He is supposedly know to be the " Mr. Nose job of Glendale" don't believe the internet! I feel violated, I feel pain and sorrow every single day because of ...


Dr. Eric Berg is lying to his fans and hiding his ugly history of disciplinary actions and bad reviews. Read the full report here.


Dr. Jay Calvert has some shocking skeletons in his closet. Read about the lawsuit, fake claims and many complaints here on Gripeo.


This is a story of beat the insurance scamming ring.  Unlike most other providers AU wanted to be paid in advance always saying that the insurance would allow ...

Buyer Beware

Who is Hamza Ahmed? Hamza is a YouTuber, born on 1997, in the UK, who makes content based on self-help, productivity, fitness and relationships. He has over ...


Continental Who’s Who recognizes Margarita E. McDonald as a Trusted Bariatric Medicine Specialist for her amazing contributions to the field of medicine. They ...


Dr. Mark E. Willcox of Alaska Heart & Vascular Institute performed a study which discovered that human technicians outperform artificial intelligence (AI) ...


The Biden Administration has Awarded Around $1 Billion in American Rescue Plan Funds to Enhance Health Centers


Dr. Sterling Ransone, Jr. has assumed the role of the president of the American Academy of Family Physicians which represents over 133k physicians and medical ...


Rhinoplasty, also known as “nose job”, is surgery that changes the shape of your nose by modifying the cartilage or bone. It’s among the most common kinds of ...


Red Roof Invites Americans to “Travel for Good” During Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Brendan Kennedy (Privateer Holdings) has been involved in multiple lawsuits (one of $150 million). Read about this scammer on Gripeo!

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