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Jason Cianflone: Is He Involved in a Scam? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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Jason CIanflone has received allegations of being involved in a major real estate scam. Find out if those allegations are true or not in this review.
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Niverville Real Estate Nightmare: The Fallout of Fine Haus Building Company’s Deceptive Practices 

It has been almost three years since The Citizen first reported on the terrible story of the Memics, a young Winnipeg couple. They planned to move to Niverville but got caught up in a high-profile real estate fraud run by Fine Haus Building Company & its president, Jason Cianflone. Laura Memic shared their experience with the media in the hopes of stopping other households from becoming prey to claims of low-cost new home development.

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By the fall, the Memics were living in an Airbnb, awaiting a home that never came. They were worried about losing the significant investment they had put away over time. When approached by The Citizen, the Memics continue to refuse to confront the terrible past. Their anticipated relocation to Niverville never took place.

Similar incidents occurred across the southeast in 2019, as additional victims of the Fine Haus scam came out. An anonymous administrator started a Facebook group called “Jason Cianflone The Scam” of that year to uncover Cianflone & the realtors associated with Fine Haus sales. 


The group swiftly grew in prominence as unhappy consumers published evaluations from Fine Haus’s website expressing their rage, sadness, and requests for compensation. Many Manitobans submitted their stories, outlining homes that were left unfinished after queries to Cianflone and his colleagues were met with silence.

Construction never even began for other victims, such as the Memics. When they contacted the Town of Niverville, they discovered that no building license had been granted for their guaranteed land. A second call to Fifth Avenue Estates confirmed that Fine Haus wasn’t the owner of the indicated lot.

A blog entry on Jason Cianflone A letter from a licensed insolvency trustee to one of Fine Haus’ debtors was placed on the Scam website. The letter stated that interim receivership had been completed, with approximately $40,000 awarded to 51 claimants for claims totaling over $1.5 million.

Jason Cianflone’s fallout underscores the long-term consequences of Fine Haus Building Company’s deceitful actions, forcing homeowners and creditors to deal with the consequences.

Fine Haus by Jason Cianflone Homebuyers Left in the Lurch: A Tale of Deceit, Broken Promises, and a Paltry Settlement 

Chelsi Jawa describes what happened to her as a victim of Fine Haus, a homebuilding firm by Jason Cianflone that left a trail of unfulfilled expectations and disregarded commitments. Jawa including her partner, who chose a Fine Haus-built home on Wyldewood Crescent in Niverville, relates a string of dissatisfaction with economic challenges, and the eventual demise of Fine Haus.

Despite winning a minor judgment in court, Jawa considers the $300 reimbursement to be demeaning given the substantial investment they made in their property. Despite numerous others, their house was completed, but with persistent concerns. 

From the beginning, the couple encountered issues when the Fine Haus design supervisor violated prior contracts, increasing fees for customized finishings.

Misunderstandings & errors marred their encounter throughout the building phase. A missing door from the construction, insufficient landscaping, and an unsolved driveway were ongoing concerns. 

Efforts to contact Fine Haus, involving the realtor with CEO Jason Cianflone, were unsuccessful, leaving the pair with silence on the radio as well as unfulfilled commitments.

Jawa’s husband’s last conversation with Jason Cianflone was an attempt to seek charges over a Facebook complaint, followed by Jason Cianflone’s departure to the United States and eventually the dissolution of Fine Haus. 

The couple felt violated, insulted, and burdened by debt as a result of the financial toll, which compelled them to borrow extra money to finish their driveway and landscaping. The piece sheds light on the long-term implications of Fine Haus’ deception, highlighting the human cost of the business’s shady methods.

Bryan Trottier’s Costly Investment: A Wary Retreat and Creative Redemption

Bryan Trottier, owner of Trotco Electric, discusses his company’s $30,000 investment in Niverville Fine Haus houses before withdrawing due to concern. Trottier and other tradespeople secured liens on the residences, but only recovered a portion of their losses. 

However, thanks to a coordinated effort amongst tradesmen, Trottier was able to purchase and finish one of the properties from the receivership group, minimizing a certain amount of money.

UDT Interiors Inc.’s Dave Unger focuses on the unusual character of the Fine Haus case, noting the company’s unexpected disappearance a break from the norm of business expertise. Trottier & Unger’s joint effort to acquire and finish a property becomes an example of tenacity amid deception.

Jason Cianflone’s practices raised red lights for Ken Klippenstein, who oversees the sale of properties in Fifth Avenue Estates. Klippenstein used written contracts to retrieve unpaid lots after uncovering the gap between progress on construction and lot ownership. The case demonstrates the significance of ethical safeguards when confronting unethical contractors.

Victims Unveil Fine Haus Building Co. and Jason Cianflone’s Business Practices: A Revealing Page

  • Jason Cianflone, a victim of Fine Haus Building Co., wrote in a Facebook post that He’s at it again! 

Quit, Franco; you’re a liar and forever will be. He duped a music instructor into thinking she could start a music school by selling her a defunct business and doctoring financial data to make the company appear lucrative when it was $80,000 in the red!!! 

That poor lady labored past retirement to pay it off. 


comments on Jason Cianflone.
  • In support of Jason Cianflone, Shahzad responded to the post by stating that the bogus page must be removed or he will take legal action against the creator. He further indicated that he is an authorized individual and that if the creator of the page does not delete it, he will file a complaint against him. 
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  • The other post questions the credibility of this individual in guiding cyberbullying, animosity, and integrity. 

Has he neglected to remember the numerous hardworking families & local companies that he and his son Jason defrauded? 

Does anyone recall the numerous families who recounted their experiences of Franco and Jason’s intimidation and harassment within the confines of their residences?   and in the presence of their offspring? 

FRANCO and JASON. If anyone requires a reminder, it can be provided in the form of audio recordings of phone conversations and movies to assist in refreshing the recollection. 

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Who is Jason Cianflone? 

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Upon completing web searches, a spiritual weblog was uncovered which is ascribed to a guy called Jason Cianflone. The profile image on this site shows an uncanny resemblance to the individual reported to have controlled Fine Haus Building Co. As per the statement of purpose published on this blog, the group aspires to promote the good news & spiritual education to all of God’s children in Texas.

Moreover, a LinkedIn account allegedly affiliated with Cianflone was uncovered, where he writes content on behalf of a publication called “Brighter Days Are Ahead For You”. The page is overflowing with religious jokes and passages from the bible. To learn more about him, you may learn from the link: Jason 

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Final Thoughts 

A multitude of individuals have been trapped in the fraudulent real estate scheme masterminded by Fine Haus Building Company & its president, Jason Cianflone. The group expanded rapidly as disgruntled residents vented their grievances on the platform, exposing the magnitude of the Fine Haus scam. 

Investigations revealed that Fine Haus did not possess the required licenses & proprietorship of the pledged lots. As a result, legal proceedings were initiated and an intermediate receivership was established, resulting in the recovery of just a small portion of the reported damages. 

Jason Cianflone’s downfall is a clear reminder of the lasting consequences of Fine Haus Building Company’s deceitful actions, which have left homeowners & creditors struggling with the aftermath of unfulfilled commitments and financial chaos. 

Jason Cianflone: Is He Involved in a Scam? The Truth Exposed (2024)
Jason Cianflone: Is He Involved in a Scam? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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