Janet Franco Gordon Morgan Stanley is a Fraud

When you’re looking for a skilled wealth advisor, it helps to know about the ones you must avoid. It would help you narrow down your search and ensure that you only stick with the reliable options. One such advisor you should avoid is Janet Franco Gordon Morgan Stanley

She has a history of legal disputes and has put multiple problematic provisions in her disclosures which put her clients in detrimental positions. The following review will help you understand the issues this advisor tries to hide from her clients: 

About Janet Franco Gordon Morgan Stanley

Janet Franco Gordon Morgan Stanley is a wealth advisor based in Coral Gables, Florida. The address of her office is 220 Alhambra Cir 10th Floor, Coral Gables, FL 33134, US and its contact number is 305-476-3304. 

She runs the Gordon Group and has been a part of Morgan Stanley for several decades. Some of the services available with this advisor include portfolio management, comprehensive wealth planning, retirement planning, lending facilities, multigenerational wealth planning, and several more. 

Janet Franco Gordon primarily caters to high net worth individuals, families, and institutions located in the US and abroad. Additional services include alternative investments, wealth impact and traditional investments. 

Janet has received a lot of recognition in the investment advisory industry. However, she uses it for selfish reasons and is trapping clients in unfavorable agreements. The next section of this review will expand on the problematic provisions she uses to trap clients: 

Red Flags in Janet Franco Gordon Morgan Stanley’s Services

Before you start working with any wealth advisor, it’s vital that you check their FINRA BrokerCheck listing. There, you can learn about their past experience, their state licenses, the exams they have passed, and the disputes they have had. 

The FINRA BrokerCheck listing of Janet Franco Gordon Morgan Stanley shows two disputes. 

FINRA BrokerCheck is the independent firm of US that provides information regarding the license and policies of financial brokers. Where, FINRA stands for Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Her first dispute was actually a regulatory proceeding which occurred in 1993. The National Association of Securities Dealers had fined her $13,000 and censured her. 

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Janet responded to this conflict by saying that she subscribed for shares in a self-underwriting which were actually delivered through another member firm instead of the issuer originally represented. 

Her second dispute occurred in 2004. Here, the client’s representative alleged that the investments she recommended between April 1998 and February 2003 were unsuitable. They didn’t specify the damages. 

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However, Janet’s firm denied the claim. What’s surprising is that there’s no additional information available on the dispute. Her firm hasn’t specified on what basis they denied the claim. Similarly, there is no information available on the kind of unsuitable investments she had recommended to the claimant. 

Keep in mind that it’s quite difficult for such claims to end in the investor’s favor. Many advisors get away with unsuitable recommendations thanks to the waivers they make you sign beforehand. 

Janet Franco Gordon Morgan Stanley isn’t the only advisor who uses this method. Another advisor who has employed this method to avoid accountability is Nazie Saffari-Moini Merrill Lynch

Selling Proprietary Investments

A huge red flag in the services of Janet is that she sells proprietary investments. These investments offer her high commissions which can introduce bias in her recommendations. 

Moreover, she has monetary incentive for ignoring your requirements and goals. Janet and her team can suggest investments that are unsuitable for you because they offer attractive commissions. 

Selling proprietary investments restricts the variety of investments an advisor can recommend to her clients as well. That’s because the advisor has no incentive for recommending investments that don’t offer her any commissions even if they are suitable for the client. 

Hence, the clients of such advisors tend to miss out on a lot of suitable investment opportunities. 

Earning from commissions is among the most prominent reasons why advisors give unsuitable recommendations to their clients. So, be extremely cautious when working with advisors like Janet Franco Gordon Morgan Stanley

Charging Performance-based Fees

Janet charges performance-based fees, which incentivizes her firm to implement high-risk strategies even if they don’t align with the risk tolerance of your portfolio. 

High-risk strategies are particularly harmful for portfolios looking for long-term growth and security. They allow the advisor to show quick results in the short term. However, these strategies don’t generate positive returns in the long run. 

Hence, this fee structure is quite dangerous for most investors. It’s better to look for other fee structures and avoid this one at all costs. 


Janet Franco Gordon Morgan Stanley is not as reliable and trustworthy as she claims to be. She has a ton of problems that indicate she is unsuitable for most investors. 

For starters, she earns commissions from the sale of proprietary investments. Also, she earns performance-based fees, which incentivizes her to put you at excessive risk. 

Avoid such advisors and find a different professional. 

2.5Expert Score

Janet Franco Gordon Morgan Stanley makes many claims about her services but most of them are false. Her terms and conditions reveal that she puts her clients at excessive risk and takes advantage of their funds for personal profits.

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  • Faced multiple disputes in the past
  • Selling proprietary investments
  • Charging performance-based fees

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