Infinity MedSpa CA – Greedy and Pathetic (Updated 2023)

If you’re looking for a medical spa in Santa Clarita, you might have heard the name Infinity MedSpa CA. Although they have been operating in the region for a long time, they don’t have a stellar reputation. 

It has received a ton of complaints for its poor customer service and greedy practices. Many clients highlight that Medspa offers a free service to its clients if they post a 5-star review. Hence, you can’t trust their online reputation.

Before you trust them with your beauty, it would be best to read the following 50+ complaints people have posted against this medspa: 

About Infinity MedSpa California

Infinity MedSpa CA is a medical spa based in Santa Clarita, California. They are located at 27019 McBean Pkwy, Santa Clarita, CA 91355, US and their contact number is 661-259-8100. 

Their director and owner are Dr. Van J. Veloso MD. Another prominent person at this medspa is Janet Anthony RN who has been with this establishment for 14 years. Dr. Veloso completed his graduation from Creighton Medical School and claims to train his staff in cutting-edge injectable techniques. 

Other staff members include Tim Malan (General Manager) and Jeff Robbins (Director of Finance & Accounting). The place claims to be the best injectable and laser skin care practice in Santa Clarita. 

At Infinity MedSpa CA, you can avail of many services including: 

  • Cellulite reduction
  • Coolsculpting
  • Laser hair removal
  • Infinity butt lift
  • AcneClear treatment
  • Melasma reduction
  • Color correction
  • Micro pen skin rejuvenation
  • Botox and fillers

And plenty of others. 

Although they claim to be the best in the region, their clients disagree. According to the various reviews, this place is suffering from a plethora of issues. 

In the next section of this review, I have shared some of the many complaints people have posted against this medspa:

Their Weight Loss Program is Horrible and Quite Dangerous

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Getina says that the HCG Weight Loss Program of Infinity MedSpa CA is a joke and probably quite dangerous. She says that with the amount of money they charge for this procedure, she expected a far better quality of service. 

Getina highlights that she never met with a doctor to discuss this program. They couldn’t tell her how exactly this weight loss program works and the most common answer she received to most of her questions was, “I’m not sure”. 

Getina says that the HCG injections they gave to her were pre-filled, which seemed quite shady. She had no idea what was in those syringes and she often questioned whether they merely contained saline solutions. 

Moreover, a huge painful aspect of this treatment was the condition of the needles. Several times, the needle on the syringe bent badly causing many of her injections to be painful. 

Getina says that she considered giving up the injections because her stomach hurt from the numerous sore injection sites. Also, she was not 100% sure about the contents of the syringe. 

However, she is certain that the HCG syringes didn’t have an appetite suppressant because she was constantly hungry. Also, they had placed her on a 500-calorie diet, which can cause significant weight loss without any kind of medication or injections. 

They had told Getina to let them know when she felt hungry and she did. Then, they put her on a higher dosage but her hunger didn’t go anywhere. She informed them about this and they told her that they can’t put her on a higher dosage because she might gain weight. 

Getina says that her husband did the program with her and they spent $1000+ here. After their experience with the injections, they realized that Infinity MedSpa CA is not worth their time. 

Moreover, the staff never bothered to follow up, maybe because Getina and her husband had already paid for their program in advance. Getina doesn’t recommend this medspa due to these reasons. 

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Infinity MedSpa CA Lacks Compassion and Empathy

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Christie gives 3 out of 5 stars to one of the providers here. She says that the provider is nice but she left many hair patches when they should be completely hairless because of the laser hair removal. 

Also, she had lip fillers and suspects that they give uneven results on purpose so the client would return. 

Christie gives 0 stars to the front desk staff of Infinity MedSpa CA. She had an appointment for 11 AM. So, she woke up at 8:30 but had a headache and sore throat so she slept till 10:30. 

Then, she noticed her temperature was considerably high. She called the medspa to tell them that she wouldn’t be able to make it to her appointment because she was ill. In response, they told her that their company policy says that they will have to charge a $50 fee. 

Christie told the staff member to charge her card as she didn’t know she was going to be so sick. She recommends that Medspa practice a bit more compassion and understand that they are not the only ones in the area who offer laser hair removals and fillers.

Infinity MedSpa CA Solicits Positive Reviews from Clients By Offering Free Service in Exchange

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Cindy says that this place is extremely unprofessional. She had been coming here for months. This time, they messed up her appointment and she received several texts and emails to confirm the appointment. 

She arrived and the front desk staff told her that her appointment is for Monday. What bugged Cindy was how unapologetic the staff was. Their tone was careless and condescending. 

She showed them the confirmation texts and asked for the manager to call her the next day. However, the manager acted as if it was Cindy’s fault to show up for her appointment because they had scheduled her for Monday. The manager told her that the Friday appointment was for medical clearance. So, she asked them why they didn’t call her on Friday. 

Instead of apologizing, the manager said that she would be happy to cancel Cindy’s appointment. Cindy says that Infinity MedSpa CA is overrated. It gets a lot of positive reviews because it gives out a one-time free service in exchange for it. 

Note that soliciting positive reviews in exchange for goods and services is illegal, according to the FTC. This means you can’t trust the online ratings of this medspa because most of the 5-star reviews come from clients who want to have a free service. 

“Infinity MedSpa CA is a Total Rip Off”

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Oxana had a terrible experience with this medspa. She had made an appointment for HydraFacial and had been coming here for years. Usually, she was happy with the customer service until her last visit. 

Oxana points out that whenever she arrived for her appointment, she usually waited for a few minutes. Sometimes, she had to wait for 20 minutes because somebody was late with the client but she didn’t mind waiting because they communicated the issue properly. 

This time, she was 15 minutes late due to a personal reason. When she walked in they told her that they needed to check if they could take her since she was 15 minutes late. 

Then, they checked in the back and told her that they can take her in for the HydraFacial. However, the girl working with the machine had some issues and her HydraFacial was even late. 

Hence, instead of 50 minutes, she was able to use the machine only for 20 to 25 minutes. Oxana says that even though she received such little service, she ended up paying for the full session. 

It was a horrible experience and quite stressful. Also, the front desk staff was rude to her and the place is a total rip-off. 

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Careless Staff and Management Refuse to Take Any Responsibility

Here, the reviewer says that Medspa only has one good doctor and a couple of nurses who do a good job. In her experience, many of the employees are quite miserable and the masseuses are amateurs, lacking proper knowledge and skills. 

The reviewer highlights that the management is unprofessional just like the front desk staff. They don’t know how to treat their clients. If a problem arises, they don’t accept any responsibility nor do they focus on placating their customers’ needs. 

The reviewer says that it’s similar to working with a bad politician. 

Also, she had to confront them multiple times about their mistakes. But they didn’t care to correct them. Recently, she had the worst experience with one of the staff members and one of the owners had to get involved

She shares that the owner’s unprofessional and disrespectful behavior towards her was baffling considering she was a long-time customer of the place. The reviewer doesn’t recommend Infinity MedSpa CA and suggests going someplace else. 


Later, the reviewer added an update to her original review. Tim Malan, the General Manager of the medspa had responded to her complaint and the reviewer says that his response was terrible. 

Medspa’s response showed the reviewer that the place doesn’t care about its clients at all. They refrain from taking any responsibility and never accept their fault. She shares that when you share an issue with the management of this medspa, they don’t address it. Instead, they imagine notions of what may have happened as it suits them. 

Tim alleged in his comment that the reviewer had verbally abused the staff. However, the reviewer highlights that Tim has confused her with someone else because that never happened. Her issue was completely different. 

Again, she doesn’t recommend going to Infinity MedSpa CA and suggests finding a different medical spa. 

Canceled the Appointment 10 Minutes Before the Scheduled Time

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Corinn shares that she has been coming to this medspa for quite a while. However, her recent interaction with this place was terrible. 

She was running 10 minutes late and called them to let them know. Corinn shared that the receptionist wasted 5 minutes explaining to her how she may not be able to keep her appointment. 

Keep in mind that Corinn was in her car driving on the way to the medspa. Then, the receptionist put her on hold while Corinn was still on the way. 

When she came back, she told the reviewer that they wouldn’t be able to see her that day so she will have to reschedule her appointment. 

Corinn says that it is quite unprofessional of them to cancel an appointment when she was almost there and had called to tell them that she was almost there. She highlights that she had never been late before. Moreover, the treatment she needed wouldn’t have taken more than 10 minutes. 

Corinn says that such behavior is unacceptable. Moreover, considering how expensive this place is, she says that Infinity MedSpa CA is not worth anyone’s time. 

5 Painful Sessions of Laser Hair Removal Yielded No Results, Refused Refund

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Erin had a really poor experience with laser hair removal here. She had 5 sessions of the procedure here but none of them produced any results. Erin knows that you should expect to see complete hair loss after 6 to 8 sessions. However, there had been no reduction whatsoever after her 5 sessions. 

Also, the pain of the procedures was unbearable. She was nearly in tears every time so she couldn’t bring herself to go to her 6th session. This was after she had used the numbing cream they had given to her. 

She feels as if the medspa misled her because in consultation they had told her that the procedure is nearly painless and she is the ideal candidate. 

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Also, Erin shares that she doesn’t have any medical conditions causing stubborn hair growth. Moreover, Infinity MedSpa CA didn’t provide her with a refund even though the nurse performing the sessions acknowledged that there had been no reduction. 

The nurse also told Erin that the setting they were using on her would have left blisters on most people. Certainly, this was not comforting. Erin says that she wasted a lot of time, money, and pain here. 

The client Paid $400 and the Staff Made Her Feel Like A Burden

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Katie wanted to have a great experience at Infinity MedSpa CA. However, the customer service didn’t meet her expectations. When she had made her appointment, they had told her that she would get a call 2 hours before the appointment for medical clearance. 

Katie never received the call so called the place.  They told her that they will call her 15 minutes before the appointment. 

She found it strange. Katie had many questions such as, “What would happen if she didn’t get clearance?” Then, driving to the medspa would be a total waste of time. If no one ever called her, should she go there or not? 

Katie arrived 10 minutes behind the appointment because she was waiting for their call. When she got in, the front desk staff greeted her quite rudely, making her feel quite uncomfortable. 

They told her that they would try to squeeze her in even though she was only 10 minutes behind the scheduled time. Katie highlights that as soon as she sat down, they immediately asked her to get up and go into a different room. When she didn’t get up right away, they called her name 5 times. 

Katie says that she had never felt so awkward at a medspa before. She paid $400 here and Infinity MedSpa CA made her feel like a burden. Hence, she doesn’t recommend this medical spa.

Infinity MedSpa CA Botched Botox Injections, Client Looks Terrible Now

Yana shared that she had never received such horrible results from Botox injections. She highlights that Infinity MedSpa CA doesn’t offer a professional service. Her eyebrows look lower even though she had asked them to raise them. 

Also, she cannot move her eyebrows which makes her look sad and sleepy. 

Yana says that this place was more expensive than other service providers she has visited. Yet, the results were disappointing. Now, she will have to wait till the effect of the botched Botox injections subsides. 

Also, Yana felt as if they rushed her appointment. Overall, it was a horrible experience.

More Reviews of Infinity MedSpa CA: 

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According to the above 50+ reviews of Infinity MedSpa CA, it’s obvious that they don’t care about their clients. Their primary focus remains on how much money they can leech off of their clients, which is never a good sign. 

Furthermore, the medspa is soliciting positive reviews from its clients by offering free sessions in exchange. This is an illegal and highly unethical business practice. 

It means you can’t trust their 5-star reviews. If a medspa needs to pay its clients with a free service to get 5-star reviews, there must be something seriously wrong. 

That’s why you should avoid Infinity MedSpa CA and find a different service provider. 

2.1 Total Score
Not Recommended

Infinity MedSpa CA resorts to cheap, unethical business tactics to take advantage of its clients. People complain about how the staff here doesn’t talk professionally and how the management refuses to take any responsibility for their actions.

2.6Expert Score
1.5User's score
  • None
  • Botched numerous procedures
  • Terrible customer service
  • Unethical marketing tactics
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    To say that I was hurt and disappointment wouldn’t do justice to what they did to me. Those monsters at Infinity Medspa scarred me permanently. When I complained, they refused to do anything.

    These people are horrible selfish pricks who only care about squeezing as much money out of your pocket as possible.

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