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Insure Trade clearly a Ponzi scheme that has one intention, which is to steal from investors

The company has all the characteristics of a scam. The platform is allegedly offering several services to investors. Furthermore, they brag of having the best trading tools.

Investors are guaranteed that they will start making profits immediately. The entity state that they will offer you success as you will earn a stable income. The fraudulent venture has a special offer for investors willing to deposit an amount of $5,000 or more.

You stand a chance of winning either: 4BTC, Tesla X, a paid vacation, or two. You should ask yourself why the entity has such enticing deals. Their competitors do not make such absurd claims. It shows the level of desperateness with this scheme.

They are only after investors’ funds and will say anything to win you over. They brag of having great support, which we shall discuss later. The entity has multiple complaints on the internet. Insure Trade is not regulated, and they are operating anonymously. Review 2020

Insure Trade claims that they have over seven years of experience in trading experience. Unfortunately, the entity was only registered in March 2020. Therefore, the entity is lying about its history. The platform is discrete, and they also don’t disclose any data regarding their founder.

The company is allegedly trading Metals, digital currencies, CFDs, currency pairs, indices, and oil. The scam also promises traders fast trade execution. The venture is offering low spread and commission in the market.

Did You Know?

Currencies pairs are the pair of two currencies (must vary) that are traded in the foreign exchange market. They represent the exchange rate between the two currencies, which means that the exchange of currencies is done based on the value of both the currencies.

To become a member of this entity, you need to register by filling their form. The next step is to contact the support of the company. Afterward, after the team guides you on how to activate your account, you need to select the trading strategy. Download your ideal trading platform and start trading.

Unfortunately, Insure Trade is a Ponzi scheme that you should not believe a word they say. We smell a rat with this entity. They are like all the other scammers we have reviewed in the past. The entity is offering an unfavorable spread of pips and a leverage o 1:100 on EURUSD currency pair.

If the company is profitable as they claim, why don’t they have high traffic? Additionally, why is the entity operating in anonymity without any evidence of trading activity? The platform has multiple loopholes, and it would be best to walk away while you still can.

Trading Platform

Trade Insure claims that they are using MetaTrader4, which is the most favorable interface in the industry. Investors can use various trading EA, and it is also easy to customize. However, the company does not offer an MT4 platform.

Trading Accounts

The entity has four investment accounts for their clients. The least amount that you can deposit is $250. The bonus of deposit depends on the account that you will choose. Additionally, the trading signals vary.

The entity is also providing educational services to their clients. The VIP account has the full package; however, it is very expensive. You need to deposit an amount of $4250, 000. Trusting a shady venture with such an amount of funds is very risky.

Insure Trade claims they will provide 30 trading signals every day. The venture also has a bonus o 200% on the amount you deposit. Risk management webinars also provide. Nonetheless, despite the promises they make,  stay away.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Insure Trade is accepting funds via Credit Card, multiple cryptos, and PayTrio. The least amount that you can cash in is $250. We do not know the minimal amount that investors can withdraw. Withdrawal requests will take approximately 3 to 5 business days to be processed.

The time is unfavorable for investors; a good investment company should take at least 48 hours to process the same. Moreover, the entity fails to indicate the methods that are available for clients to cash out. We are left to assume that the methods of deposit are the same for the withdrawal.

However, on their terms and conditions, we discovered very worrying factors. The entity boldly states that you should expect charges on commissions, taxes, and any other relevant fee. It means that the scam will most definitely have hidden charges. The entity lacks transparency, and it would be best to look for other alternatives in the market.

The amount of money that you deposit in this venture are at high risk of being stolen. The company is not regulated. Furthermore, they accept funds via crypto, which we all know you cannot trace or issue a change back. Insure Trade should be avoided as they lack the reputation, and the entity is not secure.

Regulation Status

It is important to know the corporate that oversees the operation of an investment scheme. In the case of Insure trade, a company known as Mitz Holding Ltd is responsible for its activity. However, we do not know the whereabouts of the firm.

Furthermore, the financial regulatory body of Estonia has blacklisted this company. Whenever a financial watchdog warns its citizens about a certain investment platform, you should stay away. The company is operating against the law.

Trading with them exposes you to multiple risks. Ensure you always engage with ventures that have met the requirement of the government. Otherwise, you will only end up losing funds to scammers. Insure Trade is an entity that is not worth your trust.

How To Contact Insure Trade

Insure Trade is located at Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Kingstown, Beachmont, St. Vincent, and the Grenadines. The venture is an offshore entity that we do not recommend to investors.

The area that this platform is based on does not have strict laws. Their location is accustomed to scammers, and you should run whenever you come across such a firm.

Customer Feedback

Insure Trade has already acquired negative reviews. Investors are complaining that they have lost funds to this scam. It should serve as a warning to anyone who is tempted to trade with the company. The entity has bad intentions and will steal without any second thoughts.

Additionally, the venture has not addressed the negative feedback that investors have left behind. It shows the level of unprofessionalism that you can expect from them. They do not care as long as you deposit funds.

The company is unethical, and you should not give invest with them. You will suffer the same fate as those who have already been defrauding. Avoid this platform because their support is pathetic and does not respond to investors’ queries.

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Insure Trade Review: Conclusion

Insure Trade is a platform that will not grant you any profits. If you trust them with your money, you will only get losses. The venture is an offshore entity that is not regulated by any regulatory body. They are operating as they please. Moreover, investors are not pleased with the services that the entity is providing.

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