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Haines Consulting Group: Staff Abuse by Stuart Haines (Update 2024)

Haines Consulting Group is a management consultancy firm in Melbourne that has gained notoriety for abusing its staff by not paying them on time. 

Run by Stuart Haines, the company has multiple divisions. However, its employee reviews indicate that they don’t pay its staff on time (sometimes for months). 

Employee abuse is a major issue. If you’re someone interested in doing business with this company, it would be best for you to go through the following review. It would help you determine if you should support employee abuse or not: 

About Haines Consulting Group:

Haines Consulting Group is a management consultancy firm based in Melbourne. Their address is 286 Park St, South Melbourne, VIC 3205. 

Similarly, their contact number is +61-458-704-455. 

Apart from offering consultancy services to its clients to deal with stagnation and decline, it also offers digital marketing services through Haines Media. 

They claim to have a team of experts who guide you through various business challenges so you can focus on other aspects of your enterprise. 

Furthermore, Haines Consulting Group claims to offer its clients plenty of technology solutions as well. 

The founder and owner of this company is Stuart Haines. He has a MBA from RMIT University and he launched Haines Consulting Group and Haines Media in 2015 and 2016 respectively. 

On paper, these capabilities sound rather attractive. However, it seems the company has failed to cultivate a positive working environment. 

They have received numerous complaints from their employees on third-party review platforms, which is a huge red flag

11/12/2023 Update
As of now, Haines Consulting Group has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

Haines Consulting Group Doesn’t Pay Its Staff

haines consulting group

Here, the reviewer highlights that the only positive of working at Haines Consulting Group was the team of people he worked with. Sadly, that team didn’t last long either. 

The reviewer highlights that the company doesn’t pay on time. He had to work for weeks and even months without pay because of their poor pay schedule. 

Moreover, the reviewer points out that the boss always gave excuses when it came to payments. 

Also, he highlights that Haines Consulting Group hasn’t paid any of his super. He doesn’t recommend working here. 

Another Haines Consulting Group Review Sharing How They Don’t Pay on Time

haines consulting group

This reviewer points out the same issues the last reviewer had highlighted.

He says that the Melbourne firm doesn’t pay its employees on time. The only good thing he experienced there was the cool clients he got to work with. 

However, the reviewer says the owner of Haines Consulting Group never pays his staff on time. He makes excuses about the payment and the delay could be as long as a month. 

Also, the reviewer points out that the firm deliberately hires young graduates to take advantage of them. 

Another businessman who has received such allegations is Mossimo Acquaviva. He has received complaints for avoiding payments and abusing employees

According to his reviews, Mossimo doesn’t offer his staff members any work benefits or perks. On top of that, he has received complaints for making the staff work more hours than they are paid for. 

You should avoid dealing with such organizations as their abusive practices rarely stop. It would be better for you to find a company that cares about its staff as it would allow you to enjoy a better work/life balance.

“Haines Media Doesn’t Pay on Time”

haines consulting group review

Here, the reviewer highlights that the people he worked with here were amazing. 

However, he suggests others not to expect to receive any pay on time. He shares that the staff at Haines Media and the consulting firm don’t get their pay for months sometimes. 

Also, he says you should be prepared to ask the owner daily about your wages and their status. 

The reviewer points out that whenever you ask the owner about the status of your pay, he will say you’ll receive it shortly. 

Furthermore, the reviewer points out that no previous staff member of Haines Consulting Group has left the company with full pay. Even if you involve ATO and FairWork, you will leave with some money owed. 

Hence, he doesn’t recommend working here. 

“Stuart Haines Will Sell You A Dream”

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This reviewer says that the clients of Haines Consulting Group are quite nice. 

However, Stuart Haines, the owner of the firm, wouldn’t pay you on time. 

He highlights that the company asks you to pay for things in the business and put it on your ‘expenses’. However, you will end up chasing those ‘expenses’ for months on end. 

The reviewer says that the work environment is reactive. Also, he says Stuart makes plenty of big promises but doesn’t follow through. 

Due to these reasons, the reviewer doesn’t recommend working here. 


After going through the above Haines Consulting Group reviews, it’s clear that the company doesn’t care much about its staff. 

Most of the reviews complain about how Stuart Haines makes excuses about paying his staff on time and warns others. 

Employee abuse is becoming commonplace in Australia and it’s dangerous. 

FairWork defines bullying at the workplace as when a “person repeatedly behaves unreasonably towards another worker or group of workers”. 

I’m fairly certain that making excuses and not paying your staff for months constitutes workplace bullying or harassment

Another company that has received a ton of employee complaints for providing an abusive environment is F1 Solutions Australia. The firm is notorious for not paying its staff, similar to Stuart Haines. 


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Haines Consulting Group has received multiple complaints for not paying its staff on time, sometimes for months. Its owner, Stuart Haines, has received complaints for making excuses and delaying staff payments as much as possible. Avoid dealing with them.

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  1. This is such a good article…we need to understand that it’s not a normal thing, not to get paid on time…

  2. The staff and ex-staff members of this company need to file a report against this company

  3. What will you do for a team if everyone leaves because of a negative environment…such companies can never succeed ‘cause they don’t know how to maintain and sustain employees with decent policies

  4. One should always take a stand for oneself, be it anywhere…Be aware of your rights! And leave if something doesn’t align with it

  5. If they stay like this, harassing employees mentally…this consulting group is surely gonna collapse

  6. If any company keeps acting like this towards its employees, its surely gonna face revolt soon

  7. This is so basic, providing timely salaries…how else gonna staff make their ends meet, Everything in this world is costly and barely a middle-class person saves…

  8. Positive working is a mandatory thing in today’s world and the company needs to make sure of it…else the employees are smart enough to move out of it soon n there are many companies with a better environment who will happily recruit them!

  9. I’ve heard a lot about these…even a neighbor works there too n he’s really disappointed about the employee policies there

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