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Huss El-Yassih AKA Zach Yassi: How he Sexually Assaulted His HR? The Truth Exposed (2024)

Who is Huss El-Yassih?

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Huss El-Yassih, also known by his new alias Zach Yassi, is an HR Director based in Sydney, New South Wales. He worked as an HR Director at Versatile Group. He has also worked at the Commonwealth Bank as a Human Resources Solutions Consultant from 2012 to 2018. After which he worked at Credit Corp from 2017 to 2-19 as an HR Business Partner. Before moving on to Britely Property as an HR Manager in 2019.

What can be done to stop sexual assault?
Do not stereotype or objectify women in order to engage in sexist behavior. Inform everyone you know about the truths and myths surrounding sexual assault. Break up any rape jokes. Protest the portrayal of violence against women in pornographic, boxing, and other media

Note: Versatile Group is an end-to-end service provider for construction companies.  

He received his education from Western Sydney University where he got a bachelor’s in Human resources, Commerce, and Business from 2010 to 2013. On he claims to be skilled in leadership, banking, stakeholder management, employee engagement, HR development, workforce planning, negotiation, communication, and team leadership.

Harassing An Employee: “I’ll do what I want”

In a report by The Daily Telegraph, Huss El-Yassih (Zach Yassi) received serious allegations of harassing a female employee multiple times.

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He used his power as an HR director and manipulated the employee to take advantage of her on multiple occasions. A police prosecutor alleged that Huss El-Yassih considered the employee to be his property.

His disgraceful behavior resulted in a court case.


In conclusion, the HR director’s case, in which an employee has been accused of sexual assault, is a serious one that emphasizes the significance of confronting workplace wrongdoing and providing victims with justice. The case’s crucial components—the alleged sexual assault, the compulsion and terror that were allegedly present, as well as the alarming comment made by the HR director—underscore the seriousness of the charges.

The case has moved forward to a court hearing, demonstrating a dedication to due process and rigorous legal review. The two sides will have the chance to present their arguments and evidence in such processes, and the jury or the judge will then reach a decision based on the applicable legal standards and the evidence given.

To safeguard the rights and welfare of all workers, sexual assault complaints in the workplace are treated seriously. If the HR director is found guilty, they could be subject to civil obligations for the victim’s damages as well as criminal consequences like possible jail time and fines. It is essential to stress that those who are accused of a crime have a right to a fair trial and that justice must be carried out while following the rules of due process and the rule of law.

Dr. Henrique J. Duck
Dr. Henrique J. Duck

Dr. Henrique Duck, PhD in Media Studies and Critical Theory, specializes in writing detailed critics stories and reviews. He has contributed to prominent newspapers and websites, providing insightful analysis of media content and its effects on society.

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