InvesaCapital Review- The Fraudster Exposed

InvesaCapital is a forex scam posing as a legitimate broker. The following points will help you understand why you should avoid investing with them:

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As a Forex broker, InvesaCapital advertises that it offers access to currencies, commodities, indices, shares, and cryptocurrencies.

Reality of InvesaCapital

Forex Broker: Forex is the term for ‘foreign exchange’. Forex Broker is a firm that provides financial services to traders to buy/sell foreign currencies. Where the exchange in the market is solely possible between two different currencies.

InvesaCapital is a dishonest forex broker that uses false claims to mislead investors into believing that it is conducting business morally and legally. In addition, it asserts to be registered in South Africa, a nation where financial services are in high demand. The broker Invesa Capital is not licensed. This indicates that it lacks the necessary authorization to offer financial services in any nation. Brokers without licenses are not subject to governmental oversight; as a result, they cannot be trusted. 

29/11/2023 Update
As of now, InvesaCapital has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

Also, the online forums have nothing but negative reviews from the people who had been the victim of this fake broker. The inability to withdraw money has been a complaint from users. According to these customer testimonials, it appears that InvesaCapital is a broker who is attempting to defraud clients of their money. 

With all these hollow assurances, the business is not trustworthy. Their website is crammed with irrelevant data and license numbers to hide the fact that InvesaCapital has no valid Forex license.

It is highly recommended that people should avoid doing business with InvesaCapital at all costs and do not believe their falsehoods! All the signs point to InvesaCapital being a bogus business.

How do such brokers work?

These fraudulent brokers, like InvesaCapital, typically call consumers to solicit deposits. They are quite skilled at doing this—promising irrational investment returns in order to entice someone to deposit money. If they are successful in getting consumers to make their initial investment, they will phone them frequently to ask them to make more deposits. 

Nothing they say is true; it is all a lie. To make it less expensive, these brokers typically hire a large number of foreigners. The staff is tasked with calling as many people as they can after they get the phone numbers of potential victims. They defraud them of their money, and then they vanish without leaving a trace. They are inaccessible via phone, email, or chat. The broker’s website frequently stops functioning after a while.

Some of the facts proving InvesaCapital To be a shady broker 

 InvesaCapital regulation and safety of funds

To begin with, their “Company information” lists several brand names, addresses, and license numbers while asserting that these businesses are all somehow connected. It is challenging to make sense of anything because there is so much going on.

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Now, InvesaCapital asserts to be run by Imermarket (PTY) LTD, a Johannesburg, South Africa-based investment firm. Due to its laxer regulation compared to financial hubs like the UK, South Africa has become a very popular place for numerous forex brokers to register. In light of this, the Financial Sector Conduct Authority of South Africa (FSCA), a domestic regulatory body in South Africa, is in charge of regulating the non-banking financial services industry, which includes securities exchanges and forex brokers. Brokers must therefore obtain an FSCA license in order to conduct business legally in South Africa.

Imermarket (PTY) LTD appears as an FSCA-licensed entity.

Here’s a picture of it.

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However, there is virtually no verifiable source that suggests that InvesaCapital is indeed owned by Imermarket (PTY) LTD, so we have serious doubts about this claim. Furthermore, XENIUM FINANCIAL MANAGERS and XENIUM FINANCIAL MANAGERS (PTY) LTD are associated with Imermarket.

It is possible that InvesaCapital merely hijacked the aforementioned trademarks’ licenses and illegally operated on the basis of their goodwill and legal standing as the company has no affiliation with either of these names.

Furthermore, InvesaCapital has used the name of another company, this time – a Cyprus-regulated one (OBR Investments Ltd), claiming that Imermarket and OBR Investments belong to the same group of companies. It seems to be a puzzle.

All of those assertions are nothing more than tall tales. One has to be cautious of these and try not to fall for the con artists behind InvesaCapital’s claims that they have licenses from places other than their fantasies. Avoid InvesaCapital at all costs as it DOES NOT fall under any regulatory body. It is clear that these brokers are ruthless con artists who steal the data of legitimate businesses to deceive people into believing they are reliable.

It’s simple to tell if a forex broker is legitimate or not. One should always conduct a thorough investigation and remember that dealing with a broker whose license cannot be found on the record of any respectable organization poses a risk.

One can be confident that their money will always be safe and secure when dealing with a licensed UK broker since it will always be in an account that is distinct from the company’s. Additionally, the FSCA does not compel South African brokers to restrict the amount of leverage they provide to clients, which is exceedingly dangerous, particularly in the absence of any negative balance protection to prevent traders’ accounts from going negative.

InvesaCapital trading software

The so-called ” trading platform” used by InvesaCapital is a standard web-based trading platform.

invesacapital review

InvesaCapital also guarantees a demo account option. To test the platform, you must make a deposit (also known as registering a Live account), so save yourself some time and don’t bother.

To provide traders with an idea of what their program has to offer, keep in mind that the majority of trustworthy forex brokers offer fully-functional demo accounts. Unfortunately, pretending to offer a demo account option is another red flag for fraud in the case of InvesaCapital, as con artists always demand payment upfront.

Investors wouldn’t profit much from the software’s limited capability because it is so basic.

Contrarily, the majority of trustworthy brokers offer trading on the well-liked MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5. The industry-recognized trading platforms for FX, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies include MT4 and MT5. Both of them offer a wide range of tools that let you tailor your trading environment to suit your interests and requirements.

InvesaCapital trading conditions

InvesaCapital provides four trading account options including Basic, Gold, Platinum, and VIP accounts.

Here is the picture:

invesacapital review

Depending on the kind of account, different minimum deposits are required. As a result, they demand USD 250 for a Basic account, USD 25,000 for Gold, USD 100,000 for Platinum, and the obscene USD 250,000 for their VIP account.

InvesaCapital has too much confidence in asking for such amounts, what is thought is that they are absurdly high given that this shady broker is completely unreliable and has no reputation, licensing, or trustworthiness. Remember that the majority of reputable brokers only ask for a minimum deposit of up to USD 200, which is far more affordable for the typical trader.

Not to mention that the floating spread on EURUSD that InvesaCapital offered to offer was as low as 3.0 pip is everything but appealing. Investors always like narrow spreads. As a result, a legitimate, fully regulated forex broker may make a good trading partner if they offer a spread that is less than 1.0 pip.

With regards to leverage, InvesaCapital offers leverage up to 1:30. This is actually fantastic news because it merely indicates that the risk connected with using leverage would be regarded as acceptable. Any trader should be well informed of the dangers associated with trading with high leverage. If the market moves in your favor, your profits could soar, but your money could also crash to the ground just as rapidly.

InvesaCapital deposit/withdrawal methods and fees

Only Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards are accepted by InvesaCapital. Investors might appreciate InvesaCapital from the fact that using a credit or debit card entitles them to submit a chargeback claim within 540 days of the purchase.

On the other hand, reputable brokers frequently allow a range of payment options, including bank wire transfers, credit cards, wire transfers, credit/debit cards (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express), and e-wallet payment systems like Skrill and Neteller.

InvesaCapital Reviews You Must Read:

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One of the customers Gabriele says that InvesaCapital is not regulated and their swap rates are fraudulent.

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invesacapital review
invesacapital review

One of the customers mentions that he invested 18,500 dollars but InvesaCapital closed his account without returning his money back.

invesacapital review
invesacapital review
invesacapital review
invesacapital review


Due to their lack of a financial services license, it is highly recommended that InvesaCapital as a broker. On online forums, it is also discovered some unfavorable remarks. It is best to avoid this broker because one’s money is not secure. No matter if it is a forex broker, cryptocurrency exchange, or any other company, one should always remember to read reviews and comments about a company before sending money to someone.

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  1. My husband is a victim.
    Invesa Capital has been targeting people in countries like Germany and Switzerland, and robbing victims of considerable sums. When pressed, they offer ridiculous amounts back. In exchange the victim is forced to sign a contract where the victim agrees not to sue or take further action. It’s like a criminal saying, “Hey, I stole $100’000 from you, here’s $10’000 back so you will keep quiet.”

    Well, no. Absolutely not. It’s a very cheap price for a “silence” that highly benefits them. Not to mention their contract verbiage is an absolute disgrace (I’m quite familiar with both subjects of law and finance, so my eyes hurt when I saw what they were talking about).

    If you have been affected, report them to the police, to Financial Regulatory Entities (quite a lot of them have Invesa in their warning lists already) and cyber-polices around the world. News agencies as well.

    Report, report, report.

  2. I invested $7,883.00 on 1st April on the 2nd I found out they are professional hackers so I tried to withdraw as much as I can but they allow only $3000.00 at a time monthly so I withdrew $3000.00 but the money was never transferred to my bank account . It stayed pending .The woman who hacked me begged me to cancel the withdrawal but I did not . Next they changed personal this time a man who seemed friendly and accepted to release my withdrawal if I cancel the the present action because the deposit was on 1st and withdrawal on the 2nd the financial inspector will think it’s money laundering .He said that today Monday 8th April he will transfer the money . In the mean time they have denied me access to my account .More to follow

  3. Achtung ⚠️ Fake. Keine Regulierung vorhanden

  4. I am a recent victim of Invesa Capital.
    They have blocked all my investments and I lost USD 15K excluding the benefits.

    All they care about is to deposit more amounts and when you request a refund or withdrawal they come up with their Margin level drop and your accounts simply disappear.

    I tried many times to contact them and send emails and raise complaints but no hope.

    • Reply
      InvesaCapital Support Team
      October 5, 2023 at 2:01 pm

      Dear Noha

      We appreciate your valuable feedback. Could you kindly elaborate on the specific issue you are currently encountering? Please share any pertinent details or information regarding your inquiry by sending an email to su*****@in***********.com.

      Thank you for helping us better understand your situation.

      The InvesaCapital Team

  5. My husband is a victim of this webpage. I told him it is a fraudster. But the people of invest capital brain washed him. Some one can help to to wake my husband up? Thank you very much.

    • Reply
      InvesaCapital Support Team
      September 12, 2023 at 3:04 pm

      Dear Belinda ,

      We deeply regret any challenges you may have encountered in your trading journey with InvesaCapital. To better assist you, we kindly request that you share additional information about your concerns by sending an email to su*****@in***********.com. This will enable us to thoroughly assess your situation and explore potential avenues to provide assistance.

      The InvesaCapital Team

  6. InvesaCapital is definitely a SCAM. Their sale persons promise everything to you in order for you to make the initial deposit, then tells you that they will call next day at 9am. I never received this promised call, their help desk answers to you that you will be called soon. After 3 days of waiting the « account manager » calls and basically explain that everything promised by the salesman is wrong, because they cannot provide this type of service. Asked my money back and stole waiting

    • “Dear Christian

      We appreciate your feedback. To better understand your concerns and assist you effectively, we kindly request that you provide us with additional details about your inquiry. Please send us an email at su*****@in***********.com, and our team will promptly review your information to determine how we can be of assistance.

      Best Regards,
      The InvesaCapital Team”

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