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Jason Callan

I had joined Equity Prime Mortgage as an intern last year when I encountered the monster named Eddy Perez. The guy has no respect for women. When I had joined there I used to handle small day-to-day tasks and learn about sales. I have always been interested in becoming a salesperson and I thought joining Equity Prime Mortgage would be a great experience. But I was deadly wrong. 

The few weeks I worked there scarred me for life. 

At first things were going pretty well. They became a nightmare when Jason saw me in the office one day and thought it would be cool to have me work for him exclusively. After that, he told me that I would be working exclusively under him. Even then, I had no idea that Eddy was a pervert. I thought it would be a great learning opportunity so I didn’t object.

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But a few days later, I noticed he was staring at my chest. Later that day, he made a very dirty and perverted comment on my attire. I was a little surprised to hear such a thing in the workplace but I let it go. But that was just the beginning. 

Jason had made work late that day and when only the two of us were left in the office, he got behind me and tried to kiss my neck. He was holding me very tightly and it took me a lot of effort to get away from him. 

I slapped him and left the place right away. I left my internship at Equity Prime and haven’t gone since then. I had tried to complain about this incident with the human resources department but nobody lifted a finger. They all heard my complaint and put in a file somewhere else. Jason tried to contact me later by getting my phone number from somewhere but I blocked him. 

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I had never imagined I’d meet such a horrible and perverted person at that place. Jason is a sick-minded, perverted, monster who uses his position of power to take advantage of women. I wonder what would’ve happened if I had stayed there after this incident. I thought everyone should know what kind of a sick man Jason Callan really is. I don’t have anyone who would understand my position that’s why I’ve shared my story here.

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Jason Callan sexually harassed me and Equity Prime Mortgage didn't do ANYTHING about it! Please avoid Jason, never work for him!

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