Hamish Sprague aka Hamish Ewan Sprague – $20,000 Fine

In 2010, Liquor Commission of Western Australia barred Hamish Sprague aka Hamish Ewan Sprague from getting a position of authority in any licensed premises for 5 years. 

The Commissioner of Police had filed the complaint against Zafiro Pty Ltd which ran the Sapphire Bar at the time.

Their complaint was for disciplinary action pursuant to section 95 of the Liquor Control Act 1988 (“the Act”).

hamish sprague
A snippet of the complaint against Mr. Sprague

The Liquor Commission reprimanded Zafiro Pty Ltd pursuant to Section 96 1(a) of the Act because of its conduct of its Liquor License No. 6070021766 between 7 December 2009 and 3 June 2010. 

At the time Hamish Ewan Sprague was running Zafiro Pty Ltd. Other names for Zafiro Pty Ltd are: 

  • The Sapphire Bar
  • Filthy Gorgeous Sapphire
  • Flawless Bar

More Details on the Complaint Against Hamish Sprague aka Hamish Ewan Sprague

In July 2010, the Commissioner of Police filed a complaint against Zafiro Pty Ltd under Section 95 of the Act. 

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The reasons were: 

  • Zafiro Pty Ltd did not conduct in accordance with the license.
  • The owners didn’t manage the premises properly in accordance with the Act.
  • It violated a term or conditions of the license. 
  • The place was putting the safety, health and welfare of the people going there in danger through neglect.

As remedies, the Commissioner of Police sought that the Commission impose a monetary penalty of $20,000 on Hamish Ewan Sprague.

It also sought the cancellation of Liquor License 6070021766 of The Sapphire Bar. 

Finally, it wanted to deem Hamish Sprague not a proper or fit person to manage licensed premises and to prevent him from being approved as a licensee or manager for any licensed premises for 5 years. 

Later, Hamish gave the ownership of The Sapphire Bar to Fernando Zaffavigna. Then, the Commission reprimanded Hamish and his establishment accordingly. 

You can learn more about the case here:


Apart from this lawsuit, there isn’t much additional information available on Hamish Sprague. However, seeing how he lost his liquor license, it’s obvious that people should exercise caution before dealing with him.

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You should always be cautious of working with people who have shady pasts.

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Hamish Sprague aka Hamish Ewan Sprague lost his liquor license in 2010. He used to run The Sapphire Bar however, after losing his license he had to give the ownership of the bar to someone else.

  • None
  • Shady past
  • Lost his liquor license
  • Faced monetary penalty of $20,000
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  1. Arrest him plz. He is a very bad man.

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