James Kruzan: Exposed with His Rude Behavior

Rude and Terrible Service

When I started working with James Kruzan, the founder of Kaydan Wealth Management, I didn’t think his services would degrade so much in quality. My experience with him has been horrible and I don’t recommend working with him. Considering he’s the senior-most wealth advisor at his firm, I don’t even want to see how his subordinates behave with their clients. James behaves very rudely during meetings and phone calls.

During our meetings, he doesn’t listen to me properly and it seems to me that he does that deliberately. Instead of listening to what I want to say, he would focus on speaking his mind all the time. He never lets me speak properly during our meetings.

It’s very irritating to work with him because of this. If he gives me time to speak, he would start using his phone or would drift away into thinking something else. I have noticed how he ignores me during meetings. Maybe he thinks that no one notices when he ignores them, but he is wrong, people notice. 


James Kruzan and his firm, Kaydan Wealth Management are unreliable. They offer terrible client service and so, I don’t recommend working with them.

His rude behaviour is intolerable. When you work with someone as experienced as James Kruzan, you don’t expect such pathetic service. It’s not like his services are affordable or cheap. He is probably the most expensive financial advisor in the state. So when you pay so much for one person’s services, you don’t expect to receive such pathetic service. James ignores me all the time and it’s as if he doesn’t care about his clients at all! He doesn’t have any standards for client service and I don’t know why. I don’t get sufficient time to talk to him as well. He is rarely available and when he is, he doesn’t listen to me. Due to these reasons, I don’t believe anyone would benefit from hiring James Kruzan or his firm, Kaydan Wealth Management. There are many other financial service providers you can look into and start working with. 

How It All Started

I had started working with James Kruzan some time ago when I realised that I seriously needed wealth management services. First I enquired with my friends and relatives to see if anyone had any suggestions. Then I came across the name of James Kruzan. At that time, I had no idea that he would turn out to be such a pathetic professional. Believe me when I say this, if I had any idea that James Kruzan would be this rude and arrogant, I wouldn’t have bothered to work with him. However, I heard that he is a very experienced and renowned financial advisor so I had no issue in working with him.

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At first, things were great. I had no problems with his services. It seems to me that James spends extra time with his new clients to make it seem like he cares about them. To be honest, it’s an excellent tactic to deceive people. Your customer would think that you’re going to the extra mile for them which would make them trust you more. However, in reality, you’re only doing it for a little while so you can win their trust and move on. In my opinion, it’s among the worst things a financial advisor can do because it is deceptive and shady. You shouldn’t pretend to care about your clients. No, you should care about your clients. It’s something that James has forgotten about. 

Since the beginning, his service has degraded drastically. Now, he doesn’t care about what I’m saying or asking about. Instead of listening to him, he remains busy with his phone or his thoughts. 

My Problem With James Kruzan

An ideal financial advisor would listen to their client and would try to understand their problems. He or she would focus on understanding their client’s finances and goals to create a detailed plan accordingly. That’s why I have a lot of respect for this profession. It’s not easy to understand a person’s finances and goals properly and suggest them the best way to achieve those goals. However, to do any of that, the financial advisor should first listen to their client properly. 

This is where James Kruzan lags behind others. He used to pretend to listen but that has stopped too. Now, he makes it seem as if he doesn’t care about what I’m saying during meetings, which annoys me a lot. There’s no use of complaining about it to anyone because he’s the senior-most person at his firm (of which he’s the founder). I can’t complain about James’ terrible services to anyone else at his company because no one would want to stand up to their boss. And I can’t complain about his terrible services to him because he wouldn’t listen in the first place. 

Someone might think, ‘How do I know that he doesn’t listen to me?’ To answer that, I would like to say that I have noticed how he responds to my questions and remarks. He gives me very generic and vague responses. It’s very rare to get sincere advice from him. 

Don’t Believe The Good Hype – Avoid James Kruzan

All in all, I don’t recommend working with James Kruzan. There is no reason for anyone to work with him. He is rude and arrogant. In my opinion, he has become arrogant because of the experience he has. He has started thinking that he is the best in the fidl and so, he has stopped caring about client service. 

Working with him is a nightmare. Because of him, I don’t recommend the services of his firm, Kaydan Wealth Management, too. I believe you can find much reliable and trustworthy service providers instead of these guys. 

I don’t recommend working with James Kruzan because he is too arrogant and rude. He doesn’t listen to his clients and gives very generic advice in response to serious questions and queries. It has been a very disappointing experience so far.

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Too Arrogant

James Kruzan, the founder of Kaydan Wealth Management is too arrogant to work with. As a client, I don't recommend working with that firm or that guy.

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