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Hayley Brown, MD is a plastic surgeon gaining notoriety for botching surgeries and taking no responsibility for it. Her clients complain that she charges exorbitant prices and doesn’t address their concerns properly. Many of them even question her skill and wonder how she is able to operate in today’s market. 

In the following write-up, you’ll read several Dr. Hayley Brown reviews that tell you the truth about her practice in Nevada: 

About Hayley Brown, MD (Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center):

Hayley Brown, MD is a plastic surgeon in Nevada. She offers her services in Henderson, Las Vegas and the nearby region. 

Her clinic’s name is Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center and its address is 10001 S Eastern Ave #406, Henderson, NV 89052, US. The opening hours of her clinic are 8:30 AM to 5 PM on weekdays and 8:30 Am to 3 PM on Fridays while the contact number is 702-260-7707.

Dr. Hayley Brown runs this clinic with Dr. Steve Brown. Her clinic offers various procedures including lip augmentation, breast augmentation, facelift, liposuction, tummy tuck, and more. 

You can also get non-surgical treatments at her clinic such as Juvederm, Sculptra, Botox, and several others. 

Dr. Brown received her medical degree from University of Texas Medical School. There’s a disclaimer in the footer of her website that says you shouldn’t take anything said on her website as medical advice and the information is only for the residents of Nevada. 

Unprofessional Staff and Horrible Surgeon, No Respect for Ethics

The reviewer points out that Dr. Brown is a horrible surgeon and the staff is very unprofessional. They also highlight that the doctor talks loudly and behaves obnoxiously in the office. Moreover, the doctor and the staff don’t hesitate to talk about other patients in front of you. 

Botched Eyelid Surgery Caused Severe Scarring

This reviewer had an eyelid surgery but Dr. Brown removed too much eyelid material during the surgery and gave them severe scarring. 

Hayley Brown, MD Botched a Breast Augmentation Procedure and gave Scarred and Saggy Results

This is a 19 year old reviewer who had a breast augmentation from Dr. Hayley Brown. She shares that after the augmentation, she had to go back to the doctor to get a breast lift because Dr. Brown placed the implants above the muscle instead of under. 

The reviewer points out that she had rippled, scarred, and saggy breasts of the augmentation. Then, she had a full breast lift which gave her uneven nipples and rippled & deflated implants.

Below are the reviewer’s images, you can see how Dr. Brown botched the two surgeries and gave her disappointing results.

Below is the picture of the reviewer before the procedure:

Gave Distorted Nipples and Horrible Scars for Breast Reduction

According to Liz, Dr. Hayley Brown is a butcher. Dr. Brown performed a breast reduction procedure on her and sliced her unnecessarily all the way through the center of both of her breasts. 

She points out that the botched procedure gave her horrible scars and distorted nipples. Liz has been self conscious since the procedure and has never been the same. Moreover, she has done everything to help remove the scars but they are clearly visible and now she can’t wear low-cut blouses or swimsuits. 

Dr. Hayley Brown Charges Exorbitant Prices 

Bella points out that Dr. Brown is overpriced. The consultant quoted her $18,000 initially and changed it to $14,000 three months later. 

Bella says that she’s concerned about her honesty and price inflation. The estimated prices for the first procedure is from $1,000 to $4,000 on the web and for the second procedure, it’s $8,000. 

Clearly, Dr. Hayley Brown’s prices are too high compared to the market. She also shares that the appointment and procedure dates are questionable. Bella says that this place lacks integrity and you should avoid it. 

Dishonest Doctor Gave Terrible Results and Didn’t Take Responsibility

Rina says that Dr. Brown was dishonest about the procedure and gave her terrible results. Another doctor evaluated her later and told her that she needed repairs. When she shared her dissatisfaction with the Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center, they told her that they don’t make mistakes and it’s her problem. 

Hayley Brown, MD Misled the Client and Behaved Rudely

Laura went to Dr. Brown’s clinic to discuss a procedure. But she feels like the doctor misled her about the results and responded rudely when she asked questions that weren’t in line with what she suggested. 

Laura also points out that it was a very uncomfortable experience and she won’t return. 

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Takeaway of Dr. Hayley Brown Reviews

Hayley Brown, MD is not the skilled surgeon she claims herself to be. She lacks professionalism and ethics otherwise she wouldn’t leave her clients on their own when she fails a surgery. 
She is one of the various shady medical service providers present in Nevada. You should be wary of doctors and surgeons that don’t take responsibility for their mistakes.

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    Customer Service

    I had gotten a consultation from Dr. Hayley Brown and she behaved well but her consultation charges are insanely high. I don’t care if you are as polite as a politician, but that doesn’t give you the right to charge such high fees.

    After reading this I’m glad I didn’t go through with the procedure. Thanks OP.

    + PROS: Polite
    - CONS: High fees
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