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High Traffic Academy

Update: Big Idea Mastermind is now shutdown.

I want to tell you a true story of intrigue.  A story of big time scambaggery.

This story begins back in 2009 with a man by the name of Vitaliy Strizheus.  He was convicted for insurance theft.  He served 90 days in prison and 5 years probation.

Did You Know?

Vitaliy Strizheus is Ukrainian immigrant to the United States, who had real estate license for 3 years and is also a founder of Four Percent, online platform, which too is dubious.

Today there is a business opportunity known as the Big Idea Mastermind that is available on the internet.  It was created by this same Vitaliy Strizheus. Who now goes by the name of Vick.

How Vitaliy Strizheus scams you

He gets you to join his scheme with outrageous claims.  You pay some type of monthly fee, but you find out the information he provides is not complete.  Then comes the excuse emails about why it is not complete.  After some time, the scheme is closed and another one is opened. He will also give you the chance to sell some products and he swaps his affiliate ID with yours from time to time to take your direct sales.  The traffic you bring to the scheme builds his traffic and allows him to sell it to more people. He will also regularly take the lead emails you have generated and keep them for his own.

Vick’s supporters say that he has changed his ways and is now working ethically to make people money.  

He shows you his car and home. The car is a rental. You can clearly see the white rental tag on the keys.  His “Casa” is a rental and has been a rental for years. You can rent his “home” for the night right now. Vick does not even live in the state of Florida where this video was shot.  He lives is South Dakota. How ethical in your mind is using rentals to prove that you have achieved success?

Here is Vick on the cover of Home Business Connection standing with his family acting like he is standing in front of his home.  The same rental that he used in the above video.

It is an outright lie that the Big Idea Mastermind is free.  At minimum you have to purchase a $25 per month 100% commission product from Vick or one of his affiliates to join Big Idea Mastermind.

Hi Hyung.

Thanks for contacting BIM Support! Please be reminded that you need to purchase at least the Fast start (now Blog Beast) of $25.00 and pay the Affiliate Fee of $19.95 to appear in our system. Once done, our system will send you an email with details on how to get connected with BIM within 24 hours.

Let us know if you have any questions.

BIM Support

Some of his other recent creations Global Success Club, 48 Hour Cash Club, 7 Figure Marketing School, and High Traffic Academy.  All of which have been scams.

7 Figure Marketing School – Described as A den of thieves

Below are accounts of how Vick Strizheus scams his victims.

Here is another video example by Michael Miller on how Vick takes your sales during his web events.

How Vick Strizheus scams his victims

High Traffic Academy Review Conclusion

The prosecutor still maintains, Vick Strizheus is a con man.  I would agree with the prosecutor.
Please share below in the comments section your personal experiences with Vick Strizheus.

If you have lost money to Vick and his schemes, please contact the FBI at the below link.

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High Traffic Academy & Vick Strizheus are scammers! Please avoid these moral-less criminals!

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