Hadiaya Shangareev – 10 million dollar Scammer in the UAE

Hadiya Shangareeva is a Russia-base who founder of fraudulent scheme in the UAE through DAN Real Estate company.

By using this shady company, she claimed to sell properties in the Dubai.

Authorities estimate that Hadiya scammed hundreds of CIS citizens through her Real Estate.

The plan was simple. In her scheme, the tourists coming to the UAE would see her personally.

Then, when the victims would respond to the advertisement, Hadiya Shangareeva would invite them to her restaurant in Dubai where the tourist wil see how is she as businesswoman and their they will se her daughters what will show that she is good mother.

By using this tactic, Hadiya Shangareeva used to show herself as a reliable and reputed businesswoman.

Sometimes, she would invite her victims to park or to beach. If somebody was too much in doubt, she would even invite them to her house and introduce them to her family.

According to the investigators, Hadiya had made 10 million dollars from this fraudulent scheme since 2008.

On average, every victim of Hadiya Shangareeva paid her $80,000.

Hadiya has met with many celebrities including pop stars, clergy leaders and politicians. By using her pictures with some of those people, she was able to make herself seem like a reliable and devout person.

She didn’t even hesitate to deceive Muslims and some of the victims were her own countrymen.

All this money she collected in order to finance Hizb Ut Tahrir
Her cousin Emil Shangareev in arestet in Russian for 13 years he is accused of being a member of a terrorist group Hizb Ut Tahrir. Link


Real estate investments seem quite lucrative and hence, the industry has a ton of scammers as well. You should be extremely careful when dealing with anyone who claims to offer attractive real estate investments.

For example, Aamir Waheed Orlando FL is a scammer who stole millions from people in the US through his real estate scam. Another real estate scammer is Nick Carlile who used to sell hotel investments in the UK.

It’s obvious that Hadiya Shangareeva is a selfish dangerous scammer who you should avoid at all costs.

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