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JFQ Lending is an Arizona-based mortgage lender. Their address is 7720 N Dobson Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85256, US. 

Their owner has a shady past, their customers are dissatisfied, and their staff complains of sexual harrassment and racism. 

What seems like a simple lending firm is actually one of the most notorious companies out there.

JFQ Lending offers VA loans, FHA loans, conventional loans, and other related services. In the following JFQ Lending review, I have exposed the shady operations of this firm to help you decide if you want to get a loan from them or not: 

Who Owns JFQ Lending Inc: John Kresevic

If you’re wondering who owns JFQ Lending, the answer is this guy:

who owns JFQ Lending John Kresevic

His name is John Kresevic. There isn’t much information on this guy on the internet. And the reason is his shady past and operations. 

When I looked him up while writing this review, I found quite a unique piece on him. According to this article, John J Kresevic, the president and owner of JFQ Lending Inc was involved in a carjacking at Opryland. 

The article states that John had refused to leave the cab and told the driver that he wanted to go to Arizona. There were several people in the cab and when the driver refused his request, John grabbed his throat and started choking him. 

He threw the cab driver out of the car and took off with the taxi. According to the police, he was drunk and probably under the influence of a substance because when they caught him, he was speaking nonsense. 

So, apart from having tons of complaints against himself and his company, it seems John is also involved in some dangerous activities. Says a lot about the leadership of JFQ Lending Inc.

There you have it then. If you were wondering “who owns JFQ Lending”, it’s a drunkard who likes to steal cabs. 

I shared this information because I found it intriguing and hilarious. But let’s move onto a more serious topic, the various reviews on JFQ Lending Inc: 

JFQ Lending Inc Reviews You Must Read

When I looked up JFQ Lending reviews, I found a ton of customer complaints against this company. It’s obvious that there’s something severely wrong with the services they offer. Because so many people are complaining about them online.

You don’t expect a mortgage lender to have such a terrible reputation online. When they have been in the industry for so long. Still, it shows that they might not be worth your time.

In fact, when you’ll read some of these JFQ Lending reviews, you’ll also realise they you should stay away from them: 

“Some of the Worst Mortgage Rates”

JFQ Lending reviews

According to the reviewer, JFQ Lending has some of the worst mortgage rates among lenders. They complain about the company’s horrible sales tactics where they keep coming back again and again, wasting their precious time. 

The reviewer goes further and complains that JFQ Lending’s salesmen try to hide their terrible mortgage rates by offering loans with significant points and high fees. They use the ‘bait and switch’ technique to get you interested in your business. 

The reviewer also points out that JFQ Lending charges 25% extra fees while offering no additional benefits.  

“Poor Communication, Untrained Staff, and Bad Leadership”

JFQ lending reviews 1

This review points out the lethargic and unprofessional behaviour of this firm. The reviewer had to wait for three months to close and they received an excuse every month. JFQ Lending offered them a lower interest rate to make up for the delay. But at the time of closing, they claimed that they hadn’t offered such low interest at all. 

You can understand how frustrating the situation must be for this reviewer. They point out that the staff at JFQ Lending Inc is untrained and has poor leadership. 

“Waste of Time”

JFQ lending reviews 2

This person was receiving mailings from JFQ Lending every week, so they chose to call them. However, the representative from the firm wasn’t happy when they asked questions that went off the script. 

The reviewer made the mistake of giving them the permission to pull their credit. JFQ Lending did two hard pulls on them. After that, they talked with the “vice president” who knew nothing about their issue.

The reviewer had to block their numbers and call them to be removed from their mailing lists. However, the representative didn’t know how to remove them from the list, increasing their woes further. 

“Skip This Place”

This review points out that JFQ Lending doesn’t provide a rate estimate to its customers over the phone without pulling their credit. They recommend avoiding this place because most lenders would give you a rate estimate without these procedures.

The review ends with them saying, “I do not recommend”. 

“Can’t Get an Update”

JFQ lending review

This person waited for four months and still JFQ Lending hadn’t done their refi. They weren’t getting any updates and because of the delay, they couldn’t apply for permits. 

The reviewer also complains that the representative doesn’t respond to any of theri calls, texts or emails. They also point out that the timeline is horrible and due to these reasons, they don’t recommend JFQ Lending Inc’s services. 


JFQ lending review

This person also had a horrible experience with this mortgage lender. They say that politely incompetent is the best way they can describe this firm’s services and that they don’t recommend them to anyone. 

In the beginning of the process, their client experience specialist had given them a list of documentation JFQ Lending needed to complete the loan. They had told the reviewer that it was all they needed. However, after three weeks, the rep asked them to pay for the appraisal and requested an additional payment of $225. 

Then JFQ Lending changed the person handling their loan. The reviewer complains that they had to submit some kind of documentation nine times. And five times, it was something they had already submitted before. 

However, they didn’t get any updates from their representatives when they submitted all the necessary information. They complain that JFQ Lending’s staff doesn’t communicate properly. 

With such delays and lethargic approach, the mortgage lender wasted their three months. 

Apart from these JFQ Lending reviews, there are a ton of more complaints. If I explained each one of them, we’d have 10000s of words here. Here are the snippets of some of those complaints instead:

JFQ Lending Fake Reviews: BBB, Bankrate, LendingTree & More

Just as negative reviews tell you a lot about a company, positive reviews do the same thing. Businesses know this. 

So they use different shady marketing tactics to manipulate your perception of their services. They would partner with review sites, bury negative content, or even buy fake reviews.

Even though it has a ton of complaints online, JFQ Lending has near-perfect ratings on several prominent review platforms. I’ll go through each of them to explain why is it so and why you can ignore them: 

JFQ Lending BBB Rating:

JFQ Lending BBB rating is a stellar 4.85 out of 5 stars. If you hadn’t read those complaints I shared before, you would have thought this business offers flawless service.

But BBB’s rating system is highly shady.

You see, the reason why the JFQ Lending BBB rating is so high is because they have an BBB accreditation. And getting BBB accreditation depends primarily on one factor: money. 

JFQ lending BBB

Yes, if you pay the fee, you can have a BBB accredited business too. CNN Money had launched a full-fledged investigation into BBB’s biased review system. And they found scammers with A+ ratings there.

So, it doesn’t surprise me when I see JFQ Lending with a near-perfect BBB rating. 

JFQ Lending Reviews on Bankrate:

Bankrate is an advertising / review aggregation platform. They rely on affiliate links to make money. This means, they earn when you click on an advertiser’s link. It’s mentioned in their terms and conditions: 

And can you guess who are these advertisers on their website? Yes, the mortgage lenders. 

No wonder most of the positive JFQ Lending reviews there are so vague:

Notice how they share no information about anything. But they give a perfect rating to the company. 

You should be highly skeptical of positive reviews that share little to no information at all. Such reviews are usually fake reviews and their aim is to help the business’s reputation. 

JFQ Lending Reviews on LendingTree:

Biased JFQ lending review

LendingTree is a mortgage lead generation company. They help mortgage lenders get new clients.

However, they also feature reviews on their platform. There, you can check out a lender and see if they are worth your business. Now tell me, if you hired me to generate leads for you, would I bad-mouth you? Would I tell others about your flaws? Or would I sing your praises to your potential leads so both of us can make money? 

This is the primary flaw in LendingTree’s review service. You can’t trust those reviews because the platform has incentive to hide negative reviews.

This is why anonymous review sites are getting so popular. They don’t hide anything from the consumers. But in any case, JFQ Lending has a ton of positive ratings on LendingTree. 

JFQ Lending Employees Spill the Beans: It’s a Toxic Workplace

How a company treats its employees says a lot about its ethics and values. And the JFQ Lending reviews on Glassdoor, are clear indication of their shady operations.

The employee complaints on this firm were very detailed and meticulous. And most of them expressed concerns about a frat-like atmosphere, nepotism, and sexual harrassment at workplace.

These all are major issues. Just one of them can make a workplace toxic. 

Several of the complaints also point out that JFQ Lending orders its employees to write positive Glassdoor reviews for their business. That explains their 4.2-star rating on Glassdoor. 

Here are the most prominent JFQ Lending reviews on Glassdoor: 

“Devil in Disguise”

JFQ lending reviews from employees

This review starts with revealing that the management at JFQ Lending sleeps with its employees. You’ll find many complaints pointing this out so I’m guessing it’s quite common there. 

The review also points out that there’s discrimination at JFQ Lending. They faced racism at the firm and have mentioned it in the review. The reviewer also points out that the CEO Justin had stared at their chest and made sexual remarks about them in the workplace.

You can understand the turmoil this person suffered there. They point out that the management of this firm is underqualified so in most cases, it doesn’t know what it’s doing. 

“The Company is a Mess”

Like the previous complaint, this one also points out that the leadership of the firm sleeps with its employees. 

They complain the company doesn’t recognize hard-working employees. In hte “Advice to Management” section, they have suggested the firm to stop turning itself into a party house. 

“Sexual Harrassment and Gender Inequality”

JFQ lending reviews by employees

In this review, the person says there are too many cons to list. There’s rampant sexual harrassement and gender inequality at JFQ Lending. Moreover, they lie to their staff about promised bonuses.

Due to lack of proper organizaiton, it’s very difficult to work. And you’ll get the blame just becuase you were the last person who handled the file. 

The review also points out that the company abuses its staff both mentally and verbally. 

“Favoritism and Sexual Harrassment”

JFQ lending reviews by employees

Here, the reviewer starts with warning young people about the constant sexual harrassment going on at the firm and advises them to stay alert if they join JFQ Lending. 

Then, the review points out the various flaws present in the firm. They say the company doesn’t care about its employees’ job satisfaction. There’s rampant favoritism in the company. They even share an example where an one employee received the bonuses for a loan that another employee had worked for.

The leadership here doesn’t lead by example. Seeing how Justin has a history of abusing substances, I’m not surprised to see this. 

The worst part is, if you’d share any concerns here, the leadership will start discriminating against you. This means you have no voice here as a staff member. I don’t think a mortgage lender should have such a toxic work environment. 

In the end, the review suggests that the company should focus on other departments along with the LOs and stop the favoritism. 

There were a ton of additional complaints, I have shared them in the gallery below. You can look at them yourself. 

I have shared snippets of reviews because Glassdoor tends to remove complaints without any warning. But that’s a topic for another discussion. 

Help Expose This Operation

Reading the various JFQ Lending reviews from its clients and employees was very taxing. It made me realise how horrible a company can be without anyone realising it. 

Still, if you’d look up who owns JFQ lending or JFQ Lending BBB rating, you wouldn’t find these complaints easily. Why? 

Because they don’t want you to. 

Companies spend millions of dollars in advertisements and marketing so people don’t hear about thier negative sides. 

It’s on you and I to help people hear about this. If you can, do share this article with someone who’s interested in JFQ Lending’s loans. They might get a different perspective on this firm. 

3.1Expert Score
JFQ Lending Review 2021

JFQ Lending has numerous customer complaints, their employees complain of sexual harassment and discrimination, and they have suspicious positive reviews. Best to avoid.

Honesty & Transparency
Client Experience
  • Operate in 30 states
  • Owner has a shady past
  • Numerous customer complaints
  • Employees complain about sexual harasment
  • Suspicious positive reviews

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  1. You and me both carl

  2. I have personally suffered because of this company. My partner left me after working for these people after a 10 year relationship. I guess sexual harassment might have something to do with it.

  3. Their staff keeps calling me. I have told them many times that I’m not interested but they don’t listen. Bunch of fools.

  4. I stopped reading reviews on BBB ever since I heard about that investigation you are talking about. I had no idea people were still talking about that company. Then again, you can’t do anything about stupidity. BBB was never a trustworthy review site .

  5. Reading those jfq lending employee reviews was very depressing ngl.

    Companies shouldn’t be allowed to exploit their staff like this. We should have the authorities look into this company and check for their shortcomings in HR. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to sexually harass your staff like this. This John Kresevic should go to jail for such mistreatment of employees. These companies don’t realise that the staff they employ are human beings. From the looks of it, I’m sure JFQ lending is not even trying to provide a positive work experience to its staff. I wouldn’t work at such a company even if they offered an attractive pay. Throw that guy in jail.

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