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People who have achieved their goals and are successful in life are increasing every day. On the other hand, the poor are trying their best to make ends meet. The successful are taking the chance to manipulate and mislead those who are trying to climb the success ladder. I think jealousy is taking a toll on them. The successful people make those in low social statuses believe that they will lead them into success. Due to the hunger for success, people believe in thriving people and follow them blindly. In the end, the successful people end up taking the few coins that you had saved from your pockets. In as much as everyone wants to be successful, you should open your eyes wide and think before you react.

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Jay Samit is one of the known successful people in the world who are an inspiration to many. Unfortunately, he takes advantage of his success to mislead people. He uses a variety of tricks to get even the last coin that you have. A significant example is his posts on Google, which are meant to attract more people into his den. He also posts videos on YouTube, but they are not helpful. People have learned about his tricks, and the number of viewers who view his videos is decreasing each day tremendously. If you check his post videos that were posted in the past few years, you will be shocked because he had over a hundred thousand viewers. Recently his videos are only being viewed by less than two hundred viewers, and this indicates that people are becoming more enlightened.

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Jay Samit was born on January 31 in the year 1961 in the United States at a place called Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Jay graduated from the University of Southern California, which is in Los Angeles. He is an American citizen and the founder of Jasmine Multimedia Publishing, and through it, he has achieved great success in his life. Opening Jasmine Company was the breakthrough in his life. Jay Samit is also an independent vice-chairman in a networking company called Deloitte. 

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Additionally, Jay Samit lives in California at Los Angeles. He is a keynote speaker, an author, a father, a professor, and a distributor. He is a digital innovator who helps companies grow through different transformations. Jay Samit, as a keynote speaker, majors his talks on assisting companies and businesses thrive through innovations. Also, Jay Samit married Michele D Berger in 1982 when he was twenty-one years old, and he is a father of two. 

The Books


In today’s generation, writers have significantly increased; they are publishing books with different titles starting from businesses, latest fashion, and design, motivational books, storybooks, among others. Most of these books do not even make sense at all, and they are not worth reading. The many writers who are erupting from nowhere aim at getting money after selling their books. They persuade people to buy those books without giving a damn if the books will benefit the reader. Most of the books that are flooding in the market are business-related. People have ventured into different businesses; hence, they purchase business books that would help their businesses to flourish. Unfortunately, they realize that books are not helpful when it is too late.

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Among the writers of business books is Jay Samit, who has written several books. One of his books that were published in 2015 is titled ‘Disrupt Yourself.’ Ironically, this book was termed as the best-selling, yet it has nothing educative inside. It is like a shell that is well decorated from the outside. The book mainly focuses on several essential strategies that can help companies achieve their goals. This book indeed seems excellent for both existing and upcoming companies. When you Google the book reviews of ‘Disrupt Yourself,’ you will be tempted to get a copy of the book and read it word by word. The book review seems promising, and anyone would wish to be part and parcel of great success. Unfortunately, when you buy the book, you will come to realize that it does not have much to learn. It will also dawn to you that the book reviews were just too much exaggerated to please you to buy the book.

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If we get into details about this book, it talks mostly about Jay Samit’s success story and his biography. The title of the book is indeed meant to disrupt you. It leads you to a state of confusion because the content inside is the opposite of your expectations. When one thing is mentioned now and then, it loses its meaning and becomes dull. Jay Samit keeps on quoting his only successful company from the beginning of the book until the end. Jay’s successful company is known as Jasmine. When Jay Samit wants to talk about failure, he keeps on mentioning Sony. As a writer, it is advisable to have a variety of significant examples. The many cases will help you avoid quoting a specific thing over and over again. According to me, Jay Samit is not a professional writer, and thus he should not involve himself with writing. Jay should let those who understand what book is all about to do their work.

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The other book that Jay Samit has written is called ‘The Secret to Successful Social Media Advertising, ‘ which was published on April 1, 2011. This book is not useful at all because it tells you more about how other successful and world-known companies advertise themselves to attract more customers. Jay Samit forgets that most of the companies that he uses as examples have been in existence for more than a couple of decades. When the companies were established, they did not have as many customers as they have now. What Jay should tell us is how the mentioned companies thrived to become well known and what they do to retain their customers. He should take us step by step on what to do to achieve our goals.

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Jay Summit says that those big companies use social media to get the customer, and we should emulate this way to advertise our goods and services. If you try Jay Samit’s forms of advertising yourself through different social media platforms, you will end up being frustrated because your expectations will be very high compared to reality. This book is based on the comparison, yet success comes in different ways. What worked for you may not work for me. By this, I mean that if a person sells clothes and he or she is making a high profit, that is not a guarantee that if I sell clothes too, I will make profits like him. I should come up with different selling strategies that will favor my business.

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The book is not worth buying because it states the obvious things that everyone knows. There is nothing new or unique to learn from Jay. The different ways indicated at times may help advertise your company, but they cannot rely on a hundred percent because you cannot keep on posting the same thing every day. Those who are venturing into business and are aiming into opening companies should come up with more effective ways to market their goods and services.

I’ve Actually Worked With Samit


I am one of the people who like learning and researching on different social media platforms. As I was researching, I came across Jay Samit’s posts as a keynote speaker, and below were tens of comments from various people praising him for the excellent work. I was tempted to read more about him, and I looked forward to attending some of his speaking sessions. I followed him closely to know the next upcoming events that would host Jay Samit. I believed that I would benefit more from him.

As time went by, I had the privilege to interact with Jay Samit a few years ago as I reserved a seat in one of his great sessions that were to take place in our home town. I had heard stories from different people, some praising him while others condemned him. I was curious to learn from him because I thought that those who condemned him were haters. After all, no one can be liked by everybody, not unless some hypocrites smile on your face. I had prepared myself both physically and psychologically as I knew that his sessions were life-changing. I remember very well that I paid a fortune to attend this particular session. When the day came, I arrived in the stipulated time. At the gate, it was made mandatory for each person attending the meeting to purchase either of Jay Samit’s books. We did not have a choice, and more than five thousand copies were sold that day. To me, we would require the books during the session.

To my surprise, Jay Samit did not tell us to refer anything from the books that we purchased. In the entire session, he kept telling us how successful he is and the things he does to earn himself more money. I would not relate how his lifestyle was useful to us because Jay Samit seemed to be boosting to us instead of showing us the steps to make to be successful to him. The session was more of storytelling than educative, and at the end of it, I believe everyone would write Jay Samit’s biography without breaking a sweat. We had now known Jay Samit from inside and outside. Later that day went home discouraged because I never thought that Jay Samit would waste our day by giving us his endless life stories.

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At home, I decided to read the book that I had bought, and true to what many said it made a lot of sense in the first few pages. I even thought it was a good idea that I had got a chance to read it. The unexpected happened when I reached page fifteen because Jay Samit started retelling the same story and quoting most of the things he had written earlier. The book was just pathetic, and it was a waste. It seems like Jay did not have content to write it the remaining part of the book, and because he wanted to have a bulk book, he sorts refuge in repetition. I cannot recommend Jay Samit’s books to anyone.

My Verdict


Jay Samit is one of the people who do not add value to people’s lives. I still do not understand why a person should talk ill because of a one-time failure. I believe that failure should motivate someone to try much harder or apply other strategies. In Jay Samit’s book ‘Disrupt Yourself,’ he talks so much about the failure of Sony. I do not think that this is good because he was part of the fault. If at all, he offers appropriate strategies that would help companies flourish, why didn’t he help Sony Company? I understand that he was a senior leader at Sony, meaning he played a more significant role in the company for failing. I even tend to think that he made the company fail on purpose. You might be wondering how? Well, it might have been in mission because maybe he wanted to have a solid example to use in his book ‘Disrupt Yourself.’

Jay Samit uses other people’s failures as a way of marketing himself. It is not logic to parade other people’s fault as if you are happy about it. It would have made sense if Jay Samit had helped Sony to get back on track and even make higher profits. By this, people would have saluted Jay for the excellent work. In short, one should learn to help and support those who are about to fall and not watching them as they fall to make stories out of it.

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Jay Samit uses other people’s failures as a way of marketing himself. It is not logic to parade other people’s fault as if you are happy about it. It would have made sense if Jay Samit had helped Sony to get back on track and even make higher profits. By this, people would have saluted Jay for the excellent work. In short, one should learn to help and support those who are about to fall and not watching them as they fall to make stories out of it.

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