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Jennifer Hersh: Exposed with the Allegations of SEC (Update 2024)


Who is Jeniffer Hersh (CRD#: 3191008)?

Jennifer Hersh, Senior Financial Advisor, works at Merrill Lynch’s Wealth Management in Scottsdale, Arizona. She has worked in the financial sector for around 15 years. Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Inc., & Jennifer Hersh have all employed her. She is qualified in Series 63 and Series 65.

Since 1999, Jennifer Hersh has served as a financial advisor. In 2007, she started Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. To provide business owners, corporate leaders, and many generations of households with individualized financial guidance and high-quality asset management, Jennifer Hersh carefully formed her team.

Jennifer Hersh graduated with a BS from Arizona State University, and she has participated in a number of Valley nonprofits, including River of the Sun United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council and Junior Achievement. She presently holds the Association for Divorce Financial Analysts.


About Merrill Lynch Wealth Management:

Formerly known as Merrill Lynch & Company, a well-known Wall Street investing firm. Since 2009, when Bank American Corporation (BAC) purchased the business. It works as a “Wealth Managing” subsidiary of Bank of America and goes under the name “Merrill”.

Merrill Lynch & Co. was founded by Charles E. Merrill in 1914. It is a well-known American financial institution. Merrill Lynch & Co. was a major player in the market for subprime mortgages before Bank of America bought it, and that market crashed in 2007.

The headquarters of Merrill Lynch & Co. is located at 250 Vesey Avenue, New York, United States. The company, which is a division of Bank of America, has more than 19,000 financial advisors working for it and manages over $2.75 trillion in assets.

What is a Financial Advisor?

A financial advisor is a specialist who offers professional financial advice to people looking to accomplish particular financial goals. You work with a financial advisor to develop a thorough financial plan that is specific to your situation, much like you would hire an architect to construct the blueprint for your home. Understanding your existing financial condition, including your income, costs, savings, and spending patterns, is a requirement for this collaboration.

Early Beginning: Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

When Charles E. Merrill & Co. opened for business in New York City on January 6, 1914, the business, now known as Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, was established. Once Edmund C. Lynch, Merrill’s friend, joined the company in 1915, the company’s name was changed to Merrill, Lynch & Co. Charles E.

Merrill oversaw a significant reorganization of the corporation in 1930, splitting off its retail brokerage division to E.A. Pierce & Co. to concentrate on investment banking.

During the financial crisis of 2007 to 2008, the company came to the attention of many people. Merrill Lynch & Co. disclosed billions in losses in relation to its subprime mortgage portfolio and associated derivative products in November 2007.

Merrill Lynch Wealth Administration, Inc. offers a broad range of financial products and services to fulfill the various needs of its clients. One of them is, among others:

Management of Finances

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management offers investments in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and other types of assets. The Merrill Lynch Financial Wealth Management professional helps customers design personalized investment plans that match their specific financial goals and levels of risk aversion.

27/11/2023 Update
As of now, Jennifer Hersh has not responded, nor has she apologized for his misdeeds. She has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, she has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Jennifer Hersh Disclosures: BrokerCheck, FINRA, And SEC Reports

The brokerCheck report of Jennifer Hersh includes information such as employment history, professional qualification, disciplinary actions, criminal convictions, civil judgment, arbitration awards, and disclosure events.

  • The disclosure of client complaints and conciliation, regulatory actions, job terminations, bankruptcy filings, and civil or criminal judicial procedures is a requirement for all individuals registered to sell stocks and offer financial advice. As a result, Jennifer Hersh has not disclosed any occurrences.
Financial Advisors often remove their client disputes from FINRA’s Public database through Disclosure Expungement. Even law firms provide expungement services to FAs so that they can hide or remove their client disputes and maintain a clean record. So the lack of any disclosures on BrokerCheck doesn’t necessarily mean that the broker hasn’t had any disputes in the past.

FINRA’s BrokerCheck


SEC Litigations & Forms


Source: Jennifer Hersh – SEC Site Search Search Results


Jennifer Hersh Lawsuits, Legal Battles, & Disputes

On CourtListener, UniCourt,, Justia, Trellis Law, and Law360, the majority of court cases that are filed in the United States of America are preserved. If Jennifer Hersh was previously a party to any such litigation, you can see the relevant records by clicking on the links below.

There might be more pending lawsuits against Jennifer Hersh which are not listed on these directories. Lawsuit files are often deleted from online directories. So if you cannot find any lawsuits against Jennifer Hersh on these websites, you can contact the local authorities and check if they have a physical copy of any cases.


Jennifer Hersh Complaints, Class Action Lawsuits & Legal Battles

The following websites/directories are the best sources for finding complaints, litigations, and disputes against finance advisors. You can find all the complaints against Jennifer Hersh using the websites down below:

You can contact the law firms mentioned above if facing issues with Jennifer Hersh or any financial advisor.


Frequently Asked QuestionsFind the answers to your most common questions related to Jennifer Hersh & Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Where is Jennifer Hersh located?


What are Jennifer Hersh’s qualifications

BS from Arizona State University

Is Jennifer Hersh facing any lawsuits?


Has Jennifer Hersh been charged by the SEC?


How do I contact Jennifer Hersh?

Does Jennifer Hersh have any disclosures?


Which Firm does Jennifer Hersh work with?

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

What is Jennifer Hersh’s CRD Number?

CRD#: 3191008

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