Joe Vitale – A Delusional Compulsive Liar Scamming People (2023)

Some concepts are too hysterical for one to believe in. And one of those concepts is of the Law of Attraction. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with believing in this concept, but there are some people who are abusing this concept and using it to steal money from unsuspecting people.

One of the biggest criminals who do this is Joe Vitale. This guy has been a fraudster for so many years but nobody says anything about him. Why? Because he is like a religious guru.

He is spreading bullshit concepts like ‘if you think positively, nothing wrong can happen to you’, and people are falling for this hysterical nonsense. Again, I’m not against the beliefs of anyone but Joe takes his scam one step ahead and steals money from people. Through his Miracles Coaching and his nonsense events, he is robbing people blind.

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He promises to give you a life full of all the good things you wished for. He promises to instil positivity in you and make your life easier.

Joe is not only a scammer but he is also a real life joke. Don’t believe me? Just visit his website and take a look at the things he sells. He has multiple courses based on Law of Attraction so you can lead a better life, he has a coaching program for markets and a coaching program for writers.

I used to ignore this bastard but he has victimized too many people. A friend of mine used to be one of the ardent followers of Dr Joe Vitale but after suffering multiple losses and wasting a lot of months to this guy’s waste, she finally realized that Vitale is nothing more than a fraudster.

I have exposed Joe Vitale and if you really want to know the reality behind the devious acts this guy is doing behind his fake exterior of being a healer or guru, give this article a proper read. And if you used to believe in this guy, then this article will open your eyes.

Who is Joe Vitale?

If you are unfamiliar with this guy, it’s important that you read this section first. It will help you recognize his frauds with much ease. Joe Vitale has a dedicated Wikipedia page for his biography and the way it is written, I can guarantee that it was written by some employee of Vitale himself.

It is full of praise. Joe Vitale was born on 29th December 1953. He has made an appearance in the movie The Secret and has written multiple books. Here’s a funny detail, on his website, you’ll see his description as the writer of many best-sellers. But in reality, he hasn’t written any best sellers at all. His website has this false claim put out there because nobody ever raised an issue.

He has written Zero Limits and the Attractor Factor, both of them are popular books and they are based on his Law of Attraction use and how to make progress in life with the help of the same.

Joe has a rags to riches story, like most other gurus and scammers. His Wikipedia page states that he used to be homeless at a time and that he used the law of attraction to make progress in his life. He has written many books and he runs multiple coaching programs.

I didn’t have any problem with Joseph at first. I thought he was just a low-level guru who used to gain people’s attention for his wasteful blabber. But after having a personal experience with the products of this fraudster, I realized what a huge scam this guy is running. He has already ruined the lives of many simple-minded people and I know that he is not stopping anytime soon. I’m afraid he will keep it up unless something big happens.

Joe Vitale’s Cult-Like Scam

This is going to be long, so brace yourself before you begin.

Here we go, last summer, one of my close friends came to me for some financial assistance. Now, she is married to a great guy and both of them aren’t into anything suspicious, like a bad habit of gambling, so I asked her what happened. When a person with a pretty normal life suddenly calls you all worried and tensed, you get scared, right?

She told me that she had made some poor investments with her savings and now she was quite low on cash. I got scared. I thought she or her husband had started gambling. My friend’s father used to be an alcoholic and a gambler so it was obvious for me to raise the question: “Don’t tell me you lost it in gambling?”

She said,” No, it’s something worse than that.” I asked her what is it, then she told me that she had taken a course from this Mr-Fat-Guru-of-Law-of-Attraction. I couldn’t believe her at first. Because she never took any kind of foolish decisions like this one in the past. IN fact, she is a pretty smart lady. She told me that she will tell me what happened but we will have to meet because it’s embarrassing.

Is scamming a serious offense?
White-collar crimes, in particular, are deemed to be serious offenses by the court and can carry harsh punishments, such as hefty fines and incarceration.

I never believed in this law of attraction bullshit. That’s because I’ve always been a logical and practical person. I believe in hard work and patience, not in this positivity nonsense. But my friend here, she was an ardent believer of this law and she used to give me long lectures about the same.

I’d like to point out that believing in something like the law of attraction isn’t wrong. But one should stay away from scammers like Joe because these people are always on the lookout for more victims and they know how easy it is to manipulate them. These people will take money from you in the name of some powerful training or advice while in reality; you’ll end up with nothing. My friend isn’t foolish. She is just innocent. She didn’t think that a popular guy like Mr Joe here would actually be a scammer.

Back to the story, I met her. We talked a little about what’s going on and then she told me exactly what happened. Her story was something like this:

“I used to read blogs and articles about the Law of Attraction. So I thought it would be great if I gained a little more knowledge in this area. But I never took any action. Near the New Year’s Eve, one of my co-workers got promoted over me. Now I know I was the right candidate for the promotion but for some reason, which I clearly don’t know, my co-worker got the promotion. I was very frustrated after that.

I thought I should just quit my job, yell at my boss and scream but I didn’t. When I came home, I was browsing through my feed, when I saw the name of Joe Vitale somewhere. I think I had seen his ad on Facebook. It was about his “Miracles Coaching”.

joe vitale

It was about getting the life you always wanted and solving your problems through positivity. I thought enough is enough so I contacted them, and asked them for a quote. They told me that I will need to pay them $5,000 for the course.

It was a huge amount, but I took the amount from my savings and started the course.”

When I heard the part about ‘taking it out of the savings’ I asked her, “Did you really think the course was that effective?” Because let’s be honest, if someone is willing to take a huge chunk like 5 grand out from their savings, then the thing must definitely worth it. Either that or the scammer is real good.

She told me that she had seen the testimonials of the course and she thought it’s the right solution to her problem. Oh, she was so wrong. This course ruined her financial well-being completely. In this course, you’re supposed to get paired up with a coach or mentor of some sort who will listen to your problems and provide you with the required guidance so you can take the right steps in your life. BULLSHIT!

She told me that she never actually had a proper conversation with the coach. They took the whole payment from her right at the beginning. They had told her that she will get a dedicated coach for her problems and they will work with her for 3 months. They had promised her that all of her questions regarding her life’s difficulties and limitations will get answered and she will be able to make rapid progress in her life.

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If she had asked for my opinion or thought at that time, I would have stopped her from buying such a bogus course in the first place. But it was her decision. She was supposed to get some assignments to work on per day or per two days. She used to receive one randomly. Her coach never talked to her properly.

The dedicated coach or mentor she was supposed to get? He never met her. He always used to talk to her on the phone and as I have said earlier, he never really listened to her properly. Not only that, she told me that the coach didn’t even remember her name properly. I will not mention her name here (for security reasons, obviously) but he forgot her name many times.

When she contacted the customer support, they simply told her that it takes time for a student and a teacher to get familiar with each other. Well, this drama went on for 2 months. She was still dissatisfied with the results but during the 3rd month of her course, she got a notification that she had been charged $2,500 for some other services. Now, the situation had taken a turn for the worse.

That additional charge of $2,500 was, according to Vitale’s company, for an additional two months of the program. Apparently, her coach had told them that she still needs to make some progress in this field and an additional period of two months would be sufficient to get her life on track.

My friend lost it. She contacted them and told them that she won’t be paying them a single penny. She quit the course right away. The coach, who didn’t even remember her name properly, used to call her multiple times a day and send emails as well just so she would take those two additional months.

She said no to all of them. But those bastards didn’t stop at anything. My friend had submitted her credit card information in the beginning. Her credit card didn’t allow the payment of anything over $1,500 so guess what they did? They charged her $1,000 for a month’s coaching, without even asking her.

Those bastards didn’t quit. She had cancelled the training but according to them, the request for a month’s coaching had already been submitted by her coach and all the necessary preparations had already been made. THEY FALSELY CHARGED HER $1,000 FOR NO REASON.

This incident was the main reason behind her new financial problems. She wasn’t able to concentrate on her job properly because of the course and the toll of $6,000 had already crippled her financially. I helped her, after all, she is one of my best friends but I also made her promise me that she will never ever contact or get in touch with Joe Vitale’s companies.

That guy is a total sham. His companies don’t offer anything of value except bogus promises. I was already sure that Joe Vitale is a scam but the experience of my friend confirmed my suspicions. I searched for a while on the internet about the kind of practices this guy does and I was amazed to see the number of similar instances that have happened in the recent times all because of this guy.

My friend’s simple mistake was she trusted Joe and his company. She used to believe in this guy’s message, his sayings and his methodology. But now her trust is breached. She no longer believes in anything such law of attraction gurus blabber about. Come to think of it, if no one would have helped my friend, how much devastated her life would have been?

She would have been under a lot of stress, depression and debts and why? All because of this fatty old bastard who thinks it is ok to sell hoax and trashy courses to simple people and steal every penny they have. For the $1,000 they charged my friend, I had posted a complaint on the BBB but it got an answer and it is no longer effective.

His staff doesn’t cooperate at any stage. And his courses are too lame. Like, my friend was telling how rude the coach was. He never listened to her side properly but when the time came to get some money out of her pockets, he started conducting proper sessions and calling her multiple times a day. Such unprofessional and careless behaviour shows that Joe’s company is made up of scammers who would do anything to get a few more bucks in their wallets.

This incident really hurt me. I had never thought that Joe was running such a sham company. He shouldn’t be allowed to market himself like that nor should he be allowed to sell such life-ruining products to anyone.

More Examples of His Scams

My friend’s experience really opened my eyes. I realized that the world has many scammers like Joe, who are destroying the lives of many commoners just for the sake of their greed and hunger for money. I wanted to see if anyone else had also faced similar issues with Joe and his products.

Turns out, she isn’t alone. There are hundreds of people who have been scammed by Joe and his vicious gang of thieves. I found multiple complaint against this guy on Ripoff Report. If you would like to take a look at them, just scroll down and check the sources.

joe vitale 3

One of the complainers was talking about the low quality of the course. He had faced similar problems as my friend. He got a very poor and misbehaving coach and he also used to receive the assignments quite late. The delay in the assignments and the poor behaviour of the coaches triggered this customer. He tried to cancel his subscription but as you may have guessed, they bothered him at that stage as well.

This guy lost $5,000 because of Joe’s company. His problem was if a customer wasn’t satisfied with the product and the product didn’t provide what it promised to, then the customer should get a refund. Can you guess what Joe’s company did?

They simply mentioned on the website in the rebuttal that the issue has been resolved. The problem here is not of the low-quality execution of their courses. The problem with Joe Vitale’s products is of false promises and marketing. His courses promise people that they will make some positive change in their lives, that they will be able to solve their problems and make their lives better with the help of the coaching.

But in reality, his courses provide nothing of value. The customer is always the one who is left with nothing except the wastage of a couple of thousand dollars and a number of weeks. You can surmise the level of arrogance Joe has from the fact that his website clearly mentions his charges for a speaking event.

I also hate the kind of marketing he is doing at the current moment. Joe is spending the money of innocent people to get more of them for cheating. He spends a lot of money on his reputation management. That’s why you’ll have to do a lot of research if you want to find something negative about Joe Vitale.

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He charges up to $30,000 per hour for a domestic event. You will also have to pay him for a first-class trip for two and get him hotel accommodation in a five-star suite. Who is going to hire this guy for speaking?

I can’t think of any names as of now but I also know that his false advertising and his useless advice is still successfully deceiving people. There are still hundreds or even thousands of people who think this guy is telling the truth and this guy is the right mentor and guide. He also sells a course on writing and marketing.

What kind of rubbish is that? He wants to monetize everything he can do possibly. I’m certain that just like his lifestyle courses his marketing and writing courses are also of extremely poor quality.

When you quit one of his courses because of low-quality or some other reason, they start urging you to try another one of their products. They start telling you things like, “Different things work for different people, why not try this simple program and transform your life?” Thanks to their founder, Joe Vitale, they have plenty of trashy pieces to sell.

My Final Thoughts

I don’t know if my past experience and these other examples were enough to convince you. With so many lies posted on the internet, it’s really difficult to find something genuine and realistic. But I wanted to put the truth out there.

My friend’s life could have been completely destroyed because of the malicious and vicious activities of Joe Vitale and his people. I always hated these gurus but after what he did to my friend, I have more than enough reasons to despise this guy. He is not only a liar but also a hypocrite and a scumbag who is making a living out of stealing the earnings of others.

There isn’t any humanity left in Joe. He is lying everywhere and to everyone, whether it’s offline or online, through social media, Joe is doing that so he can to get more customers for his useless and pathetic courses.

If he will keep it up, I bet his law of attraction will attract some authorities. Shouldn’t he be punished for the crimes he does every day?

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  1. I am a voice actor who narrated parts of one of Joe Vitale’s books on CD. I also felt swindled out of my hourly wage even for doing that! He did not follow SAG-AFTRA payment guidelines and did not allow me to use my talent agent.
    He also rounded WAY down on the amount of time I spent narrating various female characters. He certainy showed his true colors there.

  2. After reading this opinion, I want to buy this coaching to see if it really is so miserable 🙂 I haven’t seen better advertising 🙂

  3. First off i have to say i find JV books reasonably good-it is while since i have read them, but i would not be motivated to proceed with purchase of any coaching program-heavily marketed in his books. Part of the reason for this is that i read early on that his early days, he started a course on something or other, and was delighted when most of the subscribers didn’t complete the course and he still got to keep their money. Left a bad taste! I still do read and like his books even if they are not life changing-they all urge the coaching program for life changing results! So my advise is read the books but don’t take what he has to say too seriously.

  4. What a bunch of bullshit. It’s sad that your only life mission is taking down people who actually do good in the world. Your information is totally false. I could prove it over and over but what’s the point of grappling with a hater with an IQ of zero? What have you done that’s helped anyone in the world??? Oh yeah, I know. Zero. That seems to be a theme for you.

    • you are obviously Vitalw’s bot

    • Thank you for this article oh my god! I called one of this assholes numbers a couple of years ago when a lot of things went horribly wrong in my life, not because of anything that was my fault, but because I had been sexually assaulted in the community where I worked, and many people took the side of the man who assaulted me and then attacked me a bunch of times afterwards. I had lost a lot of my work, and almost all of my close friends in the city where I live, and I simply did not have access to anything even resembling the psychological help that you would probably need if something like that might happen to you. I looked desperately about online, called one of his numbers and got a whole office of con men and swindlers someplace in utah called “I acheive Today”- something I found out only a week after I had signed the fucking contract. As I cried and told them that I was suicidal and feeling very strange and frighteningly bad, they assured me that if I signed that contract with them that they would help me. One of them told me he had gotten off of crystal meth using their methods- now that I am in my right mind again, I am very sure that everybody working there was trained and how to have a cathartic seeming, reassuring conversation with any desperate people who called up. I am sure he was paid to say things like that.Joey himself was on a call once every 2 months, where only people who worked for the Utah swindler “I acheive today” group were actually allowed to talk to him. Mostly old Joey boy rambled on about his divorce, the damage to his house in Texas storms, and whatever other boring irrelevant shit was happening in his life. One was supposed to be able to call this number at any time during business hours and have a coach call you back. After an initial four sessions with some guy who complained that he didn’t make enough money, and used Jungian color schemes to try to analyze me after talking to me for like 20 minutes, which he brought up over and over and over again the rest of the time I talked to him, I never talked to the same person again twice. The rest I talked to all seemed to have read some book or another and copped a shallow version of whatever self-help scheme it offered, ranging from Sark to New Thought bullshit regurgitations of the Bible. What is more you had to call and leave a time, and then they would call you back. The window in which they would call you back was hours long. I would sit waiting and then need to be called to work and of course that was invariably when they called. In my crazy suicidal State, when I should have been in a hospital, I had signed away $293 a month for 12-months It was right there in front of me. I can hardly believe it, but you know all of us are human, and we all do stupid shit when we are feeling totally as horrified as I am at myself now, I signed that contract. Over $3,000 of savings just gone, because these fuckers take advantage of desperate people who are seeking help. I hope there are more expose articles about this man and others like him.

  5. What a shallow program with nothing new about the topic LOA!!

    I was sooo disappointed for the extremely low quality as if it was made in the 1980’s!

    We can’t respond back to their mails!

    Mails are coming back/being rejected!!

    this forces me and other customers to spend a lot of time figuring out how to contact you!

    We have to create a ticket!

    that it takes more than one week to get a response to, plus more!!!

    Now it’s 19 WHOLE DAYS since I made my purchase and haven’t received my refunds as promised yet!!!

    And now I have to write to a third person outside their organisation and ask for a refund, while probably being forced to wait ONE MORE WEEK

    DO you feel this is professional for a man like JOE????!!! Who’s not new into online marketing???!

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