– Took $4,000 And Blocked Me

I had lost a few thousand dollars to a Forex Broker, they weren’t letting me withdraw my money. I contacted the FTC but no one emailed me back. So I went online to look for help and that’s when I found a review about the scam broker on, they exposed how that broker was scamming people.

A chat thingy popped up and the rep there told me I can get my money back. So I went ahead with the process. They connected me with an agency called MyChargeBack. I trusted their recommendation because I thought htese were experts, afterall they did expose the scam I had fallen for earlier. But the reality was far from the truth.

The guys at MyChargeBack sent me an invoice for $4,000 and said they can recover 100% of my funds. I paid the money and for the next few weeks they sent me some updates on the situation. They told me they had all kinds of methods to recover funds, they even sent me an article where it said they had recovered $2 million in 2018. I was hyped. But after a few weeks they said my funds can’t be recovered and gave up.

WHAT ABOUT THE MONEY I PAID YOU GUYS?! What happend ot that!

They are not refunding even 50% of the money. I didn’t pay them 4k just for them to say “welp nothing can be done now”.


ItIsReviewed dot com Blackmails Forex Brokers & The Like

I myself was shocked to find out that ItIsReviewed dot com doesn’t just run a chargeback scam, but they are also involved in a terrifying defamation/targeting scam. They post slanderous reviews & complaints against popular Forex brokers and then extort their reputation. I had no clue that something like this was even happening until I read their complaints on Google. 

Targeted Defamation By itisreviewed dot com

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Dear Google Team, It has come to my notice that there are some anonymous authors and some named authors who posted several malicious, and unsubstantiated allegations of civil and criminal wrongdoing by our business, is in breach of both civil and criminal laws in the United Kingdom, namely – Libel per se under Defamation Act 2013 (c 26) and Various Economic Torts – Conspiracy – The tort of conspiracy has been established as there is clearly an agreement between two or more parties to do an unlawful act, or to do a lawful act by unlawful means. The following elements have been established – (1) In my case, two or more persons are involved – a. The author b. The website administrator c. The beneficiary of the defamatory act. (2) Agreement causing damage – The author of the malicious and false allegations have agreed together to cause harm to my brand, for prospective financial gain which is achieved by way of PPC advertising, which is displa …

By Mr. Abeni Ayobunmi

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I have made this software/script and it is not free as I am selling it and is being shared on the internet.

DMCA For Verified Bot

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I, John Lewis, the owner and developer of the Verified Robot™ and legal owner of the Verified Robot System trademark – serial number 89223043, request the removal of the submitted URLs since these websites contain infringing materials copied from our website and violate our copyright and trademark. Failure to remove these materials will result in an appropriate legal action taken against the domain owners/domain companies/hosting providers and/or Google LLC.

DMCA By Katharina Zingerle

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ItIsReviewed dot com is running a scam with MyChargeBack!!! Beware!

ItIsReviewed dot com is promoting the MyChargeBack scam on their website. This is possibly the worst kind of online scam anyone can ever fall for. 


Because ItIsReviewed dot com is scamming people who have already lost thousands of dollars to another scammer. Oftentimes these are offshore Forex brokers, credit card scammers, shady crypto wallets, etc. 

These pathetic frauds play on the desperation and neediness of their “clients”. Websites like ItIsReviewed dot com know that the audience which reads about Forex brokers & scammers are very likely to have been a victim of an online scam, so they make ties with frauds like MyChargeBack and take huge commissions by scamming those victims.

ItIsReviewed dot com not only ruined my life but with their traffic (insert SEM rush traffic), they have definitely scammed dozens if not hundreds of people just like me. People who had high hopes from them when they claimed to give you your money back from a scammer, and then charge your exorbitant fees, leaving you with much less money than before.

Their fraudulent operation doesn’t just stop with MyChargeBack scams, they have also been reported for extortion, misinformation, fake news, and forum manipulation.

Anyone who has been listed on the website should not try to contact the website, nor should people who have lost funds to a Forex Broker listed on ItIsReviewed dot com. Otherwise, you’ll play right into their manipulative scam funnel.

I have lost $4,000 to these con artists already, and that is not a small amount, at least not for me. I am writing this report here to make sure the scammers at ItIsReviewed dot com get exposed and don’t scam even 1 more innocent person. 

Share this report with anyone you know who might be at risk of falling for the chargeback scam or extortion scam of ItIsReviewed dot com. My experience with this website has been plain horrible.

What is a Red Flag? 

A red flag serves as a signal or sign that there may be an underlying issue or danger associated with a company’s stock, financial statements, or news reports. These indicators can come in many forms and are often identified by analysts or investors as any notable undesirable trait.

DO NOT TRUST ItIsReviewed dot com 

When I first contacted them for a chargeback for my funds, they claimed they can get all of my funds back. In their emails ItIsReviewed dot com acts extremely professional and nice, you won’t even realize that behind the scenes you are just a prey for them.

They will talk to you as if they want to best for you, they’ll trap you with statements and persuade you into sending them “fees for funds recovery” this can be anywhere from $500-$10,000 and this is exactly what they were after from the start. I made the horrible mistake of trusting them, I thought they would recover my lost funds but in the end, I just lost more instead of getting my money back.

Looking back, it doesn’t make any sense how would these losers even get my money back from a random broker.

It’s plain ruthless what the offshore team behind ItIsReviewed dot com do, and get away with.

Victims of these frauds need to stand up against them, take a stance! I posted this report here so we can have a voice, if someone had warned me about this scam then I wouldn’t be in the financial disaster I am in right now.

Takedown ItIsReviewed dot com Once And For All

It’s time that the tables turn. I wouldn’t be in the situation I am in, if it wasn’t for ItIsReviewed dot com, I can’t help but feel pity for the dozens of others like me. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Authorities Need To Arrest The Criminals Behind ItIsReviewed dot com & MyChargeBack 

I researched a little and there are a few ways we can actually take down these scammers. Including the authorities will do wonders, and this is why I think we should report MyChargeBack & ItIsReviewed dot com to the Federal Trade Commission. 

Please report this website to their hosting provider. They need to know what kind of criminal activities they are endorsing.

I also suggest that you contact the hosting provider of ItIsReviewed dot com which is Cloudflare, and email them about this website’s illicit activities. The host might not even know how these scammers are abusing their platform.

Don’t let them win and speak up if you have been scammed by them as well

Please don’t be afraid to speak up if you are also a victim of the ItIsReviewed dot com scam. Our freedom of speech is what gives us power over them, they will hate it if someone spills the beans about their charade. I was scared to make this post, but at this moment I have nothing to lose, these scammers have taken everything from me, so it’s do or die for me now.

Please share my post. If you think someone you know might be in danger of being a victim of this scam, then please share my report with them, it might save them from trauma, mental torment, and financial ruin.

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