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Heritage Financial Services

Heritage Financial Services – Not Worth the Time

Heritage Financial Services has been a huge disappointment for me. I thought they would excel in attending to my needs but that’s just not the case. These are people who don’t care about what their clients want and require. I feel as if the advisors at this place don’t listen to what their clients say to them at all. If you don’t want to read my entire review, just read this summary:

The advisors at this firm seem very manipulative and greedy. They don’t listen to me and don’t try to understand my financial goals and requirements.

Heritage Financial Services claims to be a ‘client-focused’ company. Their advisors make it seem as if they are listening to you during meetings. And they act as if they really care about your financial well-being. But that’s all just to deceive people into thinking that these advisors care about them. In fact, these people concentrate too much on their earnings rather than their clients’ finances. I have felt it myself. These people will make it seem as if they are truly working day and night to prepare plans and reports for you just so you’d feel grateful for their services. Their advisors seem very manipulative to me. 

I have worked with plenty of service providers and I have never seen such shady behaviour elsewhere. The advisors here give you cookie-cutter advice for everything. They have pre-planned responses for all kinds of queries you might make. I have noticed it in my meetings with them and it’s really infuriating. It shouldn’t happen as much as it does, especially when Heritage Financial Services claims to select its associates after careful inspection. Either they are lying to potential clients or they don’t perform good inspections while recruiting new advisors. In both cases, it’s the client who suffers, not the company.

What is the role of a financial advisor?

For payment, a financial advisor offers clients financial assistance or recommendations. Financial advisors, often known as advisers, offer a wide range of services, including investment management, tax preparation, and estate planning.

The meetings I have with these people are quite short and thus, fruitless. I don’t get to talk about my personal aspirations and financial goals because the advisors don’t listen to me. It seems very bothersome because as the client, I have the right to be heard. This is my money and I should have a say in where it should go. However, the advisors at this place don’t care about my financial goals at all. They pretend to care at first so you’d think they are working to help you but they are only pretending. The truth is way different. 

I have noticed how they try to manipulate me into thinking that they have changed their suggestions to match my financial goals. They never care about your finances. These people only chase the investment which make them the most money. Heritage Financial Services is putting a bad name to the financial advisory industry. I have begun to wonder if I should even work with a financial planner in the future. Obviously, I can’t assume that every financial advisor out there behaves this way. There must be advisors who actually listen to their clients and chart out plans that help them achieve their financial goals. It must have been my bad luck that I encountered a bunch of greedy professionals whose primary focus remains on their earnings rather than their client’s progress. It’s sad, really. 

Heritage Financial Services has selfish financial advisors who don’t listen to their clients. The advisors are very manipulative and focus too much on their personal earnings rather than helping their clients make financial progress.

About Heritage Financial Services

Heritage Financial Services is a wealth management company based in Westwood, MA. They have been operating since 2014 and provide various services to their clients including asset management, retirement planning, etc. 

My experience with this firm showed me that not every financial advisor focuses on your needs. There are plenty of finance professionals who focus on extracting money from you and only care about their earnings. I don’t recommend anyone to work with Heritage Financial Services because of these reasons. There are plenty of other financial advisors in Westwood. You can try them out. 

3.3 Total Score
Not Worth Your Time

The advisors at this firm seem very manipulative and greedy. They don’t listen to me and don’t try to understand my financial goals and requirements.

  • Waste your time
  • Manipulative
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