Investment Properties Mexico – $4 Million Scam & More (New Update 2023)

Would you invest in a real estate company that was selling fake properties to its customers a few years ago? Well, the people running Investment Properties Mexico think you would. 

Their owner, Richard Houghton was the focus of a 2-year long investigation. He was facing charges of money laundering, fraud, and many others when a whistleblower exposed his scam

The firm he was running his scam through was Investment Properties Mexico. They are still operational and are trying to hide their past. This review will help you understand their history: 

$4 Million Worth Of Illegal Sale Of Muyil Properties By Investment Properties Mexico

Investment properties Mexico scam

Investment Properties Mexico was making headlines some time ago when one of their owners exposed their $4 million scam through a YouTube video. The company was selling properties in Muyil without informing the owners. When the owners found out these facts, they sued Investment Properties Mexico. They filed a lawsuit against the owner of this real estate firm, Richard Hougthon for fraud. 

Their address is Plaza Progreso on the Cancun – Chetumal highway, Las Palmas 1, 77712, Playa del Carmen. Richard Houghton and Gilberto Guzman Riviera were running the scam from that location and made over $4 million

Their co-owner Sean O’Neal had posted a video on YouTube where he revealed that Investment Properties Mexico was misleading over 20 investors and was selling shares without owning them. 

This was one of the biggest real estate scams in Riviera Maya. What’s worse is that the authorities didn’t even put a stop to these illegal activities when they found out about all this. 

Richard and Gilberto were setting up fake contracts and were scamming foreign investors. They were selling Muyil Properties without informing the clients that they were selling their land. 

The scammers were making outrageous claims in their advertisements. They claimed that their clients were earning over 300% to 400% returns. Richard and Gilberto claimed that they were offering investors access to untapped Mayan real estate markets. 

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Sean O’Neal described Richard Houghton as an evil guy who stole from the company and continued to scam investors. Gilberto Riviera is a lawyer who operates in Plaza Paseo Playacar, Local 39, lot 01 Playacar phase II, 77710, Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo. He is a founding partner of Guzman & Robles. 

Even though Sean O’Neal had exposed the scams of Investment Properties Mexico, they are operating freely without facing any repercussions. And that says a lot about today’s fraudsters. 

Investment Properties Mexico Owners Are Criminals On The Run

The authorities caught onto the scam of Investment Properties Mexico when they started making headlines. 

Investment Properties Mexico - Richard Houghton

Richard Houghton, the mastermind behind the entire real estate scam was on the run. Various sources reported that he was defaulting on multiple promissory notes and was facing heat from the Mexican IRS. 

On top of that, the guy was allowing his employees to reside in his clients’ properties without their permission. Later, the authorities charged Richard Houghton and his girlfriend Allison Zaner for money laundering, fraud, and many other charges. 

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He was facing one of the largest fraud suits in the history of the Riviera region. Even the US authorities are looking into him because many of his scam’s victims reside in the US. 

Richard was laundering money through his lawyers’ accounts. This prompted the Mexican IRS to look into his various other activities. Richard Houghton’s major scam led to a 2-year long investigation into Investment Properties Mexico and its vicious scam. 

Reports also reveal that there were more than a 100 claims of fraud against Investment Properties Mexico and its owner Richard Houghton. 

Sean O’Neal, the co-owner and whistleblower of the entire operation had some skeletons in his closet too. One report revealed that he had scammed senior citizens out of their life-savings by making them invest in fictitious investments. 

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I found a report where he had scammed an elderly citizen out of $375,000. And that’s just one victim.

Investment Properties Mexico review

There were hundreds of victims of the Investment Properties Mexico scam

Would you trust a company like this with your funds? I wouldn’t. 

What’s worse is that Investment Properties Mexico is still operating and is a functional entity. They are still selling properties in Mexico to investors. But now they don’t show any affiliation with RIchard Houghton or Sean O’Neal. After all, they still want to run their company and don’t want to face any consequences for their past actions. 

Fake Investment Properties Mexico Reviews: Manipulating Clients

Different companies employ different tactics to bury their past. Some try to improve themselves while some use the same illegal methods they used before. 

Investment Properties Mexico is focused on lying to consumers jsut like they did several years ago, which landed them in the focus of a 2-year long investigation. 

This time, they are lying to people by posting fake reviews on the internet. The purpose of these fake reviews is only to bury any mention of the various scams this company pulled in the last few years. They don’t want their prospective clients to learn that they just stole $4 million from their investors. 

This real estate firm doesn’t want anyone to find out that they were running one of the biggest real estate scams of their region. 

Hence, they are posting fake reviews by setting up small websites whose sole purpose is to bury any actual content. 

Look at the following website. You can’t verify any of the reviews they have posted there. All you can do is take their word for it. 

Investment Properties Mexico fake

Below is another page with the title “Investment Properties Mexico Reviews”. The page doesn’t contain any reviews. Instead, it shows off a few stock images and has a small paragraph highlighting this fraud firm as the largest real estate firm in Mexico: 

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The company also has a dedicated page for “Investment Properties Mexico Reviews” on their website. This is a petty tactic among notorious companies to bury any negative reviews on the internet. No legitimate company needs to post unverifiable and seemingly fake testimonials on their website to appear trustworthy. Gulf Brokers and Val Morgan Immigration are some other scammers who use this exact tactic to mislead consumers: 


Actual Investment Properties Mexico Reviews 

Below are some Investment Properties Mexico reviews that will give you an actual idea of what this company is like: 

Investment Properties Mexico complaint
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Investment Properties Mexico Should Be Closed Down

This company ticks all the boxes for a scam. Now, they are trying to run their scam again by burying their past

That’s why I wrote this review. It would help investors like you and I to learn the truth behind this company. Be sure to spread the word! 

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Notorious Scam

Investment Properties Mexico was involved in a multi-million scam just a few years ago. Now the real estate firm is trying to do the same by burying any mention of their past crimes. Avoid this company at all costs.

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  • Ran a $4 million scam
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  1. Anyone who purchased a property in Mexico that was packaged as an investment is entitled to file a complaint with the securities exchange commission under Dodd Frank which applies to foreign investment. Houghton’s crimes in Mexico are not just related to Muyil. All of his condo developments were marketed as investments with a guaranteed rate of return in the advertising.

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    Sean O Neal victim
    July 19, 2022 at 9:19 am

    The website of Investment Properties Mexico is down now. I suspect they ran away with the money of their investors. Scammers. Sean needs to answer a lot of authorities now.

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: Scammers Ran away with investors money
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  3. 1.1

    The only reason why Sean O’Neal was roped into this is because Richard Houghton set him up. Richard also paid for that 2 bit, unofficial website to present that information as evidenced by them obtaining and posting a copy of his passport. O’Neal is a hero for exposing Houghton.

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    • I am one of those people that was due Friday by Richard Houghton and lost $100,000 I have a list of about 40 investors that lost money as well and I have other contact information I tried pursuing it in México through two different lawyers to no avail and made no progress all I do is spend more money if I can get help from you I would love it

  4. 1.25

    The owner of this company is a crook and a straight up criminal. Avoid avoid avoid!

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