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isXperia: Ponzi Scam Or Not?

Kalpesh Patel: Serial Ponzi Scammer Behind isXperia

isXperia was called Xip4Life and was founded by Kalpesh Patel, a serial scammer covered extensively by multiple investigative bodies. It was launched in 2015 as a Ponzi scheme, however, to make themselves seem more legitimate they tacked onto isXperia, which was an older MLM company from 2007. 

Xip4Life was a major flop and Kalpesh Patel decided to run away with the money.

isXperia was co-founded by Christopher Bratta, who is also the owner of the company. They sell a line of CBD oil products. 

Recently Xip4Life has been rolled into isXperia.

Products Offered By isXperia 

They have a vast range of products that cover needs like sleep and personal care. They also cater to CBD oil needs.

The following products are listed on their website:

  • Serenity (sleep aid)
  • isGreen (superfood supplement)
  • isXweet (energy chewable)
  • SimpleMeal (meal replacement supplement)
  • Mystique Patch (sleep supplement)
  • Silver (Coleus Forskohlii root extract)
  • X5 (metabolism)
  • CraveSwitch Coffee & Tea
  • Gentle Cleanser
  • Toner with CoQ10
  • Exfoliating Cleanser
  • isLift
  • Brilliant
  • DNA+
  • Hydrate 3
  • Morning
  • Eye Care

Their CBD products are as follows:

  • CBD Vapeables
  • CBD Gummy Rings
  • 250 mg and 1000 mg Hemp Extract CBD Oil
  • CBD Lollipops
  • CBD Vitamin C Gummies
  • 200 mg CBD Beverage Enhancer
  • 200 mg Breath Spray
  • CBD Lip Balm
  • 200 mg Hemp Extract Syrup with Melatonin
  • 300 mg CBD BCAA
  • 300 mg CBD Protien Poweder
  • 300 mg CBD Pain Lotion
  • 300 mg CBD Lotion
  • 300 mg Roll On
  • 300 mg and 150 mg CBD Pet Oil
  • 150 mg CBD Large Dog Treat Bones
  • 150 mg CBD Dog Sweet Potato Bites

No retail pricing is provided on the official isXperia or Xip4Life websites.

What is a Ponzi Scheme?

A Ponzi scheme is a criminal deception investing fraud pledging increased rates of interest with less chance of loss to investors. On the other hand, a Ponzi scam is a deceitful investing fraud that induces retrievals for earlier investors with money carried from later investors.

isXperia Compensation Plan

The company has combined direct retail and recruitment commissions with binary residuals.

To qualify for MLM commissions, an affiliate must generate a minimum of $60 worth of order volume every month.

This can be done through either sales or the affiliate’s monthly order.

Affiliate Ranks At isXperia

 There are a total of 6 affiliate ranks at isXperia.

12 Star: Recruit a minimum of 12 MLM commission-qualified affiliates and maintain them.

9 Star: Recruit a minimum of 9 MLM commission-qualified affiliates and maintain them.

6 Star: Recruit a minimum of 6 MLM commission-qualified affiliates and maintain them.

3 Star: Recruit a minimum of 3 MLM commission-qualified affiliates and maintain them.

2 Star: Recruit a minimum of 2 MLM commission-qualified affiliates and maintain them.

1 Star: Recruit a minimum of 1 MLM commission-qualified affiliate and maintain them.

Affiliates can get up to 20% of the sale to the retail customers, however, the affiliates are paid out in “xdollars”. Which seems to be an internal currency that can only be used for purchasing more isXperia products.

Recruitment Commissions

For recruiting a new affiliate, an affiliate at isXperia gets a 50% commission. There are 3 optional affiliate packs on offer:

SweetestPack: $600


Sweetback: $200

The affiliate also receives a 5% commission on orders placed personally by the recruited affiliate.

Multiple Fake DMCA Notices By isXperia Marketing Team

Copyright laws help creators in taking down materials used without their permission. 

People and companies can file a DMCA notice on Google to notify Google that their content has been stolen and republished on a website without their permission. And most of the time, Google will take down the page which was stealing content. This helps promote websites that create original content and penalizes and demotes plagiarism.

However, crooked companies and shady PR firms abuse these laws. They use them to take down reviews and posts which are usually critical of their products/ services. But instead of giving honest feedback and having an open conversation. These companies resort to dirty tactics like filing a fake DMCA claim.

Someone from isXperia or an SEO/marketing/reputation company representing them has been filing recurring fake DMCA notices all over Google. These have been filed to take down articles from and

And unfortunately, they’ve also succeeded at their malicious takedowns.

As we can see in the screenshot below, Google has already taken down the two posts and there might be attempts to take down this one as well.

RsZuZ4y1urdnBb7wB8lCVNPdq8xc7qiDS3DcGVxP0pxsFafXs m709nzYkoMNl8eydbtkvNlNm373QJ9O5A d1tNB4AMiP4Ve9ky1GS1Up EvowEeFeWVJbuxWcbo5NiuN2cKLLHNjepyCD6RLJ gPNuUTPY61WgQ0xh 9OEDcBsHfKCPMCTg6s

I would not be surprised if the marketing team behind isXperia tries to file a fake DMCA order to take down this post as well. As they have shown again and again that they have no boundaries or ethics whatsoever. 

Let’s take a deeper look into the DMCA complaints filed:

Fake DMCA Complaint Against

This complaint was filed on November 29, 2022, by “Margery Perry”, which I believe is an Alias they’ve used to avoid detection. The country of jurisdiction is China and they link a 3rd party Tumblr blog, claiming it to be the “source”.

Here is the link to the report on LumenDatabase: 

tBDudAQwVp3fPQpJIoBgMh4Mxt2bXic1eqmA3iYsntGe6jPk3 gQ6sts kbJbnCQPW7Nn28WxjkUQMuOOB8F5zDj8iuZ5UocQhCx8iSflU2xwGY2cyfZ

Another Fake DMCA Complaint Against

Another complaint was filed against on November 21, 2022, by “Harry Paul”. This time the jurisdictions were GR and they also used a Tumblr blog.

a3qfaIv 6wwSxCWg2CHOZDK9MCN1tErO6HcjS7ugCdoU3rvBd37Nu1m0rZe14VZDUTJVJYWGMXFrRYc4bkB QsBgY

Fake DMCA Complaint Against

A complaint against was also filed on the same date 21, November 2022. The Sender claimed to be “Tiana Vallejo” and the jurisdictions were IT. A Tumblr blog was again utilized here.


UKMmq6mFOhP7WZQOXwBBR466UI0TH6pr1VPX6X5qH501rxbFM26zL9dyp28Zqa80XoSiVd60Hq7deVjz9KMN4TcDx4929WItKn6avPncmtDZXAomuT9 8QH0wW6HF8ufnoCQBifPB HEdmCdHrFZ8HLIA7kGDRyTmc3pMYapeoCHuumDsayVNhYmOlc g

In all 3 of these fake DMCA complaints, they’ve used as it allows its users to change the date of the articles they post. This is done to change the publishing date and trick Google into thinking they were the original authors.

isXperia: Same Scam As Before

isXperia has no focus on retail and they’ve also not mentioned the pricing of their products on their website.

Even though they provided a highly detailed description of their products and their claims, they fail to do so about their origin and pricing.


Beyond that, the affiliates are only required to recruit more people to progress in isXperia’s compensation plan.

It is likely that most of the company’s revenue is coming from the monthly affiliate orders and not the retail sales of the listed products.

This payment plan would make isXperia a pyramid scheme.

Another suspicious thing is that isXperia is marketing its CBD lineup using Xip4Life. 

1.9 Total Score

I would suggest you avoid the isXperia MLM opportunity for now and wait for a couple of months before investing your hard-earned money into the company.

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Michael Whitaker
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  1. My parents were interested in earning through MLM schemes like IsXperia but this article helped them a lot in understanding the reality and also realize not to trust any of the sites and their fake offer of high ROIs.

  2. The company is just promoting their MLM schemes which is the main motto, they are not in the health sector to provide any benefit, instead the real business is to make a profit, through their programs.

  3. Rating

    I don’t agree with the author as I have earned a lot through IsXperia’s commission-based program and never faced any problem related to their products from any of the customers.

    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  4. Rating

    A few months back my brother used to promote some MLM schemes for earning money through commission which cost him badly when one of his friends got scammed and blamed him for the scam. Now he never shares his investment plans with anyone.

    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  5. Rating

    The most interesting thing about these fraudsters is that they have a team of marketers, who are posting DMCA against the articles where their real business is being exposed to the world. It would be much easier to provide the profit to the investors instead of searching the articles and taking them down with the help of fake DMCAs. Posting these fake DMCAs just proves their guilt. isXperia and Kalpesh Patel are big scammers.

    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  6. Here the primary responsibility is of the government because they are allowing criminals to promote these scams globally without bothering about the consequences. There should be more strict action taken against these scammers to make them aware of the strong justice system.

  7. Rating

    People should not invest with isXperia or any other MLM schemes. They sell you false dreams and hopes so they can steal your savings. Pls save yourself from this scam.

    The safest way to earn money is to get full-proof knowledge of the market and the company where you are going to invest and then only invest your money in the company because bloody scammers are waiting out there to scam you.

    + PROS: -
    - CONS: Scam pyramid scheme
    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
    • This MLM scam is a little bit different from other scams because here your health is at stake thus it can put your money and future at risk. It would be best to avoid IsXperia as an investment platform.

    • These schemes made everyone get involved in this investment profession. I found that many of my aunts posted and shared links on Facebook related to MLM schemes. The reason behind this marketing is the commission that they will get after recruiting new members.

  8. Rating

    My experience was going well until I invested in IsXperia as the company claimed to provide 50% commission on adding new members, after adding new members I never got the money and was asked to make the members buy products from the site then only they transfer my funds, I would like to convey IsXperia a pleasant message.

    + PROS: No
    - CONS: No commissions
    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
    • There is no difference between Xip4life and IsXperia as both of them have been created to scam their users through their Pyramid schemes and fraudulent MLM schemes.

  9. My only suggestion to the users will be to always read the history of the company, check out their previous results, their losses and gains in the market, and especially their policy. Sometimes it is found that the companies even are not registered companies which makes them free to scam with any legal pressure.

  10. It is becoming very common to get scammed in the name of investment schemes or say nowadays MLM scams are at their peak. The government should take strict action against these companies.

  11. Rating

    I am annoyed by these MLM scams. The government should take some strict action against the founders of these companies. Recently my brother invested in an MLM scheme which turned out to be a Pyramid scheme.

    + PROS: Good manipulators
    - CONS: Horrible scammers Steal your money Never give payments
    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  12. It was shocking to hear that if you are making people aware of these fraudsters and then you get a legal notice that your published article is no more, it is really sad and heartbreaking. Thus keep up the good work going we will support you by reading these helpful articles.

    • I love to read about these scammers getting exposed and also feel sad for the people who lost their money with these scammers like this MLM scammer IsXperia. Giving hope to someone earning money and then trapping them in a scam, I will term it an evil practice.

    • You might get attracted by the marketing tactics of the company’s advertising cell but they are trying to gain new customers only, the claims of high ROIs are just a trap, for convincing you to invest.

  13. Rating

    The game of DMCA was going well for IsXperia. They were tackling the situation perfectly, putting fake DMCA orders against the users who knew the reality of the company.

    I find it hilarious when scammers try to silence others.

    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
    • I tried their meal supplement namely Simple Meal, which proved to be completely fake and of no use, because the only thing I got was indigestion, a complete waste of money.

  14. Rating

    These schemes are a one-time offer where you can get a bigger profit only when you are fresher, but once you start investing you will never have those high returns. The only thing you will get is a high risk without any updates from the company.

    - CONS: Scammer
    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  15. Rating

    These MLM schemes attract investors through their fake marketing of high ROI which is a trap for the investors most of the time new users get attracted and become a part of the scam. It should be first investigated whether the company is legitimate and what is the positivity in their claims.

    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
    • The world needs to understand the marketing tactics of these scammers where they are just trying to be productive by marketing their products which aren’t trustable and also the prices aren’t mentioned on the products.

    • The pattern of fake DMCAs is being followed by every single scammer because they don’t believe in providing profit to their users but their primary business is to promote fake products and misuse their trust for personal profit.

  16. My friend was fascinated by earning money through online sources especially from these MLM schemes, although he grabbed the opportunity and was doing well until the company stopped responding to his messages once he invested a bigger amount into it.

    • Let us file legal complaints against all the shady platforms to the administration of our country which will help them to catch them and many of our friends all over the world will beware of the nefarious sites.

  17. I remember investing in these MLM schemes and promoting brands and asked me to join, the company provided me with a 5% commission and my friend got a 50% commission, which looked good and also gave a boost to earn more, thus we made around $10000 from the company in 3 months and added more members with us and gave them the profit. This article is nothing but trying to degrade the image of the company.

    If you don’t invest in opportunities like isXperia, you are only ruining your future. You can either stay poor or change your life.

    • Reply
      don't invest in mlm
      January 10, 2023 at 9:09 am

      When I was planning to be a part of IsXperia my brother explained to me about the Pyramid scheme which recently many companies are following in the name of MLM scheme, though IsExperia is also one of them, according to my brother when you will ask for your funds the company will ask for additional members, they will restrict you from taking your funds until you complete the target.

  18. It was really fun making money through these online markets. I would like to thank IsXperia for providing the opportunity to earn money, and also to make new friends.

    • Now the time has come when not a single thing in this world is left over without not being a part of the scam. IsXperia is taking advantage of people’s mindset of trusting medical ventures blindly, but nowadays nothing is safe.

    • Never get trapped within these MLM schemes until you are ready to manage the loss in the future, but I am not talking about IsXperia because here you will be scammed only I can bet. This company is trading without any legal license to do business and making money after scamming thousands of people, through these MLM schemes. Beware of these suckers!

    • I don’t know why these owners don’t understand the simple fact that the more they will take down these articles, people will start investigating more about the company’s past business returns.

  19. Rating

    My parents received a link from one of our family members and were swayed away by the prospect of earning a lot of money through this scheme, which proved to be a complete fraud. Never expect any profit from IsXperia they are a complete fraud.

    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
    • Whenever you will try to make people aware of some danger, there will always be someone interrupting you not to do so as it is their source of income, but I will request the author to post more reviews about this fraudster and many more.

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