Ian Mitchell King – Convicted Rapist from Los Angeles

Ian Mitchell King is a registered sex offender and a rapist. He has a business consultancy practice and is also a military veteran. 

ian mitchell king

In 2008, he was a school police officer. Ian Mitchell King, who was 35 at the time, pulled over a 21-year old woman right after midnight.

Then, he pretended to search for drugs. Afterwards, he proceeded to rape her. 

In February 2008, the court sentenced Ian Mitchell King to 20 years of prison on five counts of sexual battery, rape by a public official and unlawful penetration. 

According to a probation officer’s report, Ian Mitchell King used his position to sexually assault and humiliate an innocent victim.

This wasn’t the first time Ian had received a conviction. 

Before, the court had convicted him of two misdemeanors, including battery and carrying a loaded firearm. 

ian mitchell king

After the rape case, he had to register as a sex offender. 

Where is Ian Mitchell King Now?

Currently, Ian Mitchell King is a non-practicing attorney in Studio City, California. 

Moreover, he is a business consultant. He claims to help businesses with multiple real estate holdings such as convenience stores, restaurants and others. 

Also, he is the owner and managing partner of Kings Consultants LLC. 

Ian Mitchell King claims to have helped many organizations and individuals overcome their challenges. 

ian mitchell king

According to the company’s documentation, Ian registered it in 2021. His address is 3196 Dona Mema Place, Studio City, CA, 91604. It’s the same address present in the sex offenders’ database for his name.

Moreover, the year is the same as the year of his release. 


However, there isn’t much information available on Kings Consultants LLC. 

Also, Ian King claims to be a member of the Pasadena Rotary. He claims to be a prolific philanthropist who works with Surfers United and Rose Parade. Ian Mitchell King claims to participate in the Camp Pendleton clothes drive as well. 

Again, there is no way to verify these claims. 


Being a registered sex offender is a huge red flag. You should be extremely cautious of Ian Mitchell King. 

He had sexually assaulted a 21-year-old when he was a school police officer in Los Angeles. Certainly, he has some severe problems. 

Beware of this man. 

You should avoid dealing with men with a history of sexually assaulting others. For example, Juan Monteverde is a lawyer who got away with a rape case by claiming he was impotent. 

Similarly, C. Whan Park is an ex-professor who had to resign after 4 of his assistants exposed how he sexually assaulted them. 

Avoid Ian Mitchell King.

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Avoid at all costs!

Ian Mitchell King is the owner of Kings Consultants LLC. He is also a registered sex offender and a convicted rapist.

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