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Jason Seto: Was a Predator Finally Arrested and Exposed? (Update 2024)

Jason Seto is a child abuser who was imprisoned for trying to arrange a sex encounter with a 14-year-old child.

The monster was imprisoned promptly after a police sting exposed his criminal intentions and activities.

However, the monster has now begun promoting himself as a charity organizer.

Beware of Jason Seto. The following review will take a deep dive into how this monster was caught, where he is now and how you should avoid him:

Where is Jason Seto the Child Abuser Now?

Creator of charity fundraising events and visualizer for entertainment brand marketing, Jason Seto resides in New York. His primary areas of interest are original theatrical live-stage productions and music/dance production experiences. In addition, Seto is an activist for LGBTQ+ causes.

The Pride Main Event NYC, a grand opening dance performance inspired by the Super Bowl that took place at the Jacob Javits Center during WorldPride in 2019, was produced by Jason Seto.

Jason Seto arrested in child sex sting

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A city airport food court underage sex sting turned up an elementary school employee for the city’s teachers union, according to authorities on Friday. The feds claim that Jason Seto, 41(now 45 ), the community school director at PS 48X in the South Bronx, was detained on Thursday after arranging what he believed to be a potential sex encounter with a 14-year-old child.

That boy ended up being an NYPD detective who pretended to be a teen when speaking with Seto online. According to a criminal complaint submitted on Friday in Brooklyn Federal Court, Detective Damon Gergar first communicated with Seto via a dating app in August.

The documents state that when the officer informed Jason Seto that he was 14, Seto responded, “Cool.” According to the lawsuit, Seto inquired about oral sex and meeting up nearly right away. According to the court documents, Seto also advised switching to a more private app to “keep us a secret” and admitted to the undercover officer that he enjoyed seeing child pornography that featured youngsters under the age of 14.

12/12/2023 Update
As of now, Jason Seto has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Still acting as the boy, Gergar agreed to meet Seto at a LaGuardia Airport food court on Thursday night, where police were reportedly preparing to apprehend him.

According to the complaint, that is when he handed over his phone, which had the conversations with the fictitious 14-year-old.

Jason Seto made his court appearance on Friday while wearing a form-fitting grey polo shirt, blue trousers, a mohawk, and a goatee. In anticipation of Jason Seto’s bail application on September 11th, prosecutors requested and were given a temporary order of custody.

Since October 2018, he has worked for the United Federation of Teachers, which collaborates with the city to provide additional resources to specific schools.

He previously held the position of Community School Director at PS 165 in Brooklyn for the charitable organization Partnership with Children.

According to his website, he currently manages initiatives to provide therapy, social work services, and community connections at the Bronx Elementary School. On his LinkedIn profile, Jason Seto brags about managing Chris Grant, the choreographer for Beyonce, and about his production company staging the Pride Festival’s biggest event, a 25,000-person gala at the Jacob Javits Center.

His Instagram account includes photos of young children, including a fifth grader who played Simba in a production of the Lion King that Seto helped stage at PS 48X. His LinkedIn site also includes a photo of him with Mayor de Blasio.

Child Predator:

A person who uses the internet to communicate with children and teenagers, to cause harm, and to engage in sexual predatory behavior, is known as an online child predator. This poses a significant risk to the safety and well-being of children both online and offline.

According to a UFT official, “Mr. Seto has been suspended without pay considering the very serious nature of the allegations.” The city’s Department of Education declared its support for the quick action. “When we learned about these incredibly alarming charges, Mr. Seto’s employment was immediately halted. He is not a DOE employee, and his employment status will be suspended while this case is being resolved, the DOE said.


A complaint was filed in Brooklyn Federal Court on Friday accusing a United Federation of Teachers director of trying to force a kid into sex as part of a sting operation.

Detective Damon Gergar, who participated in the operation, said that Jason Seto, 41, got in touch with him through a dating app that people “mainly use to meet up to have sexual contact.” Gergar alleges that Seto sent him a picture of himself that showed both his face and his genitalia.

Gergar claims that Jason Seto was informed of his age during the first 15 minutes of their conversation. Gergar claims that Seto gave him a “cool” response and continued conversing with him, asking him whether he liked older men and claiming that Seto was his “daddy” and Gergar was his “son.”

We have to both delete the convos every time because this app is highly secret, so that’s why I offered, according to Seto, who asked to carry on the conversation on the encrypted messaging service Telegram. Gergar claims that Seto responded, “I prefer young,” when he repeated his claim that he was 14 years old.

Gergar and Jason Seto have engaged in sexual activity several times since Seto first indicated an interest in meeting up with him.

During their talks, Seto also mentioned his desire to see child pornography when he met the individual he ostensibly thought to be a child. Seto allegedly admitted to watching porn with boys “younger” than the 14-year-old Gergar claimed to be, and during their talks, Seto provided Gergar with four movies. When asked if his real name was Jason Carlos, Seto responded that he had been using the alias “Carlos Sanchez” in the talks. Based on the picture of his face that Seto had supplied Gergar, authorities eventually concluded that it was Seto.

When Gergar stated the fake 14-year-old lived in the Dominican Republic, the man even offered to fly to meet him.

The GPS coordinates of a place less than half a mile from Seto’s Astoria home address were eventually given to Gergar.

On September 5, Gergar requested that they meet at the LaGuardia Airport Five Guys restaurant. Police officers saw Seto leave his apartment and make his way to LaGuardia. Seto entered the restroom after Gergar claimed to be there.

Gergar then claimed to have been at Five Guys, where Jason Seto eventually went to meet him and other law enforcement officials who then arrested him.

After surrendering his Miranda rights and allowing Gergar to inspect his phone, where the chats were discovered, Jason Seto confirmed he was the one speaking to the person who claimed to be 14 years old, according to the authorities.

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Jason Seto is a monster. He was caught sending sexual messages to a 14-year-old while being fully aware of the victim’s age. The man is now promoting himself as a charity organizer but don’t let him get away with his predatory behavior.

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  1. This article gave me goosebumps, my daughter is also 12 years old, and she feels free to move wherever she wants, but if people like Jason are there,

    it would be difficult to proceed.

  2. These people shouldn’t be allowed to live with humans, prison is the perfect community for them.

  3. Being the director of a community school his aim should be to take responsibility for the children but he is making them feel insecure with him.

  4. I got to know about this man when he promoted the LGBTQ community and showed his concern for the community where he made steps to promote the betterment of the race. But his involvement in this crime has completely changed my perspective about him.

  5. The most shocking thing is that he is now promoting himself as one of the charity organizers, and people are trusting him after all they aren’t aware of his past criminal records, exposing this man.

  6. I would not let this man live freely moving here and there among the society after indulging in this type of crime.

  7. My children cried after reading this article, they were filled with terror and asked me, is this possible, are their people like Jason, I made them realize, your father is with you everywhere none of these criminals can think of committing anything.

  8. The government needs to make them realize these criminals’ crimes and also let them face the consequences for their crimes, if the police is having proof of the encounter then they should be in prison as fast as they could be executed.

  9. This man was trying to have some sexual activity with a child who was 14 years old, how evil do you want this man to be, fu#k you Jason.

  10. STAY AWAY FROM JASON THE PEDOPHILE! HE SHOULD BE BEHIND BARS!!!! He put people in prison so he could get away with his crime. He will only do harm. Please please stay away from this mediocre.

  11. After committing these crimes, they turn toward the well-being of society. Fu#k You Jason.

  12. Jason was depicting his age to be equal to Gregar making her comfortable for continuing the chat, which ended up with these criminal charges.

  13. Now children are not safe with anything around whether it is some online app or humans. The mentality of human beings is degrading day by day.

  14. When I was a kid my teacher also tried to be sexual, I was in class 7 when our science teacher Mary took the opportunity and tried to kiss me, at that moment I was feeling uncomfortable and ran away.

  15. Now the question is that teens are getting very advanced and using these dating apps, and chatting with unknown evils, it is the responsibility of the parents to keep a regular check on their children’s behavior.

  16. Make him end up in life imprisonment for the crime, the incident would have impacted negatively and may put the child in depression. It is very important to make the criminal punished timely and the child should be taken with utmost care and shouldn’t be asked about incidents in the future.

  17. People like Jason are always misusing their position for some evil setbacks.

  18. Being the director it’s his responsibility to maintain the discipline of the school and keep the environment safe for the students but he himself is indulging in the crime scene.

  19. This behavior is more of an animal, by the way, it would be shameful for comparing to the animals also, they are more trustable than him.

  20. The child abuser, you are not completing the title, add some more suffixes like evil, monster, etc. these criminals shouldn’t be allowed to live in the society of humans.

  21. For god sake he was caught after doing this heinous crime, it is very important to make the proper safety measures for keeping the citizens of our country safe at every point.

  22. How can someone think of doing that to a 14-year-old kid?

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