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Hughes Marino: Pleads Guilty and Settles for $9.4M in Office Deal Conflict Case

Hughes Marino
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Hughes Marino has received allegations of engaging in illegal activities. Find out if the allegations are true or not in this review.
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Jason Hughes, the Chief Executive Officer and founding member of Hughes Marino, a prominent corporate commercial property brokerage firm located in San Diego, has admitted plea to a felony offense related to an agreement of interests. 

The individual in question was convicted of guiding the municipality about the acquisition of two office buildings situated in the heart of downtown, all the while accepting financial compensation from the seller. 

In his capacity as an independent advisor for the city, Hughes received remuneration from the sale of the two real estate, namely Civic Center Plaza & 101 Ash St. 

The individual in question has consented to remit a sum of $9.4 million to the municipal authorities of San Diego, in addition to a $400 monetary penalty imposed by the legislature. 

According to CoStar, this material was disclosed after the prosecution presentation, whereby they levied allegations regarding conflicts of interest against him.

The Full Narrative about Hughes Marino 

Hughes Marino: A real estate Adviser Involved in the Ash Street Deal has Pleaded Guilty to a Conflict of Interest Charge

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The individual responsible for facilitating the lease-to-own agreements between the city of San Diego and the 101 Ash Street and Civic Center Plaza buildings, who serves as a real estate adviser, has admitted guilt to a felony charge of conflict of interests. 

As part of the plea, the individual has promised to reimburse the city’s previous landlord with an amount exceeding $9.4 million.

The plea deal was reached right after the San Diego City Council voted 7-2 in favor of a resolution to accept a settlement agreement involving Jason Hughes, who agreed to reimburse the funds he had received from Cisterra Growth, the property owner, for his role in arranging the transactions.

Despite Hughes’ assertion that he notified six high-ranking city officials about his desire to get compensation for his services, city authorities, and prosecutors maintain that he received the funds under the guise of being an unpaid advisor.

The settlement that was reached during the current week entails the city’s withdrawal of its legal actions toward Hughes.

Furthermore, it has been decided not to pursue any criminal charges against him, except for a single infraction matter. 

The charge alleges that Hughes infringed Government Code Section 1090, which bans individuals serving as elected officials or volunteers as representatives of governmental organizations from getting financial stakes in the addresses they facilitate.

Hughes will not be subject to any period of incarceration. As a component of the plea agreement, the individual in question will be subjected to a one-year probationary period & will be required to remunerate the city with a sum of $9,433,872.30 as reparation.

It is noteworthy that conflict-of-interest circumstances are seldom escalated to criminal proceedings, typically being resolved through civil or administrative penalties.

Regarding additional people involved in the case, no charges have been filed against anyone else. According to Stephan, an examination was conducted on Cisterra’s involvement in the transaction. 

However, Stephan also noted that Hughes was informed by Hughes that city authorities were informed of his impending payment.

The absence of charges in a case does not automatically indicate the absence of inappropriate behavior on the part of individuals involved. According to Stephan, the statement implies that there is now insufficient evidence to establish guilt beyond reasonable doubt. 

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However, we diligently acknowledged our responsibility and thoroughly examined all available forms of interaction to ascertain whether there exists any plausible uncertainty regarding Cisterra’s non-involvement in an unlawful plot alongside Hughes Marino.

In a press release issued following the city council’s decision, a representative for Jason Hughes as well as his firm, Hughes Marino, asserted that Hughes worked conscientiously to assist the city of San Diego through considerable unpredictability and pressing municipal requirements.

The declaration further asserted that although Jason had initially planned to mount a robust defense during the court process, he has ultimately determined that settling all allegations about him would be more advantageous due to the significant expenses and continuous disruptions associated with prolonged legal proceedings. 

Jason anticipates devoting his undivided attention and resources at his disposal toward the sustained nationwide triumph of Hughes Marino, his familial commitments, and the local community of San Diego. 

After its inauguration in early 2020, the 101 Ash Tower encountered complications such as radon infractions, prompting the relocation of city personnel.

The exchange of property title to the municipality was facilitated through a settlement agreement, which involved a monetary transaction amounting to $132 million. The total amount allocated for the 101 Ash site is $86 million, while the CCP property received $46 million. 

Additionally, there is a request for Cisterra to reimburse the city approximately seven million dollars in profits obtained from their lease-to-own agreement on the 101 Ash site.

The agreement facilitated the retention of Cisterra’s $6.2 million in earnings generated by a comparable transaction involving Civic Center Plaza.

About Hughes Marino

Picture of Hughes Marino.

Hughes Marino is a globally recognized business property consulting company that has assisted several firms in effectively implementing business real estate strategy through its representation on a substantial number of initiatives. 

Hughes Marino claims that the area of expertise lies in the representation of property occupants during negotiations for leases and organizing, as well as owner-user acquisitions. To know to learn more about him, you may follow the link: Hughes Marino.  

Final Thoughts 

Jason Hughes, a well-known real estate broker and proprietor of Hughes Marino, has admitted culpability for a misdemeanor crime related to an improper conflict of interest. 

Consequently, he has incurred substantial monetary sanctions of $9.4 million, which are to be remitted to the city. Furthermore, he is obligated to remit a monetary penalty of $400 to the government. 

This case underscores the significance of ethical behavior and openness inside the property industry, particularly in situations where the welfare of others and the allocation of money from taxpayers are involved. The statement underscores the need to uphold the utmost ethical principles among real estate agents safeguard confidence and retain reputation within the industry.

Hughes Marino: Pleads Guilty and Settles for $9.4M in Office Deal Conflict Case
Hughes Marino: Pleads Guilty and Settles for $9.4M in Office Deal Conflict Case

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