Jerry Ask: Is He is a Financial Fraudster? The Truth Exposed (2023)

Jerry Ask – Scammed My Business

Jerry Ask is the founder of Jerry Ask Investment Services and has the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) certification. However, apart from these things he’s a scammer too. That man has caused my business to miss out on many promising deals and opportunities. I have only recently discovered that he and his firm weren’t serving my business with the best interests at heart. Jerry Ask is a very selfish man who only cares about his wealth. His financial advice is not for his clients but for himself. 


I don’t recommend working with Jerry Ask or his firm Jerry Ask Investment Services. That man is a fraudster who gives selfish financial advice to his clients.

Jerry focuses too much on selling investments that benefit him. He probably gets commission from those investments and that’s why he doesn’t recommend anything else to his client. His investment suggestions have been suboptimal and very detrimental for my business’s growth. It’s not like I never noticed it. I have noticed frequently that his suggested investments don’t get me as good returns as others do. However, whenever I would complain about anything like this, his firm’s people would tell me that I’m being hasty. 

Consumer fraud is typically characterized as dishonest company tactics that result in losses for consumers, whether they be monetary or otherwise. The victims are actually being cheated while they think they are taking part in a legitimate and lawful business transaction.

Now I know that his people are involved in the scam too. I don’t think anyone should bother working with this scammer. You would only waste your money. A financial advisor is responsible for the financial success of their client. They are supposed to give the best possible financial advice to their client so they can get the best possible results. However, you don’t get that with Jerry Ask. That man will only recommend you investments that get him the best results. He is doing a disservice to his clients. I didn’t think such malfeasance can happen in the financial sector. If I had any idea that such things can happen with a business planner, I wouldn’t have taken such a risk at all. 

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When I discovered the numerous gains I had been missing out on, I was devastated. My competitors have been making great financial progress well before the pandemic. So they didn’t face many issues this year. My business, on the other hand, has been suffering a lot because it didn’t have the financial soundness they have. And the only reason why my business didn’t have that financial soundness is because it had the worst business planner guiding it. 

The only reason why I had started working with that man is because I had heard a lot of good things about him. Also, that guy is affiliated with Raymond James, which is a very respected network of financial advisors. Now I know that I can’t even trust the name of Raymond James when looking for a wealth advisor. If I had any idea that Jerry would turn out to be a fraud, I wouldn’t have bothered to pay him a penny. That man is a termite who has been ruining my business for a long time. 

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I don’t want to go into the details of anything because I don’t want any legal issues or anything. However, I decided to write this review because I don’t want anyone else to face what I’m facing currently. If someone had told me these things when I was considering Jerry, I wouldn’t have wasted my money on that fraud. 

Jerry Ask Scams His Clients

Both Jerry Ask and his staff are responsible for the terrible performance of my business. They are selfish jerks who only care about themselves and their fees. Those people provide suboptimal services to their clients and are definitely not worth a penny. I don’t suggest working with these people in any case. You’d benefit more from hiring a smaller firm which actually cares about its clients. These people don’t do that here. 

Jerry Ask is running a scam under the name Jerry Ask Investment Services. He gives subpar financial advice to his clients and only cares about himself. His investments have generated poor returns for me so far, that’s why I don’t recommend his services.

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Definitely not recommended

Jerry gives selfish financial advice to his clients. He doesn't care about your finances but his own's. My experience with them has made me realise that not all financial advisors are reliable.

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  • Doesn't care for clients
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