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Are you researching surrogacy agencies in California? Then here’s an agency you should definitely avoid – ISC Surrogacy Center. 

Although this place has been running for several years, it seems they rely on unethical business practices to lure customers in. If a clinic can resort to illicit marketing strategies, you can guess what else they are capable of. 

About ISC Surrogacy Center:

ISC Surrogacy Center is a family planning center based in Murrieta, California. Their address is 26359 Jefferson Avenue unit d, Murrieta, CA 92562, US. 

You can give them a call on 619-591-9113 or visit the clinic between 8 AM to 4 PM from Monday to Friday. Although, I would advise against visiting this place. 

ISC claims to work with the best attorneys and clinics in the US to offer proper support to surrogate mothers and intended parents. They also claim to stand by their clients every step of the way. 

However, all of their claims fall flat when you talk to their customers. 

I have shared a review of ISC Surrogacy Center later in this article. You should give it a read as you’ll find out exactly how this clinic mistreats its clients and gets away with it.

A Pathetic Attempt at Misleading Consumers:

Still, you don’t need to read the reviews of this place to realize how messed up it is. The first red flag is their two websites. 

For some reason, Maria Valencia, the CEO of this clinic thought it would be best to have two different websites for their clinic. There isn’t much difference between these two websites apart from design. 

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ISC tries to make it seem as if they have one business website and one (non-business?) site. 

Both of them share the same information and vary only in tone and design. You might think, “Why would a surrogacy agency need two similar websites? What’s the point?”

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The answer is: misleading customers. 

Having two websites allows ISC Surrogacy Center to take up more space on Google searches. So, when you look them up, you don’t see their complaints. There’s no other purpose for having two very similar websites for a small business like ISC. 

Both of these websites give you the same information about the business so it’s not as if they both serve any distinct purposes. 

María Valencia: CEO Of ISC Surrogacy Center

The CEO of ISC Surrogacy Center is Maria Valencia. She has been the CEO for nearly a decade and prior to becoming the chief executive officer, she was the director at this place for nine years. 

In terms of qualifications, Maria has a bachelor’s in international business from Columbia University. Because of the lack of regulations in the reproductive health industry, anyone can start a surrogacy or egg donation agency without having a medical background. 

Hence, Maria Valencia was able to launch the ISC Surrogacy Center without much hassle. 

Now that I have shared some brief information about this surrogacy agency, let me share a snippet of what its customers think. It will give you an idea of what it’s like to work with Maria’s clinic: 

Mistreatment of a Surrogate Mother at ISC

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The above review shares a bitter experience with ISC. This person points out that her experience was “absolutely horrible”. During her first month with this place as a surrogate mother, they changed her case manager three times. 

Also, she never got to meet with the first manager while the second one didn’t seem to know what she was doing. The last case manager was overbearing, as the reviewer puts it. It was so overwhelming to work with that case manager that the reviewer ended up signing a medical release so they would stop bothering her.

The clinic ruined her entire experience of being a surrogate mother. She points out that you get no support from the clinic and you end up doing most of the things they should’ve done. 

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The reviewer ended up choosing another agency for her third semester because of how terrible her experience was. 

ISC Surrogacy Center Review Conclusion

ISC Surrogacy Center isn’t a clinic you can trust. There are just too many red flags to count. First off, the place is using cheap tactics to mislead customers and bury complaints. 

Because they are trying to hide something, it shows they are guilty. Otherwise, why would they need to run two websites? 

Avoid this place, for the safety of yourself and your child. 

Some readers might have thought that my tone was a little scathing but the issue I discussed shouldn’t be taken lightly. If a family planning center is gaining notoriety for its services, intended parents and women looking to become surrogate mothers should know about it. 

Fertility fraud is too big of a crime with devastating results. It’s better to be cautious than be a victim. 

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ISC Surrogacy Center relies on cheap tactics to promote its business and attracts clients. It has terrible reviews which suggest the clinic doesn’t cater to its clients like it should.

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