a certificate from Gübelin?.

I’ve talked before that when a clever scammer uses the “authority scam method,” he puts two layers of protection in place to protect himself. Gübelin asked me “Do you need a certificate from Gübelin?” This is a risk-free test.

If I no longer ask for a certificate from Gübelin, then it proves that I believe Gübelin’s assertion (my stones are synthetic). In this way, Gübelin can continue to defraud consumers (or steal) with confidence. If I ask Gübelin for a certificate, my actions will not pose any danger to Gübelin. Because as long as Gübelin has the protection of local law enforcement officers, I cannot sue Gübelin for the limited information on the gem identification certificate. Even if Gübelin gave me a fake certificate, I couldn’t sue them. Because of the information on the certificate alone, consumers can’t prove that Gübelin is lying. Unless local law enforcement officials ask Gübelin to disclose more information. As this website (https://www.detroitja.com/identifying-synthetic-corundum) says: “Advanced equipment such as EDXRF, can be the most diagnostic tool to confidently make an identification by comparing trace element chemistry; this should always be done in conjunction with the microscopic evaluation.”
As long as police in Switzerland and law enforcement in Shanghai, China, refuse to investigate Gübelin, Gübelin can’t tell consumers more. Consumers spend money and get a false “conclusion”, but have no way to question this “conclusion”.

Did You Know?

EDXRF stands for Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence, which is a analytic technique, that uses X-rays to identify the elements. EDXRF is used often as it is also a non-destructive technique.

For the safety of my gem, I had to ask Gübelin for a certificate to show Gübelin that I disagreed with their assertion, to prevent Gübelin from returning me a fake gem.

Many gems are worth tens of millions of dollars, and Gübelin will reap huge profits if the scam is successful. And even if Gübelin’s fraud is discovered, as long as it is protected by local law enforcement officers, Gübelin has nothing to lose. If there is a kind of business, there are huge profits when it succeeds, and there is no loss when it fails. This kind of business is sure to attract a large number of people to actively participate. So if the crime cost of Gübelin (and other appraisal agencies) is not increased, then jewellery consumers and small and medium jewelry dealers will become lambs to be slaughtered. It is impossible to form an effective constraint on gem appraisal institutions only by relying on gem appraisal institutions to consciously abide by ethical standards. So I plan to hire lawyers to sue Gübelin, as well as local law enforcement officers in Switzerland and China. Even if the lawsuit fails, it would certainly increase the cost of crime in Gübelin. In this way, when Gübelin intends to kill the next victim, there will be some scruples. If Gübelin is hit, it can also act as a deterrent to other identification agencies that intend to deceive consumers.

But Gübelin is a Tyrannosaurus rex, and I’m just a little white rabbit, and a long lawsuit takes a lot of energy and money. So I implore you to donate to me so that I can hire good lawyers to prosecute them to increase the cost of their crimes. You can even donate just $0.1, as long as you are willing to speak up, you can deter the bad guys and make the bad guys have scruples when they do the next bad thing. Remember Martin Luther King’s famous quote: “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.”

If you donate more than $1.99, I will give away a free book that fully documents the Gübelin scam, including all the pictures, and how Chinese law enforcement protects Gübelin. Since I have a detailed discussion of the performance of Chinese law enforcement officers in my book, I will not disclose it on this forum. If you want to know more about the performance of Chinese law enforcement officers, please read my book. The style of the Swiss police is more “secret” than that of Chinese law enforcement officers. If the Swiss police are compared to “small sailboats”, then Chinese law enforcement officers are “Titanic”.

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing to express my gratitude for publishing my article on your website (https://www.gripeo.com/gubelin-switzerland-goes-into-jewelry-business-like-a-gangster/). As the author, I appreciate the opportunity to share my story with your readers.

    Currently, my conflict with Gübelin Switzerland has not been resolved. My ruby is still in their laboratory, and I have received a lawyer’s letter from them accusing me of defamation. The only evidence that can prove my innocence is my ruby. However, Gübelin Switzerland has powerful influence and has bribed the local law enforcement officers in Shanghai to refuse to accept my report. I have been writing complaints to the central government’s supervisory department in China and the Justice Department in Switzerland every day, but it has been ineffective so far.

    I am writing to seek your help. Can I send you copies of the complaint letters I send to the Chinese and Swiss governments every day? This will prevent Gübelin Switzerland from accusing me of defamation. If I cannot prove my innocence to a third party, I am very worried that they will retaliate against me and take malicious legal action against me after I retrieve my ruby.

    In addition, I hope that by sending you copies of the complaint letters I send to the Chinese and Swiss governments every day, you can understand the political influence of Gübelin Switzerland and the corruption level of these two governments.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I look forward to your response.



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