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John Cultra – Wastes my time

When I worked with John Cultra, I didn’t expect him to be such a horrible professional. That guy doesn’t care about his client’s time or schedule at all. Neither he nor his staff cares about the life of their clients. I thought I was going to work with an experienced and renowned advisor. Instead of that, I got a horrible and careless advisor who doesn’t care about his clients. I don’t recommend doing business with The Cultra Wealth Management Group or any of its staff. You’d be better off investing by yourself than with this careless bunch. 

John Cultra is probably the worst financial advisor in Chicago. The man doesn’t care about his clients and their time. I would advise the readers of this article to avoid John Cultra and The Cultra Wealth Management Group as much as you can. Those people are too careless to be finance professionals. They waste your time and money without a care in the world. On top of that, these people don’t improve at all. I have sent them several emails regarding their behaviour but they don’t address them at all. It’s clear to me that they don’t care about their customers no matter how expensive they may be. These financial advisors only care about adding more assets to their portfolio so they can boast about it to other advisors. Their focus is more on themselves than their clients. And that is the worst thing about John Cultra. 

He wastes a lot of my time. I don’t have all the time in the world so when someone wastes my time, it gets really infuriating. I have tried to express my concerns multiple times but John doesn’t seem to care. He acts oblivious to my statements and it seems like he doesn’t even remember my complaints. That’s why I have given up. I wouldn’t say it to his face because I don’t want him to take it personally, but he should really start valuing his client’s time. It shocks me how careless this man truly is. That man has a lot of accords to his name and he might deserve some of them, but I think he is a little overrated. He is too self-centred and doesn’t listen to his client’s concerns. His carelessness is too dangerous for his clients, and I fear he might cause me huge losses because of it. 

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Still, nothing can top the way he wastes his clients’ time. He wouldn’t talk about the real topics and wouldn’t listen to me. It is really frustrating when you consider the fact that he is among the top financial advisors out there. No one at Cultra Wealth Management tells him about his mistakes too. It might be because his staff doesn’t want to risk their jobs. In any case, I think this review will open his eyes.

John should start focusing more on his clients than himself. He should listen to them and understand their concerns instead of imposing his views on them. However, I believe he can’t improve. He is set in his ways and you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I’m sure that John Cultra isn’t going to improve no matter how many times I tell him to. My previous efforts have been in vain and I’m quite sure that he wouldn’t even acknowledge this review. If he does, he wouldn’t want to believe any of it because his fragile ego will get hurt. 

If you’re a person looking for a financial advisor, then please stay wary of John Cultra and the Cultra Wealth Management Group. Those people are too self-centred and don’t care about their customers. 

Who is John Cultra?

John Cultra is a wealth advisor and partner at The Cultra Wealth Management Group. He has been working in the industry for over a decade and has a lot of experience. John has been named in the Forbes Top 250 Wealth Advisors list of 2019 so you can understand why people would consider working with him. Even though he is so renowned, he doesn’t care about his clients. He doesn’t acknowledge his client’s concerns and imposes his views on others. It is really painful to work with that guy. If you haven’t worked with him, then good for you, you shouldn’t risk working with him. I hope my review of the Cultra Wealth Management Group will help you in making a better-informed decision. Avoid that firm! 

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3.3 Total Score

John doesn't listen to his clients and acts ignorant when faced with criticism. It's a nightmare to work him or his staff. You should avoid doing business with these guys.

  • Doesn't listen to clients
  • Infuriating
  • Wastes time
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  1. I had no idea John’s services would be this bad. Before this article, I had only heard good things about the guy. Really sad to see this.

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