HULT Private Capital – Fake Reviews, No Accountability & More

HULT Private Capital is a UK-based investment boutique company. They serve high-net-worth individuals but take no responsibility for their investment services. 

The company has posted a ton of fake reviews on various places to boost its image. And it doesn’t hesitate to use its wealth to silence its critics. The following HULT Private Capital review will elaborate further: 

A Little About HULT Private Capital

HULT Private Capital is an investment boutique that serves high-net-worth individuals exclusively. Its founders are John Williams and Lewis Hill. Both of them reside in the UAE and were hedge fund managers before launching this investment services firm. 

Their address is 1 Cornhill, London EC3V 3ND, United Kingdom. They also have offices in Germany and Hong Kong. Their German address is Leopoldstrasse, Leopoldstrasse 23, Munich, 80802, Germany. And their Hong Kong address is Unit 1615-20, Level 16, Tower II, Grand Century Place, Mongkok, Hong Kong. 

HULT Private Capital greets you with a large legal notice when you visit their website. The notice says that you can’t make any investment decisions after reading the content on their website. They say there’s a large risk of losing all of your assets and property if you engage in any investment activity by using the information present on their website. 

Why have they added such a disclaimer? Because they don’t want to take any responsibility for any losses they cause to their clients. 

They are an investment boutique but they don’t trust themselves and their expertise. Or, they know that their recommended securities aren’t up to par with what their clients expect. So, they have posted this disclaimer at the start of their website. 

This is a huge red flag. Because it means you can’t hold them accountable for their generated results. 

Moreover, it isn’t the only red flag present in their services. This company is also adept at silencing its critics and disgruntled clients by using various tactics. 

Using Fake DMCA Strikes To Silence Critics

There are many instances where HULT Private Capital took down posts from the internet by claiming they were defamatory or fake. They use their legal resources to remove content from the web and get away with it. 

In the case below, they removed a review from a website which criticized their reliability and operations. The reviewer highlighted that HULT Private Capital is a dangerous organization as it withholds a lot of crucial information from its clients. That post only alerted investors about the shady nature of this firm. 

In another instance, they took down a review from a consumer platform. Here, they also made a defamation complaint as the reviewer pointed out the same things the previous post had highlighted. 

They stated that the addresses this investment boutique shared at the time were fake. And that there were no offices located at those places. 

On Lumen Database, I found a third review which they have removed from the web by claiming it was defamatory. The review stated that HULT Private Capital is an unregulated and unreliable firm. It also shared that this firm deceives people by claiming they are growing their portfolio while they are only stealing their funds. 

Instead of addressing these issues and trying to work with the disgruntled client, this firm sent a defamation notice and removed the article from the internet. 

If this is not an attack on free speech, I don’t know what is. 

By their logic, any customer who has a bad experience with a company is ineligible to share their experiences online. Because their experiences and opinions would be “defamatory”. 

In another case, they couldn’t use their “defamatory” argument to remove a post. So, they claimed that the website had used their name and logo without asking for their permission. This was another review that criticized this firm and its suspicious operations. 

However, the London-based company had no regard for the consumers that might benefit from that review. After all, every investor deserves to know what kind of an investment boutique they are going to work with. Certainly, this firm doesn’t like it when someone criticizes their operations. And they use everything in their arsenal to remove any opinion that disagrees with them. 

HULT Private Capital

It’s an authoritarian and greedy organization who has no regard for investors and their rights. 

Potentially Fake HULT Private Capital Reviews

HULT Private Capital seems like any ordinary company. But according to Trustpilot, they are probably the best Investment company in UK’s history.

It’s common knowledge that you can’t trust any company’s rating on Trustpilot. Why? Because it’s very easy to manipulate your reviews there. 

At the time of writing this review, HULT Private Capital has a 4.9 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot with over 80 reviews. If you’ll read their reviews carefully, you’ll notice something. 

Most of them are fake. 

Trustpilot is notorious as the platform where businesses can add as many fake reviews as they like. 

You only have to shell out a few bucks and your Trustpilot page will have a ton of 5-star reviews praising your business like it’s a God-send. For example, this is what you get when you look up “Buy Trustpilot reviews”: 

HULT Private Capital scam

Another indication that most of the HULT Private Capital reviews on Trustpilot are fake is the nature of those reviews. Most of them are one-sentence or one-word reviews posted by throwaway accounts. A throwaway account is something you create on a platform to do one specific task and never use it again. 

Read more:

Most of the accounts that have praised HULT on Trustpilot haven’t posted anything else on that platform. In other words, people created accounts on that site specifically to post 5-star reviews on HULT Private Capital. 

Recall the times you have created an account on a review website just so you can post one 5-star review on a service provider. It’s never happened, right? Because no person actually does that unless they have a monetary incentive. 

On the other hand, if someone was paying you money to create accounts and post 5-star reviews, it would make sense to do it. 

Also, notice how all of these positive reviews are posted on the same date, and share zero to very little information about their experience: 

HULT Private Capital review

HULT Private Capital Review: Summary

This investment boutique is not a reliable one. The company posts fake reviews, takes zero responsibility, and tries to bury the voice of anyone who criticizes its ways. 

These are some major red flags. Hence, I recommend you should look for some other investment services provider. HULT Private Capital is an unsuitable and suspicious organization. 

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HULT Private Capital posts fake reviews and takes zero responsibility for its services. You can’t take legal action against them no matter how severe losses they cause you. Avoid them.

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