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HowToPay and MacroPay Stole $100,000 From Clients

HowToPay and MacroPay are two major scams and are the brainchild of Cameron Mckean. At first, HowToPay seems like a simple financial service that offers safe billing and payment services.

However, it has become notorious as a scam and has been running its operations since 2002. Their address is Sydun and Co Sydun and Co. Level 6, 162-166 Goulburn Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010. 

MacroPay claims to be a payment service for international businesses. They both run their scam together and create the illusion that they aren’t related. The following HowToPay and MacroPay review will expose their nefarious activities and elaborate on how they have been duping users.

HowToPay MacroPay

Who is Cameron Mckean: The Person Behind HowToPay and MacroPay 


MacroPay owner

How a company operates and how it achieves its goals depends on its leadership. In the case of HowToPay and MacroPay, the leadership of the organization is crooked. Cameron Mckean is the founder and CEO of HowToPay. His LinkedIn profile celebrates him as a successful entrepreneur and mentions numerous accolades and achievements.

Before running HowToPay, Cameron McKean founded FreedomBank. That company has shut down by now but it also offered similar services such as card payments, bank transfers, etc. 

Another person who is involved in both HowToPay, MacroPay and FreedomBank is Adam J Clarke. He is the client and merchant manager of FreedomBank and the founder and CEO of MacroPay. At first, it seems nothing more than simple corporate information. After all, anyone can launch multiple businesses at once, there’s no law against that. 

HowToPay owner

But Adam J Clarke is not an innocent businessman. He was involved in disappearing client funds

If a person has stolen funds from his clients before, there’s no guarantee that they won’t do it again. I guess it’s a big reason why Adam J Clarke launched his own company because no organization would want to hire a person with such a dark past. 

His current company handles local payments and offers payment gateways to clients. It is very easy for him to steal numerous people’s financial data and funds through his companies. Adam J Clarke tries his best to hide his notorious past because no one would like to offer their sensitive information to a company whose owner stole his clients’ funds. 

Adam’s past raises questions on how HowToPay and MacroPay operate. MacroPay claims to be successful and sincere, but doesn’t have any prominent online presence. Their LinkedIn page has no posts as you can see below: 

MacroPay reality

Why would a successful company avoid posting anything online? Maybe because they don’t want to attract any attention to their operations. Moreover, there is no international documentation available on the regulation that HowToPay and MacroPay comply with. 

In other words, HowToPay and MacroPay are unregulated financial services providers. Lack of regulations suggests that there’s no watchdog overseeing the companies’ operations. You should avoid working with unregulated service providers. 

For example, Creative Tax Solutions is a notorious unregulated service provider. They have a flawed business model but they are operational because there is no regulatory authority watching over them. Obviously, MacroPay and HowToPay seem quite suspicious now. 

How MacroPay and HowToPay Scam People

The financial sector is broad and is very lucrative. It’s natural for some illicit elements to enter this sector and try to take advantage of the large customer base. The industry has its fair share of scammers and fraudsters. For example, Scratchpay is a lending platform that’s notorious for having biased and poor terms of use. Many clients have complained of losing their money because of that company. 

HowToPay and MacroPay are no different. Recently, a large number of their users lost their funds all of a sudden. The total losses amounted to nearly $100,000. Certainly, it’s no small issue. Any company can make such a mistake. How a company resolves the issue shows how much you can trust it. 

So how did HowToPay handle this problem? They simply shut down the bank account which had the funds. But that’s it. They didn’t do anything else. Any legitimate enterprise would have accepted its mistake and resolved the issue as quickly as possible. 

But HowToPay did something else. They started blaming MacroPay for the slip-up. MacroPay responded by blaming HowToPay for the mistake. 

What’s suspicious is that HowToPay and MacroPay are connected companies. Cameron McKean is a prominent figure in both of these firms. Currently, he seems to be the one that has the lost funds and there’s no guarantee that he is going to give them back. 

Evidence against HowToPay and MacroPay

$100,000 is no small amount. It can’t simply vanish into thin air. But if you trust the words of HowToPay and MacroPay, it did vanish.

They both blame each other and don’t take any responsibility for the lost $100,000 client funds. However, they act as if they aren’t related and are two separate entities. But as we have already established, that’s not the case.

The founders and leaders of both of these firms are interconnected. Moreover, HowToPay is the service-provider of MacroPay on paper. So, they aren’t even trying to hide their partnership. 

Another evidence is the now-defunct FreedomBank. Cameron McKean is the CEO of HowToPay and Adam J Clarke is the CEO of MacroPay. Both of them held prominent positions in FreedomBank. If you check the details of FreedomBank, you’d see that it’s still connected to HowToPay.

FreedomBank claims that it’s based on top global billing and payment processors. It had the same address as HowToPay: 

howtopay scam5

FreedomBank is no longer operational. The new FreedomBank is an entirely different company. But this evidence suggests that MacroPay and HowToPay aren’t separate entities. They are run by the same people. The only reason they are claiming to be different companies is to throw off people from the fact that they stole $100,000. 

HowToPay and MacroPay Scam Explained: 

One day, $100,000 of user funds vanished from the HowToPay’s books. Now, the company claimed that it happened because of MacroPay. And MacroPay claimed that it had no responsibility and HowToPay did it. 

Two companies are blaming each other for committing a crime. However, the same people who run the first company, operate the second one. 

Their aim is to blame each other without letting any authority investigate the matter. Because the actual funds lie in the hands of the people who run both of these companies such as Cameron McKean. 

It’s a smart way to throw off consumers. Because if you don’t know who made the mistake, you can’t blame someone. 

The problem is, Adam J Clarke has a history of stealing funds from his clients. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if he’s found guilty of stealing those $100,000. What’s worse is that HowToPay and MacroPay can keep stealing funds from their users by employing this tactic. 


Clearly, HowToPay and MacroPay are scams. They lie about being two different companies when the owners are connected. Evidence suggests that HowToPay and MacroPay stole $100,000 from their customers. 

You should be wary of doing business with these people. Because they might do it again. 

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HowToPay and MacroPay are dangerous scams and that’s it. They stole $100,000 from their clients and there’s a good chance that they will steal again. Beware of this scam!

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  1. The government should take the proper measures for making sure that these scammers aren’t able to repeat the same process of stealing the money of their investors.

  2. We need to make sure your money is invested in the right place, not with these two fraudsters, and understand the importance of your money and value your time.

  3. It is very important to make them suffer for their nefarious crimes and make them punished for these crimes so that they can’t repeat the same.

  4. We need to provide them the real punishment for these crimes and the government should make serious restrictions on these fraudsters and make them suffer for their crimes.

  5. Still, no legal actions were taken against these two for scamming such a huge amount from thousands of investors, making them suffer for their scams so that they can never repeat the same.

  6. Let the people beware of these scammers and expose their reality to the users and the legal authorities.

  7. There are several firms following the same pattern to fool the investigative authorities and take the money with them, and not getting punished for their mistakes.

  8. The real man isn’t discovered yet, he is taking all the profit and asking these two to fight for no reason.

  9. The company is playing double standards game to avoid punishment, whereas they both are responsible for the loss, make sure you are not taken away by their fake claims and invest with them to suffer after paying them.

  10. They both have stolen $100,000 from their clients and were not getting their people done with the profit and filling their pockets was the main business.

  11. I will never let these people expand their business in my country, exposing them should be the main target of the media channels.

  12. This platform isn’t trustable for their services so I will request you not to invest a single penny with them, their main business is to steal the money of their investors to make sure they aren’t being caught by the legal authorities they were hiding their name and avoiding their involvement with both the companies.

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