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The name of Jeff Bullas is popular in the industry as a social media expert and industry thought leader. He has created a powerful brand on the internet through his blog. At least that’s why I thought before I had thought of working with him. In reality, Jeff is nothing more than a depraved cheat and a fool. He is running a huge scam and is one of the fake influencers present in the industry. He doesn’t like to work with small organizations because he is too big and busy.

My experience with Jeff Bullas and his company made me realize that one should always double-check a service provider, no matter how reputed the provider seems.
There are many articles present online which showcase Jeff as an authoritative figure. He must be one but he is not a good person. He is now using his large influence to lure customers for his malicious schemes and he is robbing them blind. I have suffered considerable loss because of Jeff and his services and because of my poor experience with this guy and his organization, I’m 100% sure that he is a big criminal or at least a fraudster. No one calls him out because he doesn’t take the guarantee for his own performance. If you hire Jeff for marketing your product or services, don’t expect to see any results because Jeff won’t do anything and when you’ll ask him what went wrong, he’ll get all defensive and start blaming you for everything.

I gotta be honest with you. Jeff Bullas cost me and my business a terrible loss. I thought it was vital to expose this online fraudster who acts as if he is one of the best marketers available on the planet. While the truth is, he is nothing more than a large-headed online criminal. He is a narcissist and an egoist too. I have shared my story in this article apart from some information about Jeff so you can get an understanding of how depraved this guy is.

My Jeff Bullas Review: My Honest Experience

Jeff Bullas Cost my Company $50,000!! Never Hire Him for Marketing

Jeff has a considerably big blog on his website. He is the owner of which receives substantial regular. As a professional marketer, I used to admire Jeff’s work considerably. I always thought of him as an innovative and generous guy who shares his knowledge through his blog posts and articles. Before this pathetic experience, I used to be a fan of Jeff Bullas and his work.

I used to read his articles regularly and if someone used to question Jeff’s authority, I would argue. I could have never imagined that Jeff will cost my company such a humongous loss. It happened when I contacted Jeff for marketing one of my products. He offers the service of influencer marketing and if you would go through his website you will see how professional his services seem.

In fact, it’s nearly impossible for one to think that Jeff is a fraudster and an online criminal. Even if someone had tried to alert me about Jeff and his notorious ways of making money, I would have simply ignored that person. Why? Because I was blinded by the fake persona of Jeff Bullas. I was an ardent follower of Jeff and I used to promote his blog and services to other people as well. I could have never thought that Jeff was a scammer.

I was launching new software and I wanted Jeff to promote it for me. Go to Jeff’s website and you’ll see how he boasts his website’s statistics. The stats seem legit and they might be true, considering the number of years he has spent in the industry. I wanted to work with him and this seemed like the best opportunity to do so. We scheduled a meeting and a call with his company and I discussed my product with them.

They told me that I’ll first need to deposit $20,000 as an advance after we finished discussing the project. I paid them happily. I run a marketing company too, and this software was a new venture which I was excited about. Jeff’s website was supposed to release a number of blog posts and emails about my new and upcoming software. My team and Jeff’s team planned the marketing strategy for my launch.

Everything seemed quite cool and to be honest, I was hoping to get great results from this campaign. The estimate was $50,000 and this is a humongous marketing budget for any software. The sad thing is, this whole expenditure didn’t yield any results. Jeff’s campaign failed terribly. Before releasing the posts, Jeff’s company had taken the rest of the $30,000 from my organization.

I should have stopped right there. No honest service provider demands the payment in full before delivering the project. It is a sign of scammers. But like I said earlier, I didn’t doubt the methodology and intent of Jeff and his company at any stage of the campaign. I only thought that they were expert and hard-working professionals, who were eager to yield me great results. I was very wrong.

When the campaign failed, I asked them about the results and demanded a refund. Clearly, they were at fault here. They could have generated at least a few hundred leads for my landing page but they failed to do so. I couldn’t believe the kind of pathetic performance they had done. When I demanded a refund, they refused. Jeff said, “Look, the success of a marketing campaign depends largely on the product. And your product sucks. Maybe we should give it another try but that’ll cost extra.”

This statement made me realize how low-minded and deceitful Jeff is. All the blog articles and brand mentions are useless. The real guy is a thief and he doesn’t have any heart or emotions. He doesn’t see the losses he causes people to go through. I asked him, “What about my $50,000? How will I get them back?” He simply told me that they don’t issue any refunds and blamed me and my company for his failure.

If you ask me, Jeff is a narcissist. He doesn’t believe in providing a good service or offering any value to his customers. He only cares about himself. He started blaming my company and my product for the poor performance of the marketing campaign while the truth is, it was his company’s error.

They only mentioned my company once in three articles, for which they had charged me $50,000. Not only that, they removed those articles from the official website after a few days and re-posted an edited version of the same. $50,000 isn’t a small amount for any business. And Jeff ruined the entire budget and financial planning of my business through his misdeed. I lost all faith in him. To be honest, it was the worst day of my life. When a person you admire turns out to be a mischievous criminal, your views about the world change drastically.

I gave up and stopped working with Jeff and his company. But they didn’t stop there. After a few days, Jeff contacted me and told me that he can get me lots of leads and sign-ups in exchange for a little something.

When I asked him what that ‘little something’ was, it was a 40% commission on all the sales he generates through his website. After suffering a loss of $50,000, my company was already near its death and this guy thought I’d give up 40% of my profits. I told him that it isn’t possible because my current net profit was already way too low. I offered him 25%, which meant I would have not been able to focus more on the marketing budget of my product.

He declined the offer. He said he was thinking of helping my company one more time but it seemed to him that I only want my product to fail. Who does he think he is to say such things about my products?

I never heard from Jeff again. But that incident affected me deeply. I used to look up to Jeff Bullas as a motivational person and an inspiration. After finding out what a big scammer he is and how steals money from other people, I started alerting other people about Jeff’s reality. However, no one believes me. Thanks to the near-perfect persona of Jeff, it’s impossible to convince anyone that Jeff Bullas is actually a criminal.

I bet he offers high-quality and credible services too. But he keeps them reserved for multinational companies and large organizations. For startups and small businesses like me, he only provides fake services and products which amount to nothing except huge losses.

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I had to delay the launch of my software for a number of months ( around 8 or 7) because of the humongous losses Jeff had caused me.

He first did false claims about the effectiveness of his campaigns. Then he released a poorly conducted and ineffective campaign. And when the campaign failed he simply told me that I was at fault, not him. Not only that, he later contacted me and offered help at the price of 40% on every sale.

This guy is narcissistic ignorant. I bet many businesses must have fallen prey to Jeff’s vicious schemes only to find out later that it was Jeff who caused them this much loss, not them.

His Online Presence

Social Media

Even though Jeff Bullas claims to be a thought leader in the internet marketing game, he is certainly not the brightest guy when it comes to social media marketing. Being the owner of a marketing company myself, I have a lot of knowledge in this field. So I can easily analyze Bullas social media pages.

Social media helps businesses connect with their customers and increase their brand awareness. With almost 2 billion users worldwide, social media is one of the most powerful tools for today’s business. And the best thing about it is that it is completely free for use. But people like Jeff Bullas are taking advantage of these platforms.

Jeff does not know how to legally use social media platforms for marketing and that’s why he relies on black hat marketing techniques.

These black hat marketing techniques boost the rankings and followers of a social media page, however, it is extremely harmful to the long run. But it seems that Jeff is too dumb to understand the consequences.

I have listed & explained the main social media handles of Jeff Bullas down below:


jeff bullas

The official page of Jeff Bullas dot com has merely 100k followers, which is not impressive for a “legendary social media marketer”. And the engagement rate on his FB page is just pathetic. Even though he has taken the basic measures to make his page alright, but it is definitely not properly optimized. He claims to be an expert social media marketer but he doesn’t follow the basic laws of SEO and marketing, pathetic. Looking at the engagement rate of his Facebook posts, I would say that at least 60% of his followers are of dead accounts. He says that he started his online marketer journey from Facebook and considering that, he knows NOTHING about this platform. Claiming to be an expert in something that you don’t even know the basics of is totally unethical and Jeff, if you are reading this, I would advise you to accept the fact that you are NOT a good social media expert.


jeff bullas 2

The Twitter page of Jeff Bullas has ~500K followers and his bio suggests that he joined Twitter in 2008. This self-proclaimed legend has a B- total grade on Social Blade dot com, which is not good for someone who considered himself the god of social media marketing. Moreover, he only gets 3 retweets and 3 likes on his Tweets. Imagine what kind of engagement this guy can provide to your brand. He can’t boost his own following online and claims that he can boost yours.


jeff bullas 3

The days of blogging are fading away and all the smart bloggers have started their YouTube channels. It is because more people prefer watching a video than reading a blog post. And YT is the new face of the online vlogging/blogging social media industry. You might think that a guy who is considered one of the best social media influencers by Forbes must be utilizing this platform. But guess what? HE IS NOT. The YouTube channel of Jeff Bullas is utterly shameful, with only ~400 subscribers and ~20,000 total views. There are teenagers with a thousand times more views and subscribers than this “ 1 Digital Marketing Influencer”. This guy is a total hypocrite, he doesn’t have much knowledge of his own craft.


jeff bullas 4

Everyone who has a smartphone, has Instagram in it. Instagram is one of the biggest and the most trending social media platforms of this decade and all the social media experts advise businesses & entrepreneurs to start an Instagram page. However, Mr. Bullas seems to slack off here as well. He only has around 17k followers and he uses the most pathetic tactic to gain followers. First, he will follow random accounts and ask them for a follow back, after they follow him back, he unfollows them in a few days. This is one of the pitiful tactics that a person can use to gain followers. His Instagram account is a personal account, which means he cannot do promotions there. You have to be utterly foolish to not use the business promotion tool of Instagram, especially if you are a social media marketer. But I think that Jeff is too dumb and slow to consider this. I’m 100% sure that he doesn’t know about this feature.

jeff bullas 5

The social blade ranking of his Instagram page is a whopping C- and not only that, social blade also shows that he loses around 30 followers each month. Now those are some stats people would find fascinating, right?

His Exorbitant Products & Programs

What exactly does he sell?

Jeff Bullas sell a lot of things however, there are three main products/ services that he wants people to buy. These 3 are quite expensive and they produce most of Jeff’s revenue. There are a handful of reviews on them, which tell the reality of these services/ products and I’m going to put them here as well. Because the reputation management team of Jeff, is most likely going to take those posts down and the only thing left will be a 404 error. I have listed the products down below:

Sponsored Content

I have already told you what kind of expert Jeff really is when it comes to social media marketing and being a social media influencer. However, most of people don’t know the real side of Jeff Bullas as he has been featured in Forbes and many other listings, which blinds people from seeing his reality. On the sponsored content page of his website, you are going to see that he claims to get “millions of visitors” his website, however what he does not tell you is that most of those visitors are “not” unique, and only a couple of thousand people actually visit his website. He charges thousands of dollars for a simple sponsored article. On the page, he brags about his “700,000” social media followers, but as I proved earlier, those are just false claims. Moreover, The sponsored content service is certainly a useless service by Jeff Bullas and it is horribly overpriced. You can get 300% better results just by using Instagram & Facebook ads. But Jeff isn’t going to tell you that, because then you will not buy his courses and services.

The Udemy Course – 7 Key Steps To Blogging Mastery

I’m not a hater of Jeff Bullas and I will say that this is a helpful course for those who don’t know anything about blogging and social media. As this course does cover the basics, however, if you know how to setup a free website and write blog posts, then you know pretty much everything that this course could have taught you. Blogging is not as difficult as people think it is and literally anyone can start doing it. This Udemy course is just too simple and it doesn’t provide as much value as it costs. Bullas is going to give you a “certification” when you complete this course but it does not have any value or credibility to it. You can learn literally EVERYTHING in this course for free, just by reading a couple of articles and watching some videos online. It isn’t going to make you a “master” in blogging. Jeff is just lying there to get as many customers as possible.

Influencer Services

It was my mistake to buy these services from Jeff. This is the most expensive service of Jeff Bullas and that is why he spams people to buy it. On his website, he claims that this service is going to get you thousands of leads and customers. However it is all rubbish and from my own personal experience I can tell you that you are just going to regret buying this service from Jeff. His team of “experts” are extremely lazy and don’t do their work with any dedication. And he charges A LOT of money for this useless service.

Jeff is a Liar and a Thief

My experience and this article should have held you in understanding what a big thief Jeff really is. His company is indulged in unethical practices and it doesn’t care even one bit about the consequences his victims have to face.

Tell me, shouldn’t Jeff pay a price for what he does? Shouldn’t the world get to know the real face of Jeff?

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My experience and this article should have held you in understanding what a big thief Jeff really is. His company is indulged in unethical practices and it doesn’t care even one bit about the consequences his victims have to face.
Tell me, shouldn’t Jeff pay a price for what he does? Shouldn’t the world get to know the real face of Jeff?

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  1. I was surprised to read the blog post about Jeff Bullas. I have followed his work for a while, and I thought he was a respected figure in the social media industry. I am now reconsidering that opinion, after learning about his shady business practices. I urge readers to be careful when working with social media experts, and to do their research before signing up for any programs or services.

  2. I was surprised to read that Jeff Bullas is a popular social media expert and thought leader. I was also surprised to learn that he is a cheat and a fool, as alleged in many online articles. I can only imagine how many people he has scammed in the past. I would strongly advise anyone considering working with him to be very careful.

  3. Email [email protected] we can sort out a refund.

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