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Harris Financial Group has selfish advisors with horrible service. Read what their clients say in this reviews & complaints thread.

Harris Financial Group – Careless and don’t listen

In my opinion, the Harris Financial Group has terrible financial advisors who don’t focus on their client’s needs. I have been working with them for quite some time now. Harris Financial Group’s advisors are quite difficult to talk to. Those people don’t respect their clients and it seems as if they don’t think about their clients’ needs too. If you’re looking for some people who wouldn’t listen to what you have to say and waste your time, then this is the perfect financial advisory firm for you. These people don’t like to invest time with their clients. They don’t care about their clientele and it’s clear from the way they behave in meetings and on the phone.

The advisors at this place talk to you as if you don’t know anything about finance. It is very disrespectful. Even though I have tried to express my discontentment with this kind of behaviour, I have noticed that it doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t matter to them whether their client likes certain things or not.

What is the role of a financial advisor?

For payment, a financial advisor offers clients financial assistance or recommendations. Financial advisors, often known as advisers, offer a wide range of services, including investment management, tax preparation, and estate planning.

Catering to a client’s needs is something the Harris Financial Group doesn’t know. I wouldn’t name the advisor I work with because I don’t want to get into the details. However, I’m assuming that I’m not the only client who feels this way about their client service. It is disappointing to work with someone who talks to you disrespectfully especially when you’re paying their bills.

They have prompted me to ask around for other financial advisory firms because of their terrible client service. It is also a huge reason why I chose to write a review on this social media platform. I don’t want other people to make the mistake I made by hiring these advisors. 

Financial advisors are responsible for the financial well-being of their clients. Granted, they should be well-qualified and experienced. But that’s not all they should have. Financial advisors should also care about their clients’ requirements and treat them with respect. I have worked with many service providers and I have never seen such disrespectful and insulting behaviour anywhere else. If they keep it up, they will drive away all of the clients they have. 

Harris Financial Group should realize that it’s not the only wealth advisor in Virginia. There are many advisory firms located in this state and people can easily jump the ship if they felt the need to. 

The way they handle client feedback is bothersome. I have tried to express my concerns with how the advisors talk to me during phone calls and meetings. But all my efforts have been in vain. I suspect that there’s a strong disconnect between the advisors and the leadership. Because if that weren’t the case they would have improved their behaviour by now. However, I haven’t seen any changes in their client service since I shared my complaints with the company. It’s highly irritating to work with such a firm which doesn’t listen to its clients. The advisor I have doesn’t respond to my feedback. They listen to me talk but forget it the next moment. 

If you’re looking for a financial advisory firm in Virginia that cares about its clients and helps them make good financial decisions, the Harris Financial Group is not the right choice. Those people don’t care about their clients. Those people don’t invest sufficient time with their clients. Their advisors don’t listen to you properly and don’t even bother to understand your goals and needs as an investor. If, after seeing how they really behave, you choose to give them feedback, you make matters worse. Because then you start expecting them to improve whereas they don’t acknowledge any client feedback at all. 

It’s quite a saddening experience to work with these people and I don’t suggest anyone spend their money here. 

Harris Financial Group Review: Conclusion

The advisors at this firm don’t listen to clients, don’t address their problems, and don’t accept criticism. I don’t recommend working with such careless bunch of unprofessional people

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