IronFX :Fake Copyright Takedown, Audacious or Shameful?

Beneficiary IronFX
Contact Info:Address: 2, Iapetou Street, Agios Athanasios, 4101 Limassol, Cyprus
Phone: +44(0) 203 282 7777
Possible Infringements:Perjury, Impersonation, Identity-theft, Misrepresentation
DMCA Report:
Original Link:
Fake Link
Submitted by:Steven Miller
Date of Submission:July 06, 2020, June 16, 2020

The Fake DMCA Notices

It seems LIronFX has a few unflattering articles ranking high on search engines. The website owners did not agree to remove the reviews, and therefore IronFX took matters into their own hands.

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image 24
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It is quite evident that ‘Steven Miller‘ who filed these DMCA notices, does not own any rights to the content. Papa Networks seems to be a Reputation Firm operated from Pakistan or India as per Google’s records.

What are they trying to hide?

Here are some key excerpts from some of these removed links –

Have you heard of the IronFX broker? This is a broker offering traders to invest in forex and other financial markets, this brand belongs to the company IronFX Global Limited and its president is Mr Markos A. Kashiouris. We strongly encourage you to stay away from this broker as much as possible and not to use its services. IronFX is a broker which was serious a few years ago but which is obviously turning into a scam.

Is the IronFX broker a scam? YES!

The answer is yes, for us, there is no longer any doubt about the IronFX broker, we can now place it in the category of forex brokers to be avoided and those who have no qualms about defrauding private investors and professionals as well as the affiliates with whom they have worked for many years. Some traders paid the price and sometimes lost several thousand euros with IronFX, but this is also the case with our Forexagon website as we will explain to you.

The background to the IronFX scam

Tens of thousands of investors all over the world have had their money stolen in a huge Ponzi scheme by a Cypriot broker. The whistle was blown by former employees who worked in the most sensitive department. They expose staggering managerial incompetence, crony political corruption, and finally the mass theft of investor funds to plug the gaping holes in the company’s balance sheet.

The journalist also invested around £ 500 with Iron FX which he then converted into £ 3500. But when it tried to get the money back last year, the broker totally blocked the money. They could not be withdrawn as the company has serious liquidity issues. And the scenario is multiplied everywhere in Europe!

Iron FX is now in trouble, but the man behind it has a long arm. He counts on heavyweights among his political friends like the President of Cyprus. The latter even inaugurated the opening of the company’s world headquarters in 2013.

IronFX Scam

Our Investigation

We have discovered this fake DMCA and have verified it to be so. Hence this article. The following stages will include –

  • manually informing all relevant parties involved in this, including Google, IronFX, the beneficiary
  • forwarding the information to Lumen Database and selected media organizations who are interested in these cases
  • publishing the negative content (they tried to remove) on multiple free-speech platforms such as,, etc so that copies of the content are available for eternity, and the purpose of this fake DMCA lost forever
  • continue investigating this case to find out which of the actors are involved, including any reputation or law firm, and if/when found, we’ll make sure everyone knows who is behind these illegal activities
  • set up Google ads to name and shame these so-called beneficiaries of these scams
  • and most importantly, we’ll forward our findings to all relevant law enforcement agencies in the jurisdiction of the beneficiary

What is a fake DMCA?

In case you are one of the ‘beneficiaries’  listed in this report and are wondering what really happened, we suggest you look within. If it wasn’t you, or your associates, it is definitely the ‘Reputation’ or ‘SEO’ firm you had hired in the past. Perhaps it was your law firm. So, instead of blaming us for this article, you must grill your Reputation/SEO firm and look for answers. We are merely publishing the facts available on public database and have nothing against you personally. It is more than likely that the service you hired indulged in criminal methods to deliver results for you.

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Fake Fraudulent DMCA might seem inconspicuous until it’s you at the receiving end of this crime. This is not a prank. This is not an inconvenience. This is not random. These fake DMCA cases are calculated criminal schemes targeting very specific and rather important information/content. These hitjobs are usually against the media, in order to help their client hide important information from the public’s eye, all in the name of Reputation Management. Millions of dollars are spent doing this, and if no one wants to bring this topic to the fore, we will.

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  1. Maybe I didn’t read the article carefully, but I didn’t see any evidence that the broker was a scammer.
    I could be wrong, but all indications are that this investigation is false.
    That means the reputation of this site is zero and IronFX’s reputation is correspondingly high.

    • Maybe you didn’t find the proper evidence because the broker is not a scam.
      I see this very often, all those groundless allegations I think are made to ruin the reputation of the credible broker like Ironfx.

  2. It can be pretty frustrating when baseless accusations are made against good companies like IronFX without any proof or consequences.
    As someone who has traded with them personally, I can attest to their unwavering reliability as a broker – although it’s worth mentioning that minor slippages do occur from time to time, which is par for the course among all brokers.

    • I also don’t like when normal broker are accused of doing what they don’t do. I’m personally satisfied with this broker.

  3. Hilarious article. No fundamental proofs provided that submit the company’s fraudulent activity. No wonder if the article was done by competitors. The market is a very severe sphere for competition, even the sneakiest methods go into battle.
    IronFX broker has already proved its competence and reliability by serving its clients for many years straight. See no reason to make theories, especially if they are lacking any evidence base.

  4. I don’t think the majority of these kinds of groundless accusations are not based on sound proof.

    I mean, does the company has a complete set of legal documentation? Yes
    Does the company hold a regulatory licenses and are its operations overseen by a regulatory authority that the company needs to comply to? Yes
    Are the people trading there share their positive thougts and opinions about their positive experience? Yes
    Have I trading here? Yes
    Have I seen any alarming details or red flags? Nope.

    So, can’t comment properly about the legitimacy of these kinds of commentary.

    • I kinda agree with that. I mean, when I am looking for a broker for example, I for one, am quite dilligent myself. I always look for those red flags and alarming warnings on review sites or commentary sites or all kinds of other venues and whatever. If I ever see some sort of convergence around the fact that broker is not to be fiddled with, I kinda stay away.

      In the case for IronFX, I’ve done exactly the same process and failed to find a cluster of bad reviews or warnings. The fact that one or two pieces of articles like this one exist, should not be able to shadow the legitimacy of the broker in a way that a lot of people would start questioning it.

      There is no broker in the world that does have flawless reputation, I mean, if you look closely, you’l find a few negative reviews about any broker. That does not mean that the broker is bad. right?

      • I understand your perspective. Before investing, it is crucial to exercise due diligence in selecting a broker and conduct thorough research on your own. And research should not just involve reading online reviews occasionally.

        When checking a broker’s reputation, it’s essential to pay attention to negative feedback. However, don’t dismiss the broker entirely based on one or two bad reviews as no company is perfect. It’s important to look at their overall track record before making any final decisions.

        Remember to rely on your own judgment once you’ve conducted research and tested the broker by investing a small sum. If all goes well, withdraw some funds after a period of time to confirm that everything is working smoothly before committing further.

  5. This article looks quite suspicious. I don’t know if the authors even traded at IronFX to make such conclusions about scam. I already trade there for several months and haven’t spotted anything even near to the statements in this text.

    • I agree with you. Apparently this article has nothing to do with reality. More like fantasy.
      Let the author of this article tell it to all those customers who have been trading with this broker for several years and have not experienced any problems.

  6. If I say that this author is a scammer it would be of the same level of trustworthiness. My point is if you accuse some brokers of a scam, whether it’s IronFX or some other, then you need to give people proof. Otherwise it’s just a “you said, I said” type of conversation. It’s completely groundless.

  7. I wonder if the authors of the article even tried to trade with IronFX to call it a “Ponzi scheme”?
    It’s a problem of the modern internet era. Everyone can call anything a scam without any evidence and more importantly, consequences.
    I have an experience myself with IronFX and it’s okay. No questions arose during the trading process. Maybe some slippages occur every now and then, but find me a broker without slippages, and I will go trade there.
    It’s kinda sad that good companies can be under such groundless allegations.

    • Reply
      Taufan bin Perwira
      April 25, 2023 at 8:55 am

      Well, you know, I stopped noticing such fake allegations a long time ago. All I do is to test the companies myself as your first hand experience is the best. especially when it comes to forex brokers. There are so many opinions on the internet, as everybody considers himself an expert that knows everything.

    • Yeah, I know right. It is ironic that in an age where information is everywhere, we seem to be getting less educated. Well, I have also been trading here and I have absolutely no problems with the broker.

  8. I wonder why some people do make premature conclusions about the broker without real, close acquitance with its services.
    How the broker that has been executing its duties for more than a decade may be called as a scam one, hm?
    It has a registration, no issues with money operations (I mean deposit and withdrawals), full-fledged learning center and many other peculiarities that prove its credibility.

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