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Helen Giakatis Only Fans Scam Lair and Crook Review 2024

A look into the matter of Helen Giakatis

Hold onto your husband’s because Helen Giakatis will steal them. Helen Giakatis works in Toronto as a banker at RBC and thinks her shit doesn’t stink. Helen Giakatis’s trash and her husband can’t satisfy her so she goes after married men with small children.

She thinks she’s classy but in reality, she’s trashy. She has been cheating on her husband for years and this time she found the wrong man to mess with. She knew he was married and that we have 4 kids. They worked together for a while. She didn’t care. Not only does she cheat on her husband but she plays the victim and says she’s gonna harm herself for attention. Helen Tells people her children ruined her life and stole her happiness and is just all around trash.

helen giakatis 1

Helen Giakatis shared naked pics of herself trying to find friends with benefits. The girl doesn’t look anything like that in person without edits and fillers. She’s the fakest person I’ve ever seen and one who will do anything to get people to like her. Especially your man. She will try to be a good friend but will be two-faced. She will do and say ANYTHING to get what she wants and has absolutely no remorse for the people she hurts. She’s been cheating on her husband pretty much since day one.

Helen is a pathetic excuse for a woman who broke up her marriage by cheating on her poor sweet husband. Then, she began cheating with her married coworkers, she would call and text 24/7 begging them to have sex with her because she desperately wants attention. She’s stalked her male coworkers to the point of sneaking along and stealing company money to do so, on out-of-town trips.

She has to stoop to getting married men drunk, then consistently doing things like telling them, “Hey, the wife will never know, we’ll say it business related” Then while they’re drunk she starts trying to undress them, taking her clothes off, shoving her breast in their face while she traps them under her lap dance style. Afterward, if the men refuse or try to end it when they’re sober, she’s been known to harass and tell the wives of these coworkers.

helen giakatis 2

I was banging Helen Giakatis for a while. She hated her husband and didn’t want to be home so she would come to my place late at night. Horrible lay. Like a dead fish. Smells like it too. She would bring some of her husband’s clothes and make me wear them while I fucked her. Then take them home so he would wear them lol. Twisted stuff. I only kept her around because she would buy things with his money.

This has been going on for around 6 years or so. Her husband needs to see where his wife’s been going on weekends and afternoons. There’s a whole lot of evidence in those cellphone records. Don’t let these pigtails fool you.  Cheats on her husband with dudes who can’t even afford to buy data for their phones. Wait, THERES MORE.

She has to use her pathetic Cosmo career to make her feel better about herself. I guess all the hair, brows, and makeup can’t hide an ugly soul. She chases married men and had long-term affairs with a bunch of different men. Too bad her husband wouldn’t just leave this sorry excuse of a wife! Helen Giakatis is Pathetic!

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  1. This is weird. Why don’t you directly give her husband all the details instead of posting here

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