iGlow Med Spa – Poor Service and Terrible Procedures

iGlow Med Spa is a Beverly Hills-based spa that is gaining notoriety for its pathetic services. Nataly Gold runs this spa and it seems she doesn’t respect her clients and their time. 

The spa has various negative reviews on the web and you probably wouldn’t hear about them because of their iGlow Med Spa Instagram or TikTok account. Regardless, you must know about their red flags. Read on to find out. 

About iGlow Med Spa:

Located in Beverly Hills, California, this med spa claims to offer a luxurious experience to its clients. iGlow Med Spa’s address is 9400 Brighton Way #201, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, US and they open from 10 AM to 7 PM everyday.

The owner of iGlow Med Spa is Nataly Gold while the contact number for this spa is 310-652-0544. Their services include Emsculpt, Micropen, PRP, laser hair removal, Endymed skin tightening, photofacial, CoolSculpting, CO2 time machine, and more. 

iGlow Med Spa focuses excessively on social media. Between the iGlow Med Spa tiktok account and their Instagram posts, they have hundreds of posts already. 

The obvious reason for such focus on marketing is to get clients. But an additional reason is to hide the various complaints from the public eye. 

It’s a common tactic among shady medical professionals to use marketing for burying their gruesome reality. For example, Dr. Jason Diamond has botched many surgeries but very few find out because of his paid PR attempts. 

“iGlow Med Spa is a Money Hungry Scam Artist”

iGlow Med Spa review

Ben went to this med spa a year before writing his review. He wanted a single session but Nataly convinced him to get the complete package. Ben ended up paying around $4500 here.

However, a month later he was in a horrible car accident, putting him in the hospital for the last eight months. He had to leave California and move to New York for his treatment. 

Ben called Nataly hoping they would issue him a partial refund but they refused. Moreover, the med spa told him that he can’t resume his treatment anywhere else as well because of the amount of time that had passed. He added that it hadn’t been a full year since his purchase and he had only used one session out of the entire package. But the clinic didn’t care. 

Ben shared that he can’t re-gift the package to anyone else as well because the spa said “too much time had passed”. He says that this place is a scam and Nataly is a con-artist who doesn’t care one bit about the clients. 

Botched a Simple Botox Procedure, Utter Incompetence

iGlow Med Spa review

The above reviewer says that they had high hopes for this place but they regret going there now. 

They had trouble parking because the area is very busy. But that’s not all. 

The spa botched up their botox and they say that their left eyebrow “jumps” at the slightest movement. Also, they can’t distinguish any differences in the crows’ feet around their right or left eye. 

They add that with so much competition among med spas, iGlow Med Spa should really step up their quality if they want people to go there.

The Med Spa Rushed the Procedure and Gave Bruises 

iGlow Med Spa review

Megan shares that the girl performing the hair removal was very rushed and didn’t perform it thoroughly. She went home and saw patches of hair. 

Moreover, her hair was already poking through within 2 days. Megan complains that it felt as if the hair had simply broken off at the surface and wasn’t pulled out. 

Also, she pointed out that she felt bruised. It was mildly painful to sit for 2 days and there was more blood than expected. However, she points out that her primary disappointment was the way they treated her at the spa. 

She was very disappointed with her experience and the staff made her feel very lonely. 

Botched Botox Gave a Droopy Eye that Wouldn’t Open Properly Within 2 Weeks

iGlow Med Spa review

Angie had a botox treatment at iGlow Med Spa 3 weeks before posting her review. A week before, she noticed her eye drooping and couldn’t believe what she saw. 

She couldn’t open her eye completely and was very upset. When she called the spa they set up her appointment with a plastic surgeon who prescribed her iopidine drops. 

She says that you should avoid this med spa if you want botox and go elsewhere. 

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iGlow Med Spa Review Verdict

Even if you use Groupon or other similar services, it wouldn’t be worth it to come here. This clinic has too many issues to consider. For example, they charge the “Beverly Hills” prices but perform subpar procedures. 

One reviewer updated her 5-star review and changed it to a 1-star review because the hair removal failed within a few days. It would be a big risk to try out this place. Beverly Hills is home to many med spas and this one isn’t good.

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Best to avoid

iGlow Med Spa is a highly expensive and careless place that puts its finances above its clients. Certainly, it’s not worth your time and money.

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