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Jeff Grant SnapNurse: Abusing Staff, Exposed in Lawsuit (Update 2024)

Jeff Grant SnapNurse facing a class action lawsuit for abusing his workers and not paying them.

The following report will shed more light on his illegal activities and their consequences:

jeff grant snapnurse

According to a class action complaint filed by a Pennsylvania healthcare worker against SnapNurse, a company that links nurses and healthcare facilities, Jeff Grant SnapNurse didn’t pay his employeesin accordance with national labor laws.

jeff grant snapnurse
File Photo: Jeff Grant SnapNurse

Chief Executive Officer Jeff Grant was chosen in February 2023. Technology administrator Jeff Grant has an impressive history of success. Additionally, it hastens the growth of the technical market. He served as the CEO of DriversED, COO of Thumbtack, etc. At LeapFrog and Orbitz, he has a crucial role. He earned a business administration degree from the University of Michigan before pursuing an MBA at Northwestern University.  

Lawsuit filed Against Jeff Grant SnapNurse

Erica Ramirez, the plaintiff, filed the proposed class action lawsuit in the Northern District of Georgia, alleging that Snap had violated both Georgia contract law and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) in its contacts with her and other healthcare workers throughout the crisis.

According to information and belief, this also happened to numerous healthcare professionals who made themselves available for employment, according to the complaint.

Ramirez said that CEO Jeff Grant SnapNurse had agreements with hundreds of clinics all around the country. If a healthcare provider satisfies Snap’s criteria, it hires them and contracts them to hospitals and other facilities around the nation that seek temporary hospital professionals.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, there was a greater need for medical experts. As businesses throughout the nation required health workers, Jeff Grant SnapNurse proved to be a helpful resource.

jeff grant snapnurse
Jeff Grant SnapNurse doesn’t pay his workers according to the lawsuit
About SnapNurse – 
In 2017, SnapNurse was established. By allowing the quality of nurses’ medical professions and providing job possibilities globally, the technology-enabled area is dedicated to the sustainability of the people involved in healthcare and operating gaps. 
In the year 2022, the company entered Inc. 5000 as one of the healthcare firms with the fastest growth rates. 
In the nation, SnapNurse has roughly 20,000 clinics and 1,000 or more healthcare institutions. The business assists in underpinning its technologies, enabling resources, and tracking personnel. Additionally, it used credit cards for online timecard confirmations and bookings. 

Ramirez joined Snap in August 2020 and was hired for a position in Fort Lauderdale.

Ramirez said that instead of flying, she was instructed to travel from her Pennsylvania home and arrived on August 22. When she reached the job site, she claims there was no job for her to do and that either her travel or her accommodation expenses were paid for.

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Snippet of the lawsuit against Jeff Grant SnapNurse

Ramirez said that  Jeff Grant SnapNurse promised to pay her for a total of 48 hours of work, regardless of whether the hospital required her for that amount of time when she arrived.

In order to make it profitable for nurses to travel, often cross-country, the class action alleges that Snap promises that healthcare professionals would be paid for at least a specific period of time regardless of whether the facilities ultimately use the provider’s services.

What exactly qualifies as staff abuse?
Abusive behavior includes but is not limited to, repeated verbal harassment that includes derogatory remarks, curses, vulgarities, and other verbal or physical actions that a reasonable person might find threatening, frightful, or embarrassing, as well as deliberate undermining of an individual’s performance on the job.

Ramirez said that Snap promised to pay her for a full 48 hours of work, regardless of whether the hospital required her for that amount of time when she arrived.

In order to make it profitable for nurses to travel, often cross-country, the class action alleges that Snap promises that healthcare professionals would be paid for at least a specific period of time regardless of whether the facilities ultimately use the provider’s services.

Since it wouldn’t be economically lucrative for a healthcare professional to go to another jurisdiction without a promise that they would be paid for their services, the lawsuit claimed that CEO  Jeff Grant SnapNurse couldn’t furnish healthcare providers until it made this guarantee.

“With these arrangements with healthcare providers, it is our understanding and conviction that Snap violates all of these contracts by failing to pay for the guarantee it made to each health professional.”

On behalf of all workers who signed into temporary agreed terms with  Jeff Grant SnapNurse but who allegedly did not receive payment for guaranteed hours provided or reimbursement for travel time and expenses, a class action lawsuit has been filed against SnapNurse underneath the FLSA.

In addition to requesting certification of the class and designation of the case as an FLSA collective action, Ramirez is also asking for payment of unpaid wages and overtime, reimbursement for unused lodging and travel costs, damages, an injunction to stop SnapNurse from breaching the FLSA, and a jury trial.

Since the pandemic continues, people are turning to the legal system for assistance. Coronavirus lawsuits have been filed about predatory pricing, higher insurance coverage, and the impact on workers and voters, among other things. See the most current civil lawsuits here.

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Primary Reasons Behind the Lawsuit Against Jeff Grant SnapNurse

Fair Labor Standards Act: Minimum Wage and Unpaid Overtime

The claims made by the plaintiff are acknowledged and included by reference.

According to the information provided in this Collective Action Lawsuit, Defendant has violated the FLSA in several cases with respect to Plaintiff and the membership of the putative Community.

The defendant had agreements with all relevant vendors to provide their services at those locations, but they failed to pay any of them in order to get their services on their way to each location. In violation of the FLSA, the defendant failed to compensate these providers for their travel time, resulting in payments that were less than the subsistence wages for hours that they worked long hours.

Since it failed to remunerate Plaintiff and the participants in the class action for all hours worked, the respondent is in violation of the FLSA.

Contract Violation

The accusations above are accepted by the plaintiff and are included by reference.

In order to violate its agreement with healthcare professionals, the defendant has engaged in a pervasive policy, practice, and procedure of not paying them the guaranteed salaries set out in the agreement.

Defendant engaged in contracts with Plaintiff and the class in which Defendant pledged that if Plaintiff and party members made themselves available for employment, Defendant would satisfy its commitment to supply Plaintiff and the group with at least 48 hours of work.

According to Defendant’s policy, once Plaintiff offered to supply services and Defendant contracted to provide them to a site, Plaintiff was obligated to go to the location and was then given a 48-hour salary guarantee.

The plaintiff had to travel by car from Beaver, Pennsylvania to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. On August 23, 2020, Plaintiff performed as agreed.

Moreover, the plaintiff did not receive compensation in accordance with the agreement’s obligations for her trip or accommodation.

Hundreds more healthcare professionals who were willing to work also experienced this, according to their expertise and faith. In breach of their agreements, Defendant failed to compensate Plaintiff and class participants for their 48 hours of labor. According to knowledge and belief, this agreement was written in Georgia and is subject to Georgia law.

Guaranteed Estoppel

The claims made by the plaintiff are acknowledged and included by reference. In this instance, Defendant made the above job promises with the logical assumption that Plaintiff would have relied on them and taken the appropriate action. The above assurances persuaded Plaintiff to take this action. Only by carrying out the pledges will injustice be abolished.

More details on the lawsuit against Jeff Grant Snapnurse
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According to a proposed class and collective action,  Jeff Grant SnapNurse as a CEO has disregarded healthcare providers’ contracts by refusing to pay them for guaranteed labor.

In accordance with the complaint, SnapNurse. Ltd pays healthcare personnel for the time spent traveling to work sites, the cost of doing so, as well as a commitment to pay them for a certain amount of time upon their arrival.

Clearly, Jeff Grant Snapnurse is not as reliable as he markets himself to be. Beware.

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  1. Jeff grant didn’t join SnapNurse until 2023, lol… Nice Reporting

  2. Making everyone aware of these companies and providing them with the best services should be the motive, it is the responsibility of the company to make them realize their problem and avoid repeating the same.

  3. Avoid this firm at any cost and search for a better option in the market.

  4. Never get attracted to the advertisements of the company because there are chances of being defrauded by the company and filling your mind full of unnecessary thoughts about the schemes, everything was a brag.

  5. Avoid at any cost for making sure you aren’t disturbed mentally due to the negative environment in the office and none of them were taking interest in the provided work, so be prepared not to visit the place.

  6. This man has defamed the medical sector because of his scams and nefarious practices so avoiding this man for taking any type of help or even working with them is another headache, the employees aren’t paid here timely so avoid working with them, it is important to make them aware of this company’s main shadow otherwise everyone is suffering.

  7. Plaintiff has suffered a lot behind this nefarious firm, Snap Nurse otherwise people like Jeff Grant wouldn’t be left without being punished, it is very much important to make them suffer for their mistakes and face the consequences.

  8. It is the most irritating and heart-breaking moment when you are working tirelessly and the company doesn’t provide the salary on time, it is important to choose the perfect and legitimate firms for working with otherwise companies like Snap Nurse will scam you after not paying you on time.

  9. The government should look into the case and punish them according to the legal terms and conditions so that none of them feel disrespected.

  10. People are being not paid on time and serving their companies with full dedication so make sure none of your hard work goes in vain several companies are making their workers frustrated about the workload.

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