IVF Plano – Treat Clients Like a Number and Lack Professionalism

Dr. Douglas runs IVF Plano, a fertility clinic in Texas. The clinic has numerous complaints for offering terrible services through its carelessness. 

Picking the right fertility clinic is a huge decision that’s why you should know about the red flags of a clinic. In the following points, you’ll learn about the various pain points present in this clinic Dr. Douglas runs: 

About IVF Plano (By Dr. James W Douglas MD): Location, Timing, Costs, Reviews, Etc.

IVF Plano is a fertility clinic located in Plano, Texas. Its address is 6300 Parker Rd, Plano, TX 75093, US and the contact number is 972-612-2500. 

The clinic opens from 8 AM to 4 PM on every weekday except Wednesday. On Wednesdays, the opening hours of this place are 8 AM to 12 PM. 

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Dr. James Douglas runs this clinic and claims to have over 20 years of experience. He is trained in reproductive endocrinology and he claims to walk with you every step of the way. But his patients tell the opposite story. 

According to his clients, Dr. James W Douglas MD isn’t a reliable guy. People complain that IVF Plano is a money-hungry clinic that misleads its clients to get more money out of them. 

Prescribed the Wrong Medication, Rude and Unapologetic Behavior

IVF Plano review

Paulina gave this place three chances and they disappointed her repeatedly. She says that she can’t recommend IVF Plano after the multiple negative experiences she had with them. Her OB GYN had suggested this place and she was excited to meet with Dr. Douglas. 

Her first negative experience was when she called to schedule a procedure for measuring her uterus’s lining. The nurse was a little confused that Paulina didn’t know about trigger shots and told her to pick it up from a pharmacy before the procedure. She put it on Paulina’s prescription. 

So, the reviewer had to go to the pharmacy and pay $180 for it because her insurance didn’t cover the same. Then, they told her that she only needed to take it if she was actively trying to get pregnant. 

Paulina shares that Dr. Douglas knew she wasn’t trying to get pregnant at that time. Her goal was to determine why she had lost her pregnancy at 19 weeks. It seemed to her that the staff didn’t communicate properly with Dr. Douglas. 

She also wonders if the staff kept any notes about the prescription. Later, she had multiple terrible phone calls with the staff of IVF Plano where the staff didn’t seem to know what they were doing. 

They had told her to call the next time she got her period to schedule an appointment for measuring the lining of her uterus again. However, when she called and told them that they had instructed her to make an appointment, the staff member asked her for her name. Then, she put her on hold abruptly. After making the reviewer wait for a while she told her that she didn’t know what Paulina was calling the clinic for and that Dr. Douglas’s notes only mentioned medication.

Paulina told her that she wasn’t on medication, the staff member told her that they will see her on the 12th day and gave her a date and time without even asking if the time worked. 

When Paulina asked her to confirm with Dr. Douglas, she said that he has a plan for the med but you didn’t take them so we’ll see you then. Paulina shares that she expected the representative to at least know that she was “not” on medication and talk professionally. 

Then, she called to see if they could change the time of her appointment. She’s a teacher and she couldn’t visit the clinic in the morning. Instead of trying to solve her problem, the staff member told her that they only give afternoon appointments after their mornings have been filled. 

They suggested she call a few days later to reschedule the appointment as the morning might have been filled by then. Overall, it was an astoundingly terrible experience for her. 

Unexplained Test, No Explanation for the Failed Cycle, Too Eager to Send Off the Client

IVF Plano review

This reviewer says that she had the worst experience possible with IVF Plano. First they told her to get a blood test but never explained its results to her and when her cycle failed they never explained why it was unsuccessful. Later, when she called to ask about the medications they had prescribed and what possible improvements they will make, the receptionist gave rude responses. 

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Concluding The IVF Plano Review 2021

After going through these reviews, it’s clear that Dr. Douglas isn’t running a proper clinic. The staff at this place doesn’t care about the clients and there are too many management problems present here. 

It would be better to find someone else who actually knows how to serve clients and how to offer proper service. Avoid this clinic. 

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IVF Plano is a horrible clinic with a bad reputation among its clients. It would be better to hire someone else that work with Dr. Douglas.

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