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Gunawan Jusuf: Exposed with the Chargers of Money-Laundering (2024)

Gunawan Jusuf, the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Sugar Group Companies has been accused of embezzlement, money laundering, and illegally spending money without authority. He was reported by his former business partner, Toh Keng Siong.

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The theft and money laundering charges began when the reporter, a Singaporean businessman named Toh Keng Siong, deposited his money in PT Makindo, of whom Gunawan Jusuf was the main director at the time.

From 1999 to 2002, the total funds invested in time deposits reached hundreds of millions of US dollars. Denny Kailimang, Toh Keng Siong’s attorney, claims Gunawan used the loan funds to purchase a sugar mill through an auction from the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA), which has yet to refund the money.

Gunawan Jusuf’s Dubious History

Ginawan Jusuf Company, The Sugar Group, is an Indonesian company focused on sugar cultivation and refining for commercial sale. Ethanol and Bioethanol are two of their byproducts. Furthermore, byproducts become an integral element of the manufacturing of agricultural products, resulting in green production and energy.

He claims he wants to do something with his life from his position as the CEO of the Sugar Group. Gunawan Jusuf has written a book named “Blue Gold” about the value of water as a natural resource and the need for shared responsibility for the sustainable management of water resources in Indonesia.

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In his book, the alumnus of Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta Special Region, stated that water is more important and worthy than gold, hence the name “Blue Gold.”

In the middle of this fake positivity, an old case of Gunawan from 2004 reappeared. Toh Keng Siong, a former business partner who claimed that Gunawan misused his money, pointed out Gunawan Jusuf for alleged money fraud.

Toh Keng Siong Alligations of Fraud Against Gunawan Jusuf

On July 20, 2004, the Police investigator (SP3) stopped investigating his report because it wasn’t considered a crime. Toh Keng Siong, in reality, invested a total of US$126 million in Makindo, a company owned by Gunawan Jusuf, between 1999 and 2001.

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Keng Siong filed a pretrial complaint at the South Jakarta District Court in 2008 after refusing to accept the case’s termination. He also won the lawsuit, and the National Police had to continue investigating Gunawan Jusuf’s suspected fraud.

However, five years later, in 2013, the National Police Legal Division filed a judicial appeal of the South Jakarta District Court’s verdict in favor of Toh Keng Siong.

What do you know about Money Laundering?

Criminals are largely driven by the potential financial gain from unlawful activity, yet they have difficulty using this money covertly. Their method of making illicit riches appear legal is money laundering. It’s a significant instrument for many illicit operations, including cocaine trafficking and terrorism, assisting criminals in growing and upholding a façade of legitimacy. Unchecked, it can undermine confidence in financial institutions and finance other illegal activities, such as violence and terrorism. Essentially, money laundering gives criminals a way to conceal their illicit profits, which poses a severe threat to both the banking system as well as society at large.

Toh Kong Siong and Gunawan were friends before the dispute. Toh Kong Siong is the son of a wealthy Singaporean.

After Five Years, The Case Reappeared

The Supreme Court declared that the South Jakarta District Court’s pretrial ruling was invalid. The Supreme Court also strengthened the SP3 of investigators at the National Police Headquarters. In other words, the National Police assisted in keeping Gunawan Jusuf out of jail.

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Toh Keng Siong reported Gunawan Jusuf in a case of fraud and suspected money laundering (TPPU) in August 2018. Gunawan was the one who had to hide. He filed a preliminary action at South Jakarta District Court. The purpose is to get his position as a reported witness withdrawn or invalidated.

The South Jakarta District Court has also agreed to consider the pretrial request. The Gunawan Jusuf case of money laundering & fraud has been reopened for discussion.

About Gunawan Jusuf

Gunawan Jusuf is the Sugar Group Companies’ President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The Sugar Group is a group of enterprises based in Indonesia claiming to grow and refine sugar commercially.

Gunawan was born in Indonesia but moved to the United States to attend California State University Long Beach for college.

“Gulaku” is one of the top brands produced by Sugar Group Companies. Gunawan Jusuf, the CEO of Sugar Group Companies, claims to have helped manage the expansion of this and other brands. 

Aside from that, it should be noted that Gunawan is a criminal accused of money laundering and fraudulently using funds without authorization.

About Sugar Group Companies of Gunawan Jusuf

The Sugar Group is a company based in Indonesia that claims to manufacture and process sugar for market sales. Gunawan claims to be a professional in his industry which has assisted numerous Indonesian products in achieving national and international success. 

Sugar Group Companies own numerous plantations in Indonesia’s Lampung Province. Jusuf is in charge of twelve other offices located around Indonesia. Jusuf has developed multiple teams in Indonesia’s agriculture and manufacturing industries. As a result, the company’s profit and revenue have increased significantly.

One of the largest sugar producers in the world today is Sugar Group Companies. The business oversees every stage of the product’s production, from growing and refining to packaging, marketing, and distribution, under Jusuf’s direction. 

After all, you will not read anywhere how he fraudulently utilizes other people’s money to expand his business to gain a lot of money.


Gunawan Jusuf is the President and CEO of the Sugar Group Companies. The Sugar Group is a group of firms based in Indonesia that grow and refine sugar for commercial sale. Gunawan pretends to be an activist who cares about water and the environment. However, in reality, he is a fraudster in charge of multiple crimes, including money laundering, embezzlement, and defrauding his business partner, Toh Keng Siong.

Gunawan has not only misled Toh Keng Siong, but he is tricking everyone by creating a false image through fake press releases and interviews. The cases against Gunawan must be cleared up, and he should be imprisoned.

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