James Gillingham of Finxflo: Allegations of Fraud, Pervert & Abuse? Let’s discover (New Update 2023)

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James Gillingham is the founder and ex-CEO of Finxflo, a crypto venture that has received several reviews saying it’s a scam.

While some consumers have pointed out the shady past of James Gillingham himself, others have highlighted the suspicious nature of Finxflo crypto. 

Finxflo is a cryptocurrency company based in Singapore. 

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28/11/2023 Update
As of now, James Gillingham has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Their address is 168 Robinson Rd, #12-01, Singapore 068912. Similarly, the contact number of Finxflo is +65-315-74301. 

The company claims to be a one-stop liquidity aggregation platform for crypto traders. It claims to aggregate prices from various exchanges and offer “unparalleled” stability and liquidity. 

Judging from the various reviews on Finxflo and James Gillingham, I personally don’t trust these claims.

What is a Fraud Investigation?

Fraud investigation is a crucial process to determine whether fraudulent activities have taken place. It aims to identify the nature of the fraudulent behavior, the person responsible for it, and the method used to carry it out. By conducting a thorough investigation, businesses can quickly mitigate the resulting damage and potentially avoid financial loss, fines, and reputational harm.

James Gillingham Has Received Allegations of Fraud: 

james gillingham finxflo

While I was checking out Finxflo, I found a forum discussion on James Gillingham.

It says James had a “debacle” with FX World Managed Account Ltd, Jagero Ltd, and Choice Invest Ltd. 

Then, he fled Britain to avoid the authorities and has begun marketing himself as a cryptocurrency expert. 

The user says James has put up a website which claims to be a cryptocurrency price aggregator where early investors can earn returns from the arbitrage opportunities. 

Clearly, the user is talking about Finxflo. 

They also say that people should avoid investing with James Gillingham as the City of London Police are looking for him regarding several fraud investigations

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james gillingham news

He further adds that a BBC Crimewatch episode mentioned James as a suspect in multiple fraud investigations. The user says James used to mask his identity with aliases Charles Hollingsworth and Charles Bardswell.

james gillingham

Furthermore, the user adds that James Gillingham was the commercial director of FX World Managed Account Ltd. It was a ponzi scheme which claimed to offer 5% fixed returns per month. 

However, it went bankrupt and the CEO was arrested.

The user says James fled the UK before the company went defunct. He says people shouldn’t invest in Finxflo as they might never get their investment back. 

Also, he says people shouldn’t invest with a “fugitive and pathological liar”. 

Later, James called him a blackmailer but the user said James is clearly present in a picture where FX World sponsored an event. 

Surely, these are some serious allegations. But that’s not all. 


Get Your Money Back Suspicious

If you have been scammed by James Gillingham, then you can get justice by sharing your complaint with us. We will connect with you experts and journalists who will help you get your money back and get heard by the right people.
It is strongly suggested that you do your own research before spending money online. This is a user-generated report.

James has received a ton of complaints for the employees of Finxflo crypto. I have shared them below but first, let me share some more details on James Gillingham: 

About James Gillingham:

James Gillingham is the owner of Finxflo. He bought the domain in 2020 and has been running the venture since: 

finxflo login

Documentation shows that he owns the domain till February 2023. 

Between 2020 and 2022, he has even released a coin for Finxflo called FXF. It’s not much but it helps him reach a wider audience in the cryptocurrency industry. 

Also, he claims to be an advisor who helps startups build, scale and execute global business plans. 

Currently, he has left the position of CEO and has joined the Board of Directors of Finxflo crypto.

Before Finxflo, James Gillingham used to be the CEO of Alpha Stone Capital and was a Managing Partner at Choice Investments for 3 years. 

Furthermore, James Gillingham claims to have worked at International Asset Management and JageroFX. 

On paper, his resume looks rather ravishing. 

Still, the reviews indicate he might not be as skilled as he markets himself to be. 

About Finxflo: 

Finxflo claims to be a regulated and secure platform for cryptocurrency traders. It also claims to have the world’s best CeFi and DeFi protocols.

The company also runs the FXF coin. 

However, it hasn’t attracted much investment. 

Maybe the reason behind the poor performance of Finxflo crypto coin is its terrible online rating. 

Platforms flag it as a poor choice as it doesn’t list any features and lacks a proper whitepaper. 

Employee Reviews on James Gillingham and Finxflo:

An Ex-Employee Shares the Abusive and Fraudulent Practices of James

james gillingham

Here, the reviewer lists several issues at Finxflo crypto

He says the company lies to you from the start. The reviewer had interviewed for a job here during the pandemic and they had assured him that they would allow WFH. 

It was at the time when government regulations said at least 50% of staff should work from home. 

However, when the reviewer asked to work from home one day, they told him they don’t have a “WFH policy”. Apparently, the reason was that James Gillingham needed to see everyone in the office.

Later, the reviewer discovered that James had instructed HR to let him know if someone working from home had taken an unpaid leave. 

Furthermore, the reviewer says the senior management at Finxflo displays extremely disrespectful behavior towards its employees. 

For example, James Gillingham had shown-off a hearing-impaired employee as a token to show how diverse Finxflo crypto is. 

However, the subordinate of James (his lackey) didn’t hesitate to insult the deaf employee knowing he couldn’t hear her. Furthermore, she would roll her eyes when he couldn’t get her instructions 100% right.

The reviewer says James’ lackey would often hurl cuss words at the impaired employee too.

Moreover, James Gillingham likes to paint himself as a friendly guy. But he doesn’t hesitate to scream at the staff in front of the office if he doesn’t like anything. 

The reviewer says James would approve social media posts only to find some fault after their publication and call the responsible employees late at night to yell at them.

On top of that, the reviewer says James makes the staff stay up late only to fix a few small things which he could have fixed remotely. 

“Makes Employees Stay Up Late To Fix His Own Mistakes”

The reviewer says James Gillingham is a paranoid dictator who fires anyone if he gets suspicious. No matter how unfounded those suspicions are, if James gets a little uncomfortable, he would fire the employee immediately. 

The reviewer says two days after teh MOM visit, Finxflo announced they would move to a different office within the next two days. 

On the moving day, James gathered the entire staff to ask who prefers working from home. 

The reviewer was the only one to say he does. 

Then, James Gillingham asked who had complained to MOM. The reviewer points out that he hadn’t complained. 

When nobody came forward, James began threatening the staff saying he is good friends with a senior MOM employee who will tell him the whistle-blower’s name. 

While the reviewer knew James was lying because it’s illegal to reveal such information, James kept doubling down on his claim. 

He said he wanted people to stay in the office every day to “work together better”.

Then, he took the reviewer aside to ask him if he found something to be wrong in the office. Obviously, the reviewer said no.

But that didn’t seem to have any effect on James. 

That’s because he later showed him the entire new office and made various remarks on how he can work here “without distractions”. 

Fired an Employee Because He asked for Work From Home During the Pandemic

The reviewer received a text message saying he needed to go to one of the new office’s rooms. Then, Finxflo crypto gave the reviewer a termination letter saying his performance had been unsatisfying. 

The reviewer points out it was an unprofessional way to fire an employee because there had been no warning. 

Furthermore, the company said they would hire an external agency to replace him, which made no financial sense. 

Also, the reviewer had only been at the company for 2 weeks. During this period, the reviewer had shown up for work everyday from 9 to 6 and completed his duties diligently. 

He adds that the job listing he had applied for in Finxflo crypto was back up on LinkedIn after his termination. Clearly, James Gillingham had lied to him about hiring an external agency. 

Later, the reviewer went after Finxflo crypto through the Tripartite Alliance. Initially, the company refused to compensate him but after the reviewer said he wouldn’t hesitate to go to court, they gave up.

Also, he highlights that one of his colleagues at Finxflo who joined the company a day after him left the firm within a month as well. Why? Because James had yelled at him for not ordering an Apple TV quickly enough for him. 

In the “Advice to Management” section, the reviewer says James Gillingham should begin treating his staff members like actual human beings. Also, he shouldn’t fly off the handle for the smallest mistakes.

If he can’t fulfill the basics of running a business then he shouldn’t hire people in the first place, according to the reviewer. 

“James Gillingham Has No Knowledge of Crypto”

james gillingham

Here, the reviewer says that the COO of Finxflo crypto is the worst person to work for. 

He says the COO is incompetent and doesn’t know what she is doing. She used to be a photographer before becoming the COO. 

Moreover, he says James Gillingham has no knowledge of crypto. He has a “superstart complex” so the company threw him out. 

Also, the reviewer says that the executive committee behaves like children. 

“James is a Major Pervert and the Management Keeps Promoting Itself”

hZb6f62uvqPu4f058qkJ5qfhiSkNSbid8o6pkLORdP2jZQ D8adoSedLUZg7FEESyV8RHX1q6uEsGdZHx3K05l1okbp rJBlKu gPWkwd5wBtT2HJHkM8QBjN9k7eRLrda5XTP P1UEuymIwWzGbF 0VbRxtw6d0RJsQE6YcBink gqf 5raDrkmNQ

In this Finxflo review, the person highlights that the management is the worst possible. 

Furthermore, the management is constantly busy promoting itself. They expect you to give them your 110% but pay you nothing. 

Also, the reviewer says James is a major pervert. If you were in the “good graces” of James, you would get a pay raise and promotion instantly. 

The reviewer says the COO self promoted herself. Also, the company fired the Chief Finance Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Group Chief Commercial Officer and the Chief Legal Officer within a year. 

Finxflo Crypto Doesn’t Pay Salaries On Time, Has Too Many C Suite Executives

james gillingham

The reviewer says Finxflo crypto has too many C suite positions. Most of them are redundant as the company is still a startup. 

Also, he highlights that Finxflo has one of the most EP holders that come from an SEM of less than 70 staff. He questions how someone with such little experience and qualification get there. 

Moreover, he points out that the company doesn’t pay staff on time. Many people haven’t earned anything even though they have worked hard. 

Additional Finxflo Reviews Exposing James Gillingham:

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james gillingham
rE72c9iWeeFhOqH8Iq3lFjNJ MC2T9foqAWxOP89DV5aMGUKDz9kV73mgGVlg2RjCFV1dFNiIG1jWyEWqId0jgCZ0XF9NbkQJbdJF179fT7sARFud2AGMGI47Nnha09she4 8QKy RGegBpLXRnLmmfKNKA6aPTHFzQQtrOdSyT10IyofS4Nsc1d2g
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After going through the reviews and allegations, it’s obvious that James Gillingham is not a reliable businessman. 

His employees claim he doesn’t have much knowledge of crypto yet he is among the board members of Finxflo.

Furthermore, several reviews call him a pervert who promotes people based on how much he ‘likes them’. 

The crypto industry has seen plenty of rogue and corrupt ventures recently. For example, Yolllo is an MLM scam targeting women in eastern Europe.

2.1 Total Score

James Gillingham is the founder and former CEO of Finxlfo, a cryptocurrency aggregator. He has received allegations of being a fraudster, misogynist, and someone who constantly abuses his employees.

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Concern for Staff
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Concern for Staff
  • None
  • Pervert
  • Alleged fraudster
  • Abuses employees
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  1. The incident of disrespecting the deaf subordinate was very rude and not acceptable in the environment of the office thus he is completely undeserving of the company how did he become the CEO of the company?

  2. Most of the offices were following the norms of the government during the pandemic but James wasn’t bothered by the pandemic the only requirement was to report the office for work with no facility of WFH, then I will ask everyone to avoid any of the firms related to James Gillingham he is a complete voracious.

  3. Things got worst when James was asking the complete staff to report to the office during the pandemic, one of our staff asked for the facility to work from home he quickly abandoned the request and asked to report to the office.

  4. Their FXF coin was introduced which was claimed to be very profitable in the market but the claims were false and also the company was not interested in providing profit to their clients further their claims of security were also a boaster.

  5. The ravishing venture James could be very attractive and convincing but the truth is far away from reality, he has been CEO at Alpha Stone Capital and also managing director at choice investments.

  6. The company was not in the mood of making a profit for its clients but planning to fill its pockets with the profit. Thus getting used to scamming people for fake crypto investments, which are very cheap.

  7. The company was faking all the advancements which they posted on their site so it is very difficult to get the real image of the company, through their shining brochure they can attract many investors through their schemes and plans.

  8. The company was not handling the company with care because they handed the company to a person who himself is not completely learning and handling the company.

  9. The company was taking help from illegal ventures although the eruption of the crypto market has provided several opportunities for earning profit the platform which you will be choosing should be trustable not unlike Finxflo.

  10. The company claims to have the best CeFi and Defi protocols but everything is not the same as posted on the internet and the chances of getting scammed aren’t guaranteed on this platform. Thus I will make sure none of my folks get involved with this company and also the company should improve their staff for the betterment of the company.

  11. If Finxflo isn’t bothering the way James was handling the company then you contact me also. I promise you that I will never let the company face any problems like James.

  12. People like James are misusing their posts for making a profit only but the company shouldn’t hire people like James who themselves don’t have the knowledge of the required field and make money for their people without even working a lot.

  13. 0.75
    Concern for Staff

    Finxflo had a bleak future already. Reports like this don’t help that doomed project. I feel sorry for anyone who wasted their money on this scam.

    Helpful(3) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  14. 0.85
    Concern for Staff

    So you’re telling me the man behind a shady crypto project is actually a criminal running away from another country’s police? Why am I not surprised.

    If someone tells me a day later that Finxflo is actually being used to launder illegal money for some of Gillingham’s friends, I wouldn’t be surprised.

    The man is a criminal. He should be extradited to the UK. Period.

    Helpful(4) Unhelpful(1)You have already voted this
  15. 0.6
    Concern for Staff

    after the latest crypto crash, I have lost all hope in Finxflo. The project was already full of red flags and now I’m hearing about James being a criminal on the run…lol

    Helpful(4) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  16. I understand that James Gillingham is in complete denial about all of the aforementioned allegations. He clearly has no empathy towards other human beings. Including his investors. Who by the look of things with Finxflo have lost well over 90% of their investment.

  17. 0.6
    Concern for Staff

    I had no idea that UK authorities are searching for James for several fraud cases. This certainly says a lot about this expert.

    Helpful(6) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  18. Being informative and knowledgeable the article provides information about James Gillingham I had no idea of. I’m glad I am not associated with that abusive crook. Thank you whoever wrote it.

  19. 0.85
    Concern for Staff

    Yes, the London Police are searching for him. Reading this article refreshed my memory of when I lost my $20,000 in a coin like this. They promised to provide high returns but the company stopped paying back the money. Don’t trust Finxflo people. Better be safe than sorry.

    + PROS: No
    - CONS: scammer
    Helpful(6) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
    • These so-called experts try to show their understanding of the market and claim to the users that they are the gods of the crypto market. But no one can accurately predict the downfall or rise of a coin’s value. Taking the example of bitcoin, the value of Bitcoin suddenly fell which no one was thinking about. So, never get surprised by the claims of the so-called expert. Most of them are bogus anyways.

  20. The company is failing to provide its staff with a safe environment, and the online negativity which is spreading day by day makes it an unworthy platform. I have also heard about the frauds of the owner James Gillingham, when he was in the UK he was involved in FX World which claimed to offer 5% returns fixed for every month. They scammed the investors and never returned any of the funds.

  21. 0.6
    Concern for Staff

    This was shocking. A scammer is starting new companies and being chased by the London Police, like really? It’s some kind of a movie plot. People are still trusting him though, which is kind of sad. Finxflo is obviously a scam but people wouldn’t question it as long as they see a fake office address.

    Helpful(5) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  22. This guy is just playing with the minds of the new crypto enthusiasts as they trust these so-called experts easily. I would never invest in Finxflo and I don’t think anyone else should either.

  23. 0.85
    Concern for Staff

    When James Gillngham’s company was trading in London I had invested in FX World because they promised to give returns with a fixed rate of 5%, but it went into liquidation and he left the UK. Many of us investors thought the company was registered with the FCA otherwise we would have never trusted that fraud.

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: Stole millions Scam Untrustworthy
    Helpful(5) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
    • Yeah man, always be aware of the history of the owner because no one knows as he might be coming from a country after scamming thousands of people.

      Always call the office administration for confirmation whether the company is having any verified office or just making a fool of you. Once I found a company working on fake addresses for more than 3 years.

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