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John Darer: 4Structures Scam Exposed? Let’s Find Out (Update 2024)

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4Structures is a settlement advisor company based out of an apartment in Stamford, Connecticut. Its owner and sole employee is John Darer who is notorious for scamming and harassing women and other companies that compete with him in the settlement planning, insurance, and structured settlement industry.

His current venture has numerous complaints, lawsuits, and gripes some of which the 4Structures owner John Darer has used a reputation repair company to promote false and misleading information online with the help of The Continental Who’s Who an organization known for promoting scammers and trying to make them look good. The fake paid self promotion says that he is a “Pinnacle Top Settlement Expert” where you just pay The Who’s Who to make you a “Pinnacle” award winner as you can verify from all of their releases.

John Darer Sued For Defamation By Rhonda Bentzen

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John Darer

He is famous for being sued by Rhonda Bentzen, a female entrepreneur out of Tennessee who was making strides for women in business and breaking through barriers when Darer tried his best to block her and attack her. This ultimately led to a lawsuit where 4Structures and Darer settled out of court and then years later tried to file a frivolous lawsuit to make himself feel better.

As we have seen with Harvey Weinstein being sentenced to jail for the rest of his life John Darer deserves to be put in a similar place as he is just another Harvey Weinstein.

John Darer: Review Into The History Of The Con-Artist Behind 4Structures in Stamford, CT.

His current venture had many victims, and it seems he is trying to take advantage of more consumers as numerous online complaints are popping up that are verified below. John uses various unethical business tactics to promote himself and his company so he can ensure that people don’t find out about his terrible past. This includes a lawsuit for defamation where defendant John Darer and 4Structures published multiple false, material factual claims.

The lawsuit also had a second cause of action for Unlawful inducement or procurement of a breach of contract in violation of Tennessee Code 47-50-109. The 3rd cause of action was “Common Law Unlawful Inducement or Procurement of a Breach of Contract”, Tortious Interference with business relationships, Intentional interference with prospective economic advantage, Deceptive Trade Practices, and Trade Libel in violation of Section 43 (a) of Lanham Act.

In other words this guy is bad news and the late online defamation attorney John W. Dozier of Virginia represented the Plaintiff who prevailed with a positive financial outcome from suing 4Structures and John Darer as you will learn more about below.

Defendant John Darer has a history of publishing false, outrageous, and defamatory statements it says in the lawsuit.

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Defendant comes up with a creative way to call a hard working female in his industry a “beeyatch” showcasing how insensitive he is to females and his lack of care and compassion.

image 3

He then continued to post false and misleading information on his website and was not going to stop until he was sued. This sort of harassment of females is unacceptable.

In August the suit cites that he was posting misinformation that plaintiff was using false credentials on her online professional profiles and pays off 90% of her clients in exchange for referrals. As you will see below that Darer uses fake names online to promote his business.

image 4

With more attacks on Rhonda and her business 4Structures was sued for tortiously interfering with her business relationships and caused her to lose numerous existing and prospective business relationships and caused her to suffer a severe loss of income.

As the definition of a Womanizer is “A man who entices a woman into a different state or attempts to seduce women as a matter of habit.” We believe that is an accurate description for John Darer after reading through the lawsuit complaint against him and his company 4Structures.

image 5

Before we highlight in greater detail exactly why people online are calling him a con man and terrible person to try and work with, here is some information online about him from other people who have done business with him: 

image 6

Unethical Medicare Fraud Like Claim About 4Structures on Complaints Board

A client of 4Structures was referred by a lawyer to work with John Darer for setting up their structured settlement. The quotes below are 1st party experiences that the client had to their dissatisfaction with 4Structure’s services. The ex-client said that they were victimized over and over again by John Darer and wanted to warn others to not trust him.

The rest of the review where the ex-client says not only is 4Structures double dipping by getting referrals from Law Firms but he is also sending business to JG Wentworth.

“After I won a lawsuit my lawyer put me in contact with John Darer of to put my winnings into a structured settlement. Mr. Darer is supposedly an expert in setting up a structured settlement.

The structured settlement that John Darer put me in is totally NOT sufficient for my needs. I explained this from the get go but Mr. Darer didn’t seem to care.

I am now stuck with small payments for the rest of my life yet I can’t pay my bills. The tax stuff was never explained to me by Mr. Darer. To be honest nothing was ever explained to me.

It is very insulting that the judge and my lawyer thought that I wouldn’t be able to do the right thing with my settlement and they pushed me to deal with John Darer.

I have tried to get Mr. Darer to change my settlement payment terms but he just blows me off. I am so fed up with his snobby attitude. He treats me like he has made his money off of me and since he can’t make a new settlement (and make more money) now I am just a pain to him.

I even emailed him copies of my overdue bills and he just ignored my emails. After about 20 calls to him begging for him to help me he told me to call JG Wentworth. I called them and the figure they gave me was only for a fraction of what my initial settlement was for.

The JG Wentworth representative said that was the most that they could offer. They also said that “John Darer has a reputation in the industry for being an unprofessional, psycho and a real jerk”.

John Darer of 4STRUCTURES Uses Fake Names Online

Known for sneaky moves in his industry and using a fake name as an online alias should come as no surprise. Going by the online name of David John he has trouble with proper English sentences. Instead of saying Someone who knows a lot about structured settlements and recovery management and is concerned that consumers, attorneys and the media get it right.

Seems like 4Structures should also be concerned with getting their grammar corrected as “David John ” clearly omitted the word “Knows” as you can verify below where it says Gravatar allows John Darer to manage all of his online identities in one place. Problem is he’s using a fake name which is most likely due to the Rhonda Bentzen Lawsuit that he is hiding his name.

image 7

John Darer: Who’s Who Scam –  The History Of The Con-Artist Behind 4Structures

John Darer runs 4Structures, he is the sole employee and works out of a small apartment. He is the marketer, deal maker, underwriter and businessman all in one at this firm.

4Structures  is located in Stamford, Connecticut. Their address is 43 Harbor Dr, Unit 309, Stamford, Connecticut, 06902, US. The contact numbers for this firm are (203) 325-8640 646-849-1588 & 203-561-6560 and the opening hours of their office are 8 AM to 7 PM on business days. Ironically, he also runs out of his apartment but calls it an office a Sexual Harassment Structured Settlements business.

The primary aim of these websites is to misguide potential customers into thinking John is a flawless professional who only cares about the results he delivers. Numerous reports, lawsuit filings, and reviews suggest that John Darer  has harassed and defrauded many people over the years and Sexual Harassment Structured Settlement website is another one of his shady ideas to try and cover up his lawsuit where he was sued by Rhonda Bentzen.  

John Darer is also a promoter of tax deferment and promotes himself as a Taxable Settlement Expert. Anonymous calls to the State Board of Accountancy in Connecticut & New York state have confirmed that John Darer is not a CPA and does not hold such a license. 

image 8

John Darer also claims to be a highly experienced professional who puts the interests of his clients first. To make sure that you only read the positive things about him but glance over his defamation lawsuit that he settled., he has dozens of websites that share fluff and self-promotion.

4STRUCTURES PPP Loan Scam in Connecticut

Confirmed that there is only 1 person that works at 4Structures according to Federal Pays PPP loan data that states: “ LLC is a limited liability company (LLC) located in Stamford, Connecticut that received a Coronavirus-related PPP loan from the SBA of $20,832.00 in May, 2020.” Loan number 8488137302. We have reason to believe that there are many businesses that scammed the government with their PPP Loans and given the history of John Darer there is reason to believe that this would be no different

image 9

Fake and Deceiving Reviews on Ripoff Report

Numerous complaints have been posted online. Ripoff Report has 6 reports alone with one warning about how uses fraudulent ads targeting Structured Settlement Planners and Recipients. Sounds similar to how Cambridge Analytica manipulated the internet to influence elections. Ripoff Report also warns its readers that “internet predator John Darer of 4Structures Targets Vulnerable Clients out of his Stamford Connecticut apartment.”

image 10

More details below on the complaint on his business practices and lack of care for a client after he got their money.

image 11

John Darer is an Adult Incel

An incel is described as a member of an online community of “young” men who consider themselves unable to attract women sexually, typically associated with views that are hostile toward women and men who are sexually active.” As 4Structures sole member and owner John Darer has proven with his harassment and lawsuit where he was sued by Rhonda Bentzen for being hostile online against a thriving female who had a bright career in front of her but he tried his best to derail her and paid the price. According to others we reached out to for an interview and asked questions about him they claimed he is an “incel”. After reading that an incel is

“A member of an online subculture of people who define themselves as unable to get a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one. Discussions in incel forums are often characterized by resentment and hatred, misogyny, misanthropy, self-pity and self-loathing, racism, a sense of entitlement to sex, and the endorsement of violence against women and sexually active people.” It is hard to make an argument that he is not given his hatred and misogyny against Rhonda Bentzen as detailed in the lawsuit.

4Structures Review Conclusion: Unprofessional!

John Darer Calls Bitcoin Shitcoin Before it Appreciated 60,000%

The saying “Never work with a financial planner who is so far off and out of touch with reality.” May make you wonder why he was against a Bitcoin investment 10 years ago.. In a since deleted post, shitposter John Darer tells potential investors to avoid bitcoin as it’s a sic ‘shitcoin’.

After the cryptocurrency appreciates in price over $10,000 he goes back on his website and removes the post as he was afraid his bad financial advice telling people that something valued at approximately $200 was a shitty investment. For reference had you not listened to John Darer and invested in Bitcoin your $200 investment would have risen to $66,000. Since he was so embarrassed by his poor financial advice he decided to erase his mistake from the internet showing how unethical he is deleting his past horrible predictions.

It is evident that John Darer is an untrustworthy individual given the numerous complaints online and the lawsuit against him for defamation and tortious interference. The CEO and founder of 4Structures has numerous scammer complaints. If you were to ask the poster on the Complaints Board he or she would most likely say “It would be best to avoid working with them.”


2Expert Score

John Darer is an untrustworthy individual there are many charges against him for defrauding, scamming, and harassing people. Beware of him and any of his latest ventures. This man is a scammer.

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