Issues at Octapay: a European director was let go for supposed wrongdoing.

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We sent out a Request 4 Information (R4I) a few days ago about Octapay and iPayTotal, two high-risk payment processors. Several sources claim that Vishal Coodye and its Rashal International LLC are the link between the two payment processors. Since then, we have evidence that Cyprus is home to the Europe headquarters. Christian van Biezen, the CEO of Octapay’s European division, was dismissed on December 9, 2020, following allegations of a long list of alleged major hostile conduct.

Christian van Biezen’s LinkedIn page informs us that he was the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Octopay and is currently seeking employment. He also introduced himself on LinkedIn as the CEU Europe for Octapay till recently. Insiders tell us that his exit from Octapay may have been a fairly shady affair. We will report after contacting van Biezen for a response to the severe charges.

The founding date of Octapay Limited is September 16, 2020. Madhumita Singh, who was born in January 1987, is the only director and beneficial owner, according to UK Companies House.

iPayTotal and Octapay are thought to be related in the payment processor scene. There are serious charges of blackmailing merchants, partners, and non-payouts, particularly against iPayTotal. As of right now, we are unable to definitively verify the veracity of these allegations made in public. We would be grateful if you could provide us with any information you may have about this.

The OctoPay Fraud in a nutshell

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In February 2021, the OctaPay scheme’s beneficial owners submitted an application for OctaPay Ltd. to be voluntarily struck off. Following objections from various parties, the application was halted by UK Companies House in March 2021. In March 2021, Madhumita Madhumita—previously known as Madhumita Singh—resigned from her position as a director. Both OctaPay’s LinkedIn profiles and its several websites have vanished.

Many people have complained about OctaPay’s fraudulent scheme on the internet. the media has been informed by Christian van Biezen and other whistleblowers that the same individuals are responsible for both OctaPay and the infamous British-Indian website iPayTotal ( and www.ipay We have discovered that the latter is also a well-known, high-risk payment processor that frequently acts as an enabler in frauds. According to our research, OctaPay actually was part of the British-Indian iPayTotal network around Madhumita Singh, Anurag Pratap Singh, Aditya Williams, Ruchi Rathor, and Sen Kugan.


The UK-registered iPayTotal Ltd. experienced difficulties and was forced into bankruptcy by a court order after a creditor submitted a claim to the court. Arvindar Jit Singh, the liquidator, is currently in charge of the company’s liquidation. Officially, British Senthooran Kuganathan (also known as Sen Kugan) is in charge of iPayTotal, which is currently run by UK-registered IpaySolutions Ltd, which was established in November 2019. iPaytotal just revealed the opening of CryptoMatix, an unregulated cryptocurrency payment platform in Estonia. 

We received a message from iPayTotal on LinkedIn in December 2020. especially by Davina Mungroo and Ruchi Rathor (LinkedIn). They requested that the iPayTotal reports be taken down. Davina Mungroo, meanwhile, has vanished from LinkedIn as well as iPayTotal. Similar to Madhumita Singh, Ruchi Rathor bid iPayTotal farewell in March 2021.

Businesses, individuals, and money are vanishing from the iPayTotal and OctaPay network. Numerous questions still exist.

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