IGDA Sam’s Club: Is It a Ponzi Scheme?

IGDA Sam's Club
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IGDA Sam's Club has received serious allegations of being a fraudulent company with shady practices. Find out more in this review.

Sam’s Club is a chain of supermarkets and known for its name and trust-worthy image, besides, Ponzi traders want to trade their lies with the trusted brand. In simple terms, IGDA Sam’s Club is guilty of duping the reliable brand. However, the thing needed to be notified here is the reason behind the piracy. 

Like every other MLM scheme organization, IGDA Sam’s club is under scanners, too. The firm IGDA Sam’s club is dubious due to several reasons. These reasons need to be addressed in order to bring forth the truth behind the scams. Let’s start with clearing out some claims. 

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Encashing Piracy

IGDA Sam’s Club is structured as Ecommerce website, which claims to assist the traders in making higher profits. According to IGDA Sam’s Club their membership brings the buyers and sellers together, and by clicking the buttons of their website, trade is accomplished, unlocking higher margins of profit. However, if that’s true, then in no means, the IGDA Sam’s Club has to falsely link-up with ‘Sam’s Club’. Moreover, both the firms are highly different in trade, and hence, duping the latter is simply an indication of potential fraud by the former. 

‘Click a button’ claims

IGDA Sam’s Club professes making trade and generation of revenue by merely clicking random buttons. Purportedly, IGDA Sam’s Club receives commission from random online retailers for the product orders that are made by randomly clicking the button, in their websites. However, even superficial research can conclude that the claims made are just not false, but highly absurd. As no random button clicking can generate revenue. Moreover, randomly clicking a button on the website does nothing, other than wasting time.

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Clueless ownership

After the name & URL of any website, one thing that is elemental to the shareholders is the ownership. Any reliable firm tries to convey most appropriate information regarding ownership and executives of the firm, but IGDA Sam’s Club, has no interest in conveying the same. 

Service providers need to gain trust of traders and name in the market. However, failure in providing administrative details of the firm, even after being a service provider, indicates the intentional efforts of the firm to remain disguised. 

Framed product

IGDA Sam’s Club declares itself to be a trader but it has no retailable product in order to make trade. The affiliates of the firm keep selling the membership of IGDA Sam’s Club and recruiting the affiliates. More affiliates, the more people sell the membership. However, no affiliate sells other than the membership, So, clearly, a lot of people are selling nothing but the membership, which itself is a red-alert.

What is a Ponzi Scheme?

A Ponzi scheme is a criminal deception investing fraud pledging increased rates of interest with less chance of loss to investors. On the other hand, a Ponzi scam is a deceitful investing fraud that induces retrievals for earlier investors with money carried from later investors.

Fake promises

The firm, IGDA Sam’s Club, advertises a huge sum of returns. These returns are structured by the company, in the form of various compensation plans. Although, no guaranteed returns are promised, yet, the promises are quite promising to trap the naives.

PlansInvestment range Returns per dayNecessary recruitment
VIP130 to 300 USDT1.8 to 18 USDT No compulsation
VIP2100 to 500 USDT8 to 40 USDT2 Affiliates
VIP3500 to 1000 USDT42.5 to 85 USDT5 Affiliates
VIP41000 to 3000 USDT90 to 270 USDT10 Affiliates
VIP53000 to 5000 USDT 285 to 475 USDT20 Affiliates
VIP65000 to 10,000 USDT500 to 1000 USDT30 Affiliates
VIP710,000 to 20,000 USDT1200 to 2400 USDT40 Affiliates
VIP820,0900 to 48,000 USDT 2800 to 4800 USDT50 Affiliates

Commission baits

IGDA Sam’s Club ensures the networking in the most exponential manner. As planned, IGDA Sam’s Club provides baits to investors in the form of commission. These commissions are subjected according to the potential of networking of the affiliate. The affiliates keep getting promoted with each level of the affiliation, whereas commission gets reduced gradually. Nevertheless, IGDA Sam’s Club ensures the functionality of affiliates till the first three levels of recruitment by ensuring availability of commission. 

Let’s have a look at the exponential chain of affiliation. 


 A member of IGDA Sam’s Club recruits members in the firm, here the recruits are the first level affiliates to the person. Now, the affiliates of the first level affiliates, will be counted as second level affiliates for the former member, and first level affiliates for the latter. And the chain goes, on and on. 

This never ending chain traps people in a loop. Even the thoughtful ones, are stuck in the traps for months for the sake of commission associated with the number of affiliates. Here is a brief view of commission associated with different levels of affiliation.

  • First level- 10%
  • Second level- 5%
  • Third Level- 2%

Disguised Investment

The firm IGDA Sam’s Club is full of disguised fee structures. Although the firm IGDA Sam’s Club announces free membership at any point of time, the reality is quite different. The company dunces the affiliates in the name of, free membership. As, the members can not avail framed- full participation, until minimum 30 USDT is invested. However, at least they know that even after paying 30 USDT and availing full participation, nothing will change. Moreover, the hard-earned money wasted in membership does not guarantee any returns. 

image 243

Factual, red alert

The firm is notified as dubious due to its potential linkage to the Chinese scammers, who are associated with financial frauds globally. The MLM Scheme company is a potential red-alert for investors because it is yet again, a highly risked firm with no authentic claims. Similar companies have been witnessed in the past, namely, Dokodemo, DF Finance and PerRank. Also, according to reports almost 55 Ponzi applications and websites are documented under MLM Scheme. And, most of the firms could not resist themselves from collapsing. 

IGDA Sam’s Club Review: Conclusion

The privately registered firm, with domain, “igda-samsclub.com”, can be concluded as fallacious as the company makes no reliable claims in public domain. Also, the company was registered on 5th May, 2023, which gives highly superficial back-up on the history of the firm. 

The least information of the company in the public domain, and its framed pretentious name is highly doubtful. The piracy of a trusted firm by a newcomer in the market, with no similarity in trade, is absurd and makes IGDA Sam’s Club a tricky firm.

By going through in-depth research, it could be concluded that IGDA Sam’s Club is fake and could collapse in the next few months. Hence, the people stuck in this fake website, shall withdraw their membership and the naive traders looking for multiple profit schemes should not potentially invest in the firm.

IGDA Sam’s Club: Is It a Ponzi Scheme?
IGDA Sam’s Club: Is It a Ponzi Scheme?

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