Ivan De Irish: Pimping, Prostitution and Outside the Box

Ivan De Irish is a consultant arrested in 2015 for setting up a sex party. According to media reports, an undercover agent was the reason behind his arrest. 

The undercover agent posed as a Super Bowl john offering upto $20,000 for a ‘celebration’ in a hotel room with Ivan’s female talent. 

According to the complaint, Ivan De Irish agreed to deliver 3 women to the New York City area for prostitution. He did so through text messages and phone calls. 

Ivan De Irish made it clear to the agent in recorded conversations that the girls he was sending would be willing to do any perverted thing for the undercover agent. The only requirement was money. 

As long as they paid Ivan, the girls would do anything. 

Ivan agreed on a $8,000 price for visits from ‘Mia Bunny’, ‘Fendi Red’ and ‘Samantha Staxx’. Then, he sent a legal contract to the undercover agent to seal the deal. 

Later, he arrived at a Marriott Hotel with three hotels where the authorities caught him immediately. 

He copped to his crimes without giving anyone much trouble. 

Ivan De Irish told the authorities that he had around 88 models in his contact. Furthermore, he planned to pay one girl $400 and $800 to the other two for the Super Bowl party. 

He pleaded not guilty and was released on bond. 

At the time, his website used to show numerous curvy women with peculiar names such as Kyra Chaos and Phat Rabbit. 

Later, the prosecutors dropped the charges without giving any explanation. 

Where is Ivan De Irish Now?

Currently, Ivan De Irish has become a consultant and runs Legacy Consulting Group. The company claims to help athletes build generational wealth. 

Also, he has written Outside the Box, a book for young people seeking guidance on career growth. 

Furthermore, he says he is working on a documentary about Nelson Mandela. 

Ivan earned his Bachelor’s in liberal arts from Temple University and completed a Master’s in professional studies at George Washington University. 


There’s no denying that Ivan De Irish has a shady past. The man was allegedly a pimp. Furthermore, the prosecutors dropped the case against him for no apparent reason. 

Sam Mustafa Charleston is a similar professional who faced two cases of rape and assaulting a woman. But the authorities dropped the charges mysteriously in both cases. 

Certainly, you should be cautious of dealing with Ivan. He doesn’t seem as professional as he claims to be. 

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In 2015, authorities arrested Ivan De Irish when he had arranged prostitutes for an undercover agent. Now, he claims to be a self-help guru who inspires others.

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