Human Bees – Scam by Geetesh Goyal Exposed

Human Bees (AKA Avitek Recruit), is a recruitment agency for workers & employees, they went through a name change on 21st of September 2020. The reason for their name change is surprisingly vague and unknown. In their press release about the name change over at prweb dot com, they gave no reasoning for such a big step.

And as we will see further down in the report, even “Avitek Recruit” was not the original name of this company as it has gone through multiple name changes over the last few years. 

Furthermore, many employees of the firm have pointed out that Human Bees is involved in illegal business practices. The following review will expand on those illegal practices and help you understand why they are a dangerous enterprise: 

What is the Human Bees Company?

Human Bees is a temp agency based in Sacramento. Their HQ is located at 10850 Gold Center Drive, Suite 250, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670. Apart from Sacramento, the firm has offices in Oakland, Los Angeles, San Jose, Stockton, and Lathrop. Moreover, the Human Bees address for registration is 17274 Golden Valley Parkway, Lathrop, CA, 95330.

The firm claims to offer on demand talent and boasts of being at the top of Inc 5000 as the fastest growing company of the last year.

According to their website, the story of this firm started in 2010 when Dr. Geetesh Goyal and Ranil Piyaratna launched Neozene. The firm lies constantly throughout its website and its marketing endeavors. 

Dr. Goyal claims that he and Ranil realized there was a huge demand for their unique human capital delivery methodology. So, they started Human Bees to meet this demand. 

Furthermore, they boast of growing exponentially since 2020 as it expanded its services to all arenas of staff augmentation. Throughout its story, the firm fails to mention how it employs multiple unethical tactics to get ahead. 

Additionally, the firm doesn’t share that the reason why it changed its name so frequently is because of its employment of multiple illegal business practices. 

As you’ll read the reviews of this company, you’ll realize just how empty their claims are. Also, you’ll learn about the various illegal activities Dr. Goyal is involved in. 

Geetesh Goyal, DDS is the Chief Executive Officer at this company while Ranil Piyaratna is the Chief Financial Officer. 

About Dr. Geetesh Goyal DDS: The Human Bees CEO

Dr. Geetesh Goyal claims to be a serial entrepreneur with ventures in multiple industries. However, his most prominent ventures are Neozene and Human Bees. 

He earned his DDS from the University of Maryland – Baltimore County and his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California – Davis. 

About Ranil Piyaratna: Partner In Crime

Ranil Piyaratna is the CFO of Human Bees. Before Human Bees, he worked at Velti, Mobclix and Yahoo. In all of his previous jobs, he worked for around 2 years maximum. He has a BS in Molecular Biology from the University of California, Davis. 

Ranil has been running Neozene, Inc with Geetesh since its inception. He helped Geetesh in launching the firm and has been running it ever since. 

The two have been working together for quite some time. Also, they have been using their unethical tactics without hesitation during this period. 

The Human Bees Lawsuit:

Currently, the Human Bees company is involved in a legal battle with Armando Avila. In response, Armando has filed a counter-claim against the temp agency as well.

Human Bees filed this lawsuit in 2020 in San Joaquin County Superior Courts, Stockton Courthouse. 

You can learn more about the lawsuit here

Suspicious Name Changes NamesFrom Avitek To Avitek Recruit To Human Bees:

Geetesh Goyal and Ranil Piyatna have highlighted that the original name of this temp agency was Avitek Recruit. Unfortunately, it’s a lie. 

Originally, the name of the company was Balance Solutions. They changed the name of the company from “Balance Solutions” to “Avitek” in 2016. 

Then, they changed the name of the company from “Avitek” to “Avitek Recruit” in 2017, according to their certificate:

They didn’t stop here. Afterwards, they changed the name of the company from “Avitek Recruit” to “Human Bees” in 2020. 

This begs the question, why did they change the company’s name so frequently? It’s not as if the company was switching owners. Ranil incorporated Human Bees in Lathrop in 2020. Also, he was the owner of Balance Solutions.

Changing the company’s name so frequently raises suspicion on the intentions of Geetesh and Ranil. It seems they are trying to hide something from the common consumer. 

Furthermore, when you read the Human Bees reviews available online, you realize the truth behind this company. This temp agency is not as ethical or legal as it claims to be. 

Below are some of the reviews where people have exposed the wrongdoings of the this company: 

Human Bees is Unresponsive and Doesn’t Resolve Any Issues

Many reviews have pointed out that the company doesn’t pay the staff on time. Sometimes, they don’t pay the person at all.  

In this complaint, Alexandra shares that her husband used to work with the Human Bees company but his tenure was filled with problems. The company is unresponsive and doesn’t return calls. 

They had told her that he had half the sick hours shown on his check. But, they still deducted his pay when he was sick. When they called the company to resolve this issue, no one responded. Furthermore, the company took his check from his workplace when he was out on vacation. 

No staffing agency should be able to take out their employee’s check from their place of employment. 

Alexandra’s husband has been calling the company to resolve this matter. Again, the firm fails to do anything. In the end, they had to report the Human Bees company to the labor board. 

Staff Lacks Communication Skills and Professionalism

The above reviewer points out that this firm is the worst temp agency possible. Its staff lacks communication skills and professionalism. They don’t help the contractual staff to set up direct deposit so you can’t get the check. Also, their service is terrible.

Human Bees Doesn’t Communicate 

Ernesto points out that the people at the Human Bees company fail to communicate effectively. They would claim to get back with you after a while but they never do. He suggests avoiding this firm at all costs. 

Fail to Deliver Checks on Time

This is among the numerous Human Bees reviews where the person has complained about not receiving their check on time. You’ll find a ton of complaints where people don’t get their pay on time when they get work through Human Bees. Below are a few more crucial reviews to help you understand how this company is taking advantage of consumers: 

Employee Review Of Neozene Inc: “Full of Scam Artists”

Human Bees is Misleading Companies and People

Human Bees Uses Fake Reviews and Other Unethical Practices

Rampant Racism and Corruption at Human Bees

Additional Human Bees Reviews You Must Know:

Human Bees Fake Reviews: Misleading Companies With Lies

As you can see, there are too many critical Human Bees reviews online. Companies and people have been facing issues with his company for years. 

It was receiving complaints even when the company’s name was Avitek or Avitek Recruit. Maybe that’s why Geetesh has changed its name so frequently. 

Now, Geetesh and Ranil have resorted to another unethical tactic to bury these complaints. They have started posting fake Human Bees reviews online. 

However, not every platform allows shady businesses to post fake reviews. One such platform is Yelp. The popular review site uses sophisticated algorithms to identify fake reviews and removes them from the company’s page. 

Yelp marks suspicious reviews as “Not Recommended”. The Yelp page of the Human Bees Company shows numerous fake reviews: 

Many of the past employees of this firm have already highlighted that Geetesh tells his high-level staff to post fake reviews on multiple websites. 

Basically, Geetesh and Ranil are trying to mislead investors so they would invest in the Human Bees stock in the future. Not only is this unethical but also illegal. 

Is Human Bees a Good Company? 

After going through the unethical tactics of this company, it’s evident that Human Bees is not a legitimate organization. Geetesh Goyal and Ranil Piyaratna are preying on professionals as well as the firms they work with. They don’t pay their contractual staff on time, have practically no HR, and lack the ethics to operate properly.

The company has changed its name 4 times in the last 3 years because of the negative attention it has garnered because of its shady practices. 

All in all, Human Bees is a scam you must avoid!

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A Dangerous Scam

Human Bees uses multiple unethical business tactics to take advantage of contractors and organizations. They have received a ton of complaints in a small amount of time and have had to change their name 4 times within 3 years. All of this suggests, they are not as reliable as they claim to be.

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  • Changed their name multiple times in 2-3 years
  • Have received numerous complaints for stealing funds
  • Use fake reviews to mislead consumers
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  1. Reply
    Human Bees is a scam
    May 7, 2022 at 4:11 pm

    Just wait and watch. You will see Human Bees shills posting a ton of 5 star reviews, just like they have done everywhere else.

    - CONS: They post fake reviews and attack anyone who tries to expose their wrongdoings
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  2. 1.5

    Don’t even bother with this company. They never cared about their staff and probably never will.

    Geetesh has no morals or business ethics…he doesn’t care about them.

    - CONS: Scammers Geetesh has no ethics
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  3. 0.5

    Human Bees is a clear example of exploitation and mischief. Goyal and his business partners are taking advantage of the desperate employees and abusing them as much as they want. This is not okay. I’m glad someone raised their voice against this corporate abuse.

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